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Wealth of experience matters when it comes to executing HVAC projects. Companies in India executing electromechanical and HVAC projects offer one stop solution that includes HVAC, electrical, plumbing and fire-fighting for the entire project.

Wealth of experience matters when it comes to executing HVAC projects

HVAC projects companies in India The Heating, Ventilating and air conditioning aspects, referred as HVAC, offered by companies in India who have a track record of technical expertise in managing HVAC projects and at the same time offering their expertise in completing successfully electromechanical projects like airports, corporate buildings, hospitals, hotels, malls, educational institutions, power projects and other process industries. Companies offer cost-effective engineering solutions and design HVAC systems that are energy efficient and reliable. . • Energy efficiency • Control over pollutants.

The VRF System That Increases Energy and Cooling Efficiency. The inverter VRF system offer improved performance while saving energy and the benefit of control over specific cooling needs that is so critical for better air quality.

The VRF System That Increases Energy and Cooling Efficiency

The VRF system The VRF system is installed with an inverter that support variable motor speed leading to Variable Refrigerant Flow which help in substantial energy saving. The VRF technology allows indoor units to cool or heat as required, resulting in greater control of interior temperature in the building and provides efficient dehumidification and controlling temperature by quickly adapting to variable loads. Ice cube making machines a solution to getting perfect and hygienic ice. Getting the Right Advice on Split and Central AC from the AC Dealer. The air conditioner, whether it is split or central AC, comes with certain specifications to be met before buying it from an AC dealer to obtain the optimum performance.

Getting the Right Advice on Split and Central AC from the AC Dealer

The split AC The split air conditioners are ideal when it comes to reduced noise level and saving in wall space in the room apart from providing the decor an aesthetic took with its slim and attractive finish. Some of the latest split ACs comes as a concealed type with its low height which enables to hide the air conditioner that makes more space in the room and also creates the feel of a central AC. Blue Star India — VRF Air Conditioning Systems That Can Handle High... Scroll Chillers That Handle Varying Cooling Requirement Efficiently. Manufacturers of scroll chillers have a wide range of chillers and these machines can handle varying cooling requirements, including ice flake machines for process cooling.

Scroll Chillers That Handle Varying Cooling Requirement Efficiently

The ice flake machines The ice flake machines produce ice in flat granular flakes or pieces which are ideal for use in cooling seafood, in meat processing, gourmet delicacies, and in a range of industrial processes where flake ice is used to control temperature during the process especially in the case of extremely hot climates. The volume and weight of the ice flakes are tailor-made to suit the storage, transport, and dosage needs. Packaged Air Conditioner for High-rise and Glass Facade Buildings. Central Air Conditioning System That Enables Controlled Air Handling.

Many electrical projects comprise of central air conditioning systems for energy efficiency, especially those in commercial sectors run by individuals and institutions.

Central Air Conditioning System That Enables Controlled Air Handling

The electrical projects Most of the big projects prefer MEP service providers that involve Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing jobs. An MEP contractor is always given preference when it comes to installation of central air conditioning of buildings, industries, and infrastructure projects. The MEP contractor with projects done globally has the advantage of technical know-how, talented workforce, design expertise, and project execution capabilities. Technological Development is What Makes a Central AC Company Superior. It is the efficient manufacturing combined with technical superiority and the ability to make bespoke central AC matching the cooling needs is what makes a company the largest.

Technological Development is What Makes a Central AC Company Superior

A look into the central AC systems For an average person a central AC system is the one which turns the warm air into cool air within a given space; however, for a largest central AC company it is more complex than that. Such central AC manufacturers produce a wide range of models to make sure that their systems are designed to specific cooling needs without any compromise. The areas of application. Commercial Range of Refrigeration Products and Their Usages.

We use many refrigeration products that are useful for domestic and commercial purposes like preserving food and in sectors like health, hospitality, and processing industry.

Commercial Range of Refrigeration Products and Their Usages

The range of products One cannot imagine life without the wonderful refrigeration products that are being used for domestic and for commercial purposes. Basically the range of refrigeration products falls into categories like: • Freezers. Technology Driven Water Cooler and Modular Cold Storage Systems. Efficient Processing Units with Inverter VRF and Process Chillers. Industries like pharmaceuticals, food processing, etc. control the specific cooling needs of their process units with energy efficient Inverter VRF and Process Chillers.

Efficient Processing Units with Inverter VRF and Process Chillers

Inverter VRF The inverter compressor controls the cooling capacity for the specific cooling demands of the application requirements. The VRF or the variable refrigerant flow is designed to control refrigerant supply to match the cooling specifications of the application under different conditions. Some VRF inverters have salient features as below: Highly efficient inverter compressorsDesigned for high ambient conditions.Wide operating rangeHigh energy efficiencySuperior accumulator designWide voltage rangeInnovative refrigerant-cooled heat sink.

Screw Chillers and Scroll Chillers for Multiple Cooling Solutions. Manufacturers of cooling systems like air conditioners and large central air conditioning systems use Screw Chillers and Scroll Chillers for their efficient performance.

Screw Chillers and Scroll Chillers for Multiple Cooling Solutions

The cooling solutionsThe basic function of chiller is to remove heat from the ambient in a given space like corporate office, hospitals, manufacturing units, hotels, malls, cinema halls, etc. There are various types of chillers according to the specific needs of cooling requirements. Some of them are:• Process chiller• Scroll chiller• Screw chiller• Centrifugal chillerSome of the most important criteria to be considered before choosing the chillers are, total life cycle cost, power source, chiller rating, cooling capacity, motor fan type, noise level, number of compressors, coolant type, temperature levels, type of control panels, pressure indicators, etc. Star Rated ACs Add Value to the Quality Work of an MEP Project Vendor. A vendor for MEP services is considered as a one-stop solution provider for turnkey projects and the energy efficient star rated ACs comes as an added value to their project.

Star Rated ACs Add Value to the Quality Work of an MEP Project Vendor

The Stars Just like standards specified for every products ACs are also rated as per their size, design and performance. Air conditioners provide cooling, heating or both cooling and heating features that are used to condition the space as required. Their usage varies as a room air conditioner for homes and larger buildings, and used as commercial ACs in places like industrial buildings, offices, and shopping malls. Air conditioners are given Star rating, depending upon their design and energy efficiency, from one Star to even up to 10 Stars; more the number of Stars implies more the efficiency of the ACs. Air Management Services and the Role of Hiper Green Packaged AC. The Unique Technology of Eutectic Freezers and UVC Emitters. Technology is for our convenience and safety and keeping this in mind the Eutectic Freezers and UVC Emitters offers us benefits of environmental safety and savings in energy.

As we enter into the world of hi-tech products that make our lives easier and less stressful we have to keep in mind that technology without social and environmental responsibility can only add to our stress and inconvenience. Frantic efforts are being taken, all over the world in preserving greenery, saving energy, controlling pollutants and not allow misuse of technology. The amazing Eutectic Freezers With the revolutionary Eutectic technology consumers and businessmen have benefited from the launch of a new range of Eutectic freezers. The benefit lies in the ability of the Eutectic freezer to retain freezing temperature for an extended period of time, even when there no power supply to the freezer. Industrial Air Conditioning Solutions. Commercial Hvac Service India. Blue Star provides a complete range of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire-fighting services for the building segment, delivered through highly skilled experts and experienced project management teams who cater to the specific requirements of different clients.

Air Conditioning & Ventilation Air conditioning plant (chilled water/DX)Chilled water distribution system (primary/secondary/tertiary pump and insulated piping)Condenser water system (cooling towers and piping)Ventilation system (supply/return/exhaust air fans, air washers, and ducting)Air distribution system (AHUs, FCUs, ducting, and fans)Thermal insulation of ducts,and under-deck insulationAcoustic treatment of AHU and plant room- as well as ductsLife safety system (smoke exhaust) Electrical Plumbing & Fire-fighting. Commercial HVAC Projects India. Water Coolers with inbuilt RO Purification. Pure, cool goodness in every drop. Electric Hot Water Generator.

Commercial Refrigeration Systems in India. Modular Freezer And Banana Ripening Rooms. VRF IV Plus Inverter Technology. 100% capacity at 43⁰ C. Non-stop cooling even at 56⁰ C. Range of Outdoor Units : 7HP - 88HP Salient Features. VRF Air Conditioners System in India. Packaged AC Air Conditioner – Blue Star India. Central Air Conditioning Service Companies. Air Water Cooler System in India. Central Air Conditioning System Service Company. Blue Star Water Cooler Systems. Central Air conditioners, Room Air conditioners, Commercial Refrigeration, Specialty Cooling.

The perfect choice for profitability. Blue Star is India's leading air conditioning and refrigeration solutions company. With over 7 decades of experience in the field, Blue Star is the one expert you can trust when it comes to cooling solutions. This is especially true when it comes to cold-chain solutions including ripening chambers. Blue Star India Mortuary Chambers.

Blue Star India Hot Water Generator. Now experience the luxury of 75% power savings. EcoHot - The Hot Water Generator. Modular Cold Rooms. Few Reasons Which Makes Air Conditioning A Necessity. With increasing use of air conditioners in our country, it is eminent to know why it is becoming a necessity. Today, most of the homes have now switched to air conditioning — all thanks to Indian weather changes which has started happening quite frequently. Previously it was only office which had air conditioning, but now homes are also bestowed with this luxurious lifestyle. Types of ACs Available In the Markets. Blue Star Air Management Services. Digital VRF Air conditioning Systems, Digital VRF Air conditioning Systems India. Inverter VRF Airconditioning Systems. VRF Air conditioning Systems. Hiper Packaged Acs. 100% capacity at 450C + up to 20% power savings. Scroll Chillers - Air & Water Cooled. VRF IV Plus Inverter. Packaged ACs and Ducted Splits. Everything You Need To Know About The Best Water Purifiers.

To stay fit and away from diseases, it is important to take care of your health. And the most important thing that affects your health is water. Contaminated water is dangerous to health and can be the sole reason of you constantly falling sick. Hence, it is important to install a water purifier in your home so everyone in your family stays healthy and fit. But though there are many types of water purifiers available in the market, it becomes a confusion as which one is the best for your family.

So when you are confused whether to buy a water cooler with inbuilt RO purification or the one with a UV purifier, go for RO purification systems. . • RO stands for Reverse Osmosis, a purification system that uses a semipermeable layer to clean the water by removing every impurities present in it. Blue Star Process Chillers. Blue Star’s star rated Window AC’s. 2 Star Split Air Conditioners. Star Rated ACs, Central Air conditioners, Room Air conditioners, Commercial Refrigeration, Specialty Cooling. Blue Star India Commercial Refrigeration.

Blue Star Central AC for home. Hiper Green Packaged Air Conditioners. 100% capacity + up to 30% power savings. Benefits of Getting A Water Cooler With Inbuilt Purifier. Water coolers are necessities in public places, offices, hospitals and even at home. But a cooler that dispenses cool but unhygienic water might not be the right option. Health is the priority and a water cooler with an inbuilt purifier would be a great addition to any place. Keeping health in mind, today we have many types of water coolers with purifiers available in the market. Things You Should Know About VRF Technology and VRV Systems. Blue Star India Building Projects. Integrated MEP Services. Central air conditioning dealer in India. Water Coolers with inbuilt Aquaguard RO Purification. Star Rated Split AC.