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Marconi Union - Weightless by emersonhurtatis.

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New York concerts. Music sites. The best current punk rock band. Where can I find underground rap. Musical Mind: Single Note Solfege Drill. Error: Java version 1.5 or higher is required for the exercises on this site.

Musical Mind: Single Note Solfege Drill

Click here to download the latest version of Java. You will hear a tonicization followed by a note. Identify the note you hear. You may switch levels or change between solfege/scale degrees using the drop-down menus. tips -- high scores -- comments Greg's Tips Identifying one note at a time is the simplest type of melodic dictation. Play tonic again, and sing a scale. In order to gain speed, however, once you've mastered the system above, it's important to: Identify the scale degree/solfege simply by its 'feel' without directly comparing it to tonic in your mind. Next Steps Start paying attention to the first and last notes of phrases in the music you listen to. High Scores Comments. Drumbot. Lyrics.