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M40 Project - 10 Cent Survival Knife. All Text, Graphics, Animations, Video, and Commentary on this website was created by, and is the intellectual property of All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is punishable by up to a $500,000 fine or 5 years imprisonment for a first offense, and up to a $1,000,000 fine or up to 10 years imprisonment for subsequent offenses under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Requests for use of this material should be forwarded to Why did I add this disclaimer? SEE WHY. M40's 10 Cent Survival Knife Is it a high end blade? Ummm... not really. Here's a better picture: Okay, so it's a piece of a hacksaw blade. When I reviewed Ranger Rick's survival necklace, I had modified the included piece of hacksaw blade into a shave-sharp mini blade to make it more useful. Hacksaw blades are VERY hard, high-carbon steel. Making the 10 Cent Survival Knife The pack of blades I got had 4 coarse, and 3 each of the medium and fine teeth. Good Luck! Swedish Fire Log. How to Find True North Without a Compass: 24 steps (with pictures) Edit Article The Shadow-Tip MethodUsing the Stars: Northern HemisphereUsing the Stars: Southern HemisphereUsing the Stars: EquatorAlternate Shadow-Tip Method for Increased AccuracyWatch Method: Northern HemisphereWatch Method: Southern HemisphereEstimating the Sun's Path Edited by Jwoldsr, Krystle, Jeffrey A.

Hawkins, Waited and 65 others Which way is north? Whether you're lost in the woods or you're trying to install a sundial in your yard, you're bound to want to find true north from time to time, and chances are when the time comes you won't have a compass.What's more, even if you do have a compass, it will point to magnetic north, which, depending on your location in the world, can vary a great deal from true north. Ad Steps Method 1 of 8: The Shadow-Tip Method 1Place a stick upright in the ground so that you can see its shadow. 6Stand with the first mark (west) on your left, and the other (east) on your right. Method 2 of 8: Using the Stars: Northern Hemisphere Tips Warnings. Survive Nature - Techniques for Surviving in every Natural Environment. How to Put Together the Ultimate Survival Kit.

Would you be willing to stake your life on your survival kit? I would. There are so many debates when it comes to the perfect survival kit. In my opinion, the items you choose to be in a survival kit can be very different based on the situation you see yourself in (maritime vs. desert survival) as well as your level of skill. For that reason there are a number of factors that determine what items you ultimately put in it.

For this article, I will explain to you how I organize my kit, the elements that make it up, and hopefully provide some inspiration for your own. As always, I’d love to hear your opinions, so feel free to comment! My entire kit is based off of three tiers — one that I carry with me, one that I keep in my car (and sometimes on me), and one that is in my home ready to go in a moments notice if I had to bug out. The Three-Tiered Survival Kit First Tier: This ‘kit’ includes those items that you have with you at all times. Second Tier: Fixed Knife: In other words, non-folding. Pole Shift Survival Information - StumbleUpon. Alabama Preppers Network: Top 10 Survival Downloads You Should Have - StumbleUpon.