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Homo neanderthalensis. Le Néandertal en nous. Scientist: Humans Strange, Neanderthals Normal. Neanderthals are often thought of as the stray branch in the human family tree, but research now suggests the modern human is likely the odd man out. "What people tend to do is draw a line from our ancestors straight to ourselves, and any group that doesn't seem to fit on that line is divergent, distinct, unusual, strange," researcher Erik Trinkaus, an anthropologist at Washington University in St. Louis, told LiveScience today. "But in terms of evolution of our family tree, the genus Homo, we're the outliers and the Neanderthals are more toward the core. " Humans are not at the inevitable end of a sequence, Trinkaus said.

"It just happens that we happen to be alive today and Neanderthals are not. " Trinkaus spent decades examining fossil skeletons and over time realized that maybe researchers looked at Neanderthals the wrong way. "I wanted to see to what extent Neanderthals are derived, that is distinct, from the ancestral form. L’Homme de Néandertal : mangé par nos ancêtres ? Musée de l'homme de Néandertal. 3 sous-groupes. Un Néandertalien dans le métro: Claudine Cohen. Description de Néandertal. Homme Chapelle-aux-Saints - Neandertal - Ancêtres. L'homme de Néandertal (-250000 / -28000 av JC)

Néandertal. C'est pas sorcier -Néandertal. Neanderthal 1/2. Neanderthal 2/2. Scientists Release Full Neandertal Genome. L'homme de Neandertal en déficit de liens sociaux.