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Post Secondary Options: Janae Reese

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University of Glasgow. Maps and travel. Virginia Military Institute. Virginia Military Institute - Basketball. Men's Club Basketball Head Coach: Chris Bean Asst.

Virginia Military Institute - Basketball

Coach: Tigris Stewart Cadet in Charge: Drayton Reynolds Asst. 2013-14 Club Men's Basketball Schedule (in progress) Cadet Andrew Compton '10. Admissions Requirements. Nondiscrimination Policy Applicants are admitted entirely on the basis of their academic record, physical fitness/condition, and character without reference to national origin, creed, color, or gender.

Admissions Requirements

General The Institute seeks to admit young men and women who aspire to both an academic degree and a military commission as the hallmarks of a complete VMI education. 2 campuses. Tuition & Fees. Room and Board are required since all cadets live in barracks and are provided 21 meals per week.

Tuition & Fees

The Auxiliary Fee covers the cadet’s share of the costs of medical services, cadet facilities and activities, athletics, and other services. The Quartermaster Charge covers haircuts and the issuing, tailoring, laundering, and pressing of uniforms. Cadet uniforms are state property and must be returned to the Institute. Qualified cadets enrolled or under contract in the ROTC program receive a uniform allowance directly from the Federal Government which helps defray the cost of cadet uniforms. The Security Deposit covers property damages, lost property, and unpaid obligations to VMI. A LATE FEE of $100 or 10% of the unpaid balance, if less, will be assessed for failure to pay tuition and fees as required. OTHER COSTS payable by the cadet include textbooks, supplies, automobile registration, and non-issue clothing.

Program: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Concentration and Health Professions Focus - Virginia Military Institute - Acalog ACMS™ Return to: The Curricula The Concentration in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is a collaborative effort between the biology and chemistry departments and is designed for the biology, chemistry, or other science or engineering majors who wish to emphasize biochemical or molecular issues in their studies.

Program: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Concentration and Health Professions Focus - Virginia Military Institute - Acalog ACMS™

This concentration is well suited to the pre-med curriculum. It is also designed to offer students undergraduate research opportunities in these areas. This option does not change the credit hours needed for the BS/BA in biology or the BS/BA in chemistry degrees. The Concentration requires completion of BI 101 - General Biology I , BI 205 - Genetics , CH 322 - Metabolic Biochemistry , and CH 323 - Laboratory for CH 321 . Pittsburgh Technical Institute - Two Year Degrees. High School Faculty Center. Campus Housing. Students come to PTI from many different hometowns, states and time zones to move into PTI's student housing.

Campus Housing

Leaving the comfort of home to go away to college can be unsettling — at first. But soon students meet roommates, make friends with the students in the apartment across the hall, and spend more and more time with classmates. Suddenly, moving into student housing was the right choice. In fact, it's fun to be on their own, in their own apartment, making new friends, and enjoying campus and housing activities.

Off-campus student apartments are located just minutes from the PTI's North Fayette Campus. Kitchen, entry, and bedroom from on campus student housing. Photo Gallery. NO SAT ACT SCORES REQUIRED. Location/map. Tuition. Here are three important facts to consider when you are looking at PTI's tuition.


No fees. Your tuition doesn't increase with the addition of fees. At PTI, there is no application fee, no technology or computer lab fee, no university services fee, no activities fee, and no graduation fee. Fees at other schools can add thousands of dollars to the stated tuition price. No tuition increase. You may be asking, "Can I afford it? " Surgical Technology Degree Program - Surgical Tech Degree. Columbia University in the City of New York. Women's Basketball - News - Official Web Site of Columbia University Athletics. Department of Chemistry, Columbia University. Art and Art Education @ Teachers College.

The Macy Gallery is part of the Art and Art Education program of the Department of Arts and Humanities at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Art and Art Education @ Teachers College

The Gallery exhibits artworks by national and international artists, graduate students and faculty members, as well as the finest examples of children's works. The mission of this academic Gallery is to present a wide range of exhibitions from around the world reflecting the commitment of Teachers College to cultural diversity in education and the arts. The Gallery is located on the fourth floor of Macy Hall at 525 West 120th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenues. The Gallery contains 1,377 square feet of floor space and 1,633 square feet of wall space. It is open Monday through Friday 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM, and by appointment. To be on our mailing list, please send information to the address below.

Columbia Undergraduate Admissions. University: Campus Map. Columbia University in the City of New York. Lucy A.

Columbia University in the City of New York

Wick Clinic for HIV Mental Health This clinic provides outpatient psychotherapy and adjunct psychiatric services to adults diagnosed with HIV/AIDS or related concerns. Eligibility Requirements: Adults ages 18 or older Fee(s): Sliding fee scale; Medicaid and Medicare accepted Address: 635 West 165th Street, 6th Floor Phone: 212-305-4562 Fax: 212-305-8394 Columbia Unit(s): NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Mobile Crisis Service The Mobile Crisis Service provides psychiatric crisis intervention to individuals (children or adults) and their families. Student Financial Services. Oregon State University.

Oregon State Theatre Arts. Oregon State University Libraries. Oregon State WBB (oregonstatewbb) sur Twitter. College of Public Health and Human Sciences. MPH Degree Options Oregon State University offers a comprehensive range of MPH degree options in six tracks All MPH students take a common MPH core of five courses in the following areas: epidemiology, biostatistics, health systems organization, environmental health, and health behavior.

College of Public Health and Human Sciences

In addition, each MPH track has specific course requirements. The MPH degree is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) through the Oregon Master of Public Health (OMPH) Program. Internships H510 MPH Internship / Organizational Experience Further Information Public Health MPH and PhD graduate programs accept applications to Fall term only. Beginning in July 2014, should the OSU CPHHS receive accreditation, it will separate from the OMPH program and operate as an independently accredited college of public health. Current OSU graduate students interested in our dual DVM degree or a concurrent degree, contact Eileen Kaspar | Graduate Programs Manager How to apply to the MPH program. Oregon State University: Admissions Information, SAT, ACT, Admission Requirements - College Toolkit. 2014-15AdmissionPolicyApproved_0. Campus Map. Map Data Map data ©2014 Google Map <div id="noscript"><p>This site is designed to use JavaScript for enhanced usability.

Campus Map

Your browser either does not support JavaScript or the feature has been disabled. Prices. South Seattle Community College home page - Start Here, Go Anywhere! Virtual Tour. Art Gallery. The mission of the Art gallery is to promote understanding and the appreciation of the arts within the South Seattle Community College campus and in the surrounding communities through exhibitions that contribute to education and cultural enrichment while engaging the college community in learning opportunities and supporting cultural and artistic diversity.

Admission is always free. Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00 am-4:00 pm (hours are subject to change) Contact: Akiko Masker, Art Gallery Coordinator Email : Now Showing "Journeys through Muslim Lands" Puget Ridge Garden Center. Prospective Students - Getting Started. Green for the 21st Century in Seattle Innovations in curriculum and operations have earned the 2009 Green Washington Award for the Seattle Colleges – Central, North and South. COMPASS Placement Test - Assessment & Testing. Placement Tests: COMPASS and ESL/COMPASS Who must take a placement test? All new students at South Seattle Community College must take either the Standard COMPASS or the ESL/COMPASS test for initial placement into college coursework and programs.

Maps and Directions. Registered Nurse (RN) Program at South Seattle Community College. Tuition - Financial.