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Free books online reading. Bedöma förmågor via nätet. TED videos. TED All-Stars. Worksheets & Grammar Printables. Ämnesövergripande: ma/no/so... Tala/samtala. Skriva. Realia. Posters. Ordlistor. Ordinlärning. News. Läsa. Lyssna. Olika temaområden. Olika temaområden. Irregular verbs. Genrer/texttyper. Games & interaktiva berättelser, äventyr. För nybörjare. English for students. Kahoots. Grammatik. Flippad engelska. För nybörjare. Film. Bedömning. Bedömning. Arbetsblad & Lektionsidéer. Alla förmågor. The official site of Sweden. English 6-9 graders. _brushing_up_workbook.pdf.

The Learning Network - The Learning Network Blog. LA Youth » Archives. Flipping. Grammar. Using children's books in Secondary. TED Talks I like. TED Talks I like. Grammar. AFC-Readers-Companion-Diary-of-AnneFrank.pdf. Freedom Writers Trailer. About. Doent.doc. Discussion questions Freedom Writers. I HAVE A DREAM-common ft. Will.I.Am LYRICS (Freedom writers) Anne Frank - The Whole Story -1. Learn 30 adjectives in English to describe your personality. School Start 7-9. Archive of Our Own. Fanfiction template worksheet.

Fanfiction template worksheet. FanFic - Rubrics. How to Write an Argumentative Essay. How to Write a News Article (with Downloadable Sample Articles) How to Write a Fanfiction Summary: 5 Steps. Edit Article A summary gives your readers a first impression of your fan fiction, so it's very important.

How to Write a Fanfiction Summary: 5 Steps

If they see a horrible summary or no summary at all, they won't be interested enough to read more or review. This article will help you write good summaries. Do not say in the summary, "I suck at writing summaries," because most people will take you at face value and avoid your story. Ad Steps <img alt="Write a Fanfiction Summary Step 1.jpg" src=" width="670" height="503">1Even if you are just starting to write your story, it is not too early to think about your summary. <img alt="Write a Fanfiction Summary Step 5.jpg" src=" width="670" height="503">5Give a preview if you have the space, such as a brief quote from your story. Got the inside scoop?

Can you tell us aboutHerbs and Spices? Herbs and Spices how to bruise cardamom Can you tell us aboutonline sales? Online sales how to sell a product online Can you tell us aboutMakeup? Makeup how to clean makeup brushes using olive oil and soap Tips. Veckans förmåga. Värdegrundande förmåga – Att göra sitt bästa vid varje tillfälle Kommunikativ förmåga – Samtala, resonera och diskutera.

Veckans förmåga

Procedurförmågan – Veta skillnaden mellan fakta och åsikt. Vi tränar på en av analysförmågorna i klassen.Vi ska träna på att försöka se att det finns både dåliga och bra sätt med allt. Denna vecka jobbar vi lite extra med en av de värdegrundande förmågorna. Det är då inte en förmåga som vi bedömer men som är viktig för att klara av allt annat. Vi provar att använda andra bilder på vår trappa. Jlsu. En av böckerna som jag tipsade om i mitt blogginlägg boktips 2015 handlar om hur vi ser på hjärnan och vår förmåga att utvecklas. Boken jag tänker på är Carol S. Dwecks ”Mindset – du blir vad du tänker”. Hon skriver om ”fixed mindset” och ”growth mindset” som är två olika förhållningssätt till hjärnan och möjligheterna att utvecklas och lära sig.

En svensk översättning av begreppen kan vara statiskt och dynamiskt tankesätt. Growth mindset for students… I recently saw Robert MacMillan (@robfmac) tweet about Growth Mindsets and a resource he had typed up and shared in different formats: #growthmindset To Download (word) (pdf) (pages)— RobertMacmillan (@robfmac) June 2, 2015 As someone who is trying to develop their sketchnoting skills I thought I’d have a go at creating my own version of it using Paper by 53.

Growth mindset for students…

When done, I wasn’t too overly happy with the title, so I used the Creative Cloud tie-in and sent the finished piece to Photoshop and added a new title written using the lovely Amatic SC font. One of the great features of Paper is the ‘Mix’ sharing ecosystem that it provides allowing for others to share their work so that it can be remixed. I cannot take credit for the lovely lightbulb that sits on the top left hand corner. Any how, I thought I’d share what I made and hope you find it useful. Over and out, for now! Update: Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 10 Excellent Google Drive Apps Teachers Should Try This School Year.

August 28, 2015 Here is another back-to-school goodie for teachers.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 10 Excellent Google Drive Apps Teachers Should Try This School Year

This is basically a selection of some of the best educational Google Drive apps to use in your instruction. As is the case with Mac, Chromebook, and Chrome lists, all of these apps have been covered in separate review posts in the past and are also deemed to be among the most popular among teachers and educators based on the feedback we received following their publication. "This extension allow you to save web content directly to Google Drive through a browser action or context menu.

You can save documents, images, and HTML5 audio and video all by right clicking and selecting 'Save to Google Drive'. You can save the currently viewed page using the 'Save to Google Drive' browser action. " MindMeister is a very good tool students can use to create mindmaps and brainstorm complex topics.