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Are you looking for an great articles in internet that would make you a better web developer? If so, then you are in a right place to learn everything about web designing, web development, web programming languages, web development related news and updates along with tutorials as well.

PHP Vs Node.js, Which is Best? Technology is continually changing and so is the people's choice of working on different technologies.

PHP Vs Node.js, Which is Best?

PHP and Node.js are two technologies that are now in vogue among the programming community. Both are primarily used in web development and are open source. Given their similarities, it would also be in the best interests of a Node.js developer and also a PHP ninja to know their differences and the areas they are best at. Language syntax: PHP is very much different from other programming languages. When we compare Node.js, which is written in JavaScript, with that of PHP, its language syntax is brief and succinct.

Development Tools: Both PHP and Node.js perform well in terms of development tools. The npm ( as it is commonly called) enables installation and management of dependencies. Environments: Technologies can be used in diverse areas. Performance: Node.js requires fewer dependencies than PHP. Support for developers: So, Which is best:? Essential elements for creating a successful UX design. In a modern world, most of the companies and business organizations realize the importance of the UX design support on a website.

Essential elements for creating a successful UX design

These companies are investing huge amount in developing attractive UX designs that enable their website to deliver a good user experience in a custom website development. In a digital world, user experience has turned slang in the custom web designing platform that satisfies every visitor needs and ensures positive result of their interactions. In order to present a great user experience, UX design is a best platform to provide maximum interface and skillfulness for users. Be careful that your design includes all the essential elements that satisfy user needs exactly what you want.

Here we look out some of the essential elements that help you to create a successful UX design. Value As matter of fact, understanding your web presence value is a target point of your audience. Necessity You may lose your customers because of a poorly designed website. Suitability. 7 most popular JavaScript frameworks of 2015. 7 Best JavaScript Frameworks for 2015 Agriya on September 1st, 2015 JavaScript framework is the latest buzz word among the today’s web development companies and web developers for creating their web application with less effort.

7 most popular JavaScript frameworks of 2015

There are numerous JavaScript frameworks, each one has its own significance in developing an excellent web application.All you need is a proven and high-end JavaScript framework which suits your web application. Today, we shall discuss 7 best JavaScript frameworks for 2015 starting from its existence, benefits, way of working and till kinds of projects which highly suits well.AngularJSBeing the old framework released in 2009, AngularJS is the best ever JavaScript framework which is highly suitable for any kinds of the web application. Laravel Framework-Best Practice for Custom based Web Application - Agriya.

Laravel Framework-Best Practice for Custom based Web Application Most of the web developers have started practicing the latest PHP based framework technology to build a personalized web application.

Laravel Framework-Best Practice for Custom based Web Application - Agriya

It is none other than a simple, elegant, and well-documented Laravel framework. It eases the burden of the developers from the spaghetti coding and avail them with trouble-free syntax to create websites with this comprehensive framework.Laravel is considered as an ultimate PHP based framework for 2015 and by viewing the secret plot of this framework, many web development companies like Agriya are coming forward by availing laravel development services . Here, it is the perfect post to see through the secret agenda of this framework in detail.Laravel- Put into practiceLaravel is the PHP based web application framework that gains its popularity since its existence to the online world.

Web Designing Trends in 2015 and Predictions for 2016. Web Designing Trends in 2015 and Predictions for 2016 Agriya on November 20th, 2015 The world in which we live around is always willing to accept new trends.

Web Designing Trends in 2015 and Predictions for 2016

It is not a standalone feature restricted to one particular thing. Then how can website designing and development stands behind? Customers accept a custom web development company for the trend-setting work they offer as output. Lean UX vs Agile UX: A shift in the working methodology. Lean UX vs Agile UX: A shift in the working methodology Agriya on February 4th, 2016 Themes, terms, and techniques keep on changing drastically in the website development methodology.

Lean UX vs Agile UX: A shift in the working methodology

UX, Hamburger Menu, Parallex scrolling, and many more instances can be traced out to validate the point. These acronyms coupled with buzz words, strongly indicate the change in trends according to the passing of time. For avoiding the circumstance of being a mere cog in the wheel of ever changing technologies every custom web development company practices new working patterns in order to meet the demands of clients, and stay alive in the world of stiff competition.Agile UX and Lean UX are terms that hold a solid relation to one another when it comes to website development.

Both these terms are directly linked with the work strategy of creating web designs within a short time duration by offering users a great experience. Professionals use these terms frequently, and it creates confusion in user’s mind.