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Java and .NET: Competitors or Allies? - Soft Devgeeks. Java and .NET: Competitors or Allies?

Java and .NET: Competitors or Allies? - Soft Devgeeks

Posted on You would have read plenty of material comparing Java and .NET and also advising you on which one to choose. The fact is that both Java and .NET perform similar functions. There is no doubt that they are competitors, but, unlike how some bloggers project them as opponents with diverse interest, these are competitors with same interest. In this blog, I will attempt to touch the common points between the two and leave the selection decision on you without maneuvering facts and making one look better than other. Understanding Java Java is a programming language and just when you start relating to it as a language, you will encounter the Java Framework, the Java Platform, and a lot of Java everywhere. Understanding .NET .NET is a Microsoft-powered framework. Common Points The basic purpose of both Java and .NET is same. The Purpose Is to Develop Applications :- Both Java and .NET are used for developing server-wide applications.

Enterprises Supporting Java more bright future for Application Development. Java trends in 2017 are promoting the framework among developers in many ways. 2016 was a big year for developers as many programming ecosystems hit major milestones.

Enterprises Supporting Java more bright future for Application Development

The delay in Java 9 again and other latest languages have successfully get into the limelight. Progressive web apps (PWAs) are considered to be a big thing in mobile java application development. There are a lot of expectations from these high-profile languages and frameworks. How Micro Profile will benefit to Java Development in 2017. Technology: The MicroProfile is a baseline platform definition that optimizes Enterprise Java for a microservices architecture and delivers application portability across multiple MicroProfile runtimes.

How Micro Profile will benefit to Java Development in 2017

Profile: Profiles are added in Java EE from Java EE 6, to specify the features required by applications, but so far only 2 profiles are available. Full Profile: This Profile will contains all Java EE specifications.Web Profile: This profile will contains all specifications needed for web based applications. Micro Profile is not the standard profile according to the Java EE specifications, it is being developing by community. The Java EE server market leaders like Red Hat, IBM, Payara, Tomitribe and LJC are started micro profile project for Java EE to optimize the micro service architecture. How to Deploying Micro services using Kubernetes in Java - Soft Devgeeks.

How to Deploying Micro services using Kubernetes in Java Posted on Technology: Kubernetes is the open source cluster management tool designed by Google, and donated to cloud native computing foundation.

How to Deploying Micro services using Kubernetes in Java - Soft Devgeeks

It mainly used to automate the deployment process, scaling of the application, operations on application hosted containers across the cluster nodes. It usually works with Docker container, co-ordinates with wide range of Docker running cluster hosts. Kubernetes Concepts: Cluster: A cluster is a set of virtual machines used by kubernetes to deploy/run our applications.Pod: A pod is set of one or more containers (Docker containers) that share the storage and holds the options to how to run the containers.

Complete Solution for JavaFX Development - NexSoftSys. Excellent track record for Java software development. 2017 full of excitement for java developers. Spark Apache Spark is a fast and general engine for bulk data processing.

2017 full of excitement for java developers

It has an advanced DAG execution engine that supports in-memory computing and cyclic data flow. Using Spark, developers can write applications in Scala, Java, Python, and R quickly. Spark runs on Mesos, Hadoop, standalone, or in the cloud. It can access diverse data sources including HBase, HDFS, Cassandra, and S3. Flink Flink is an open source Apache platform used for distributed stream and batch data processing. Cassandra. Programming Tutorial , Sharing , How and Learn Together. Leadership roles are more visible in the software industry but of all, since Java plays the most essential part of the software arena, a Java tech lead is the most critical designation.

Programming Tutorial , Sharing , How and Learn Together

Java tech lead or a senior java tech lead is a position designated to a developer who is responsible for smartly manifesting strategies and leading a team of diligent developers to get the project going in the right direction. Development team members undergo lot of pressure at times and they have certain stipulated deadlines for the development tasks given to them. Also, developers face ever evolving challenges and a senior java tech lead helps the team members cross over the challenges with a sense of confidence and support by taking timely wise decisions.

Tech leads cannot be like managers who literally get the work done and supervise the works done by subordinates. Developing Plugins for Spring Boot in Java. Technology: Spring Boot is the popular framework on Java platform, using this framework we can easily develop enterprise applications, and also it provides various starter projects different modules like web, security, amqp, batch applications etc.

Developing Plugins for Spring Boot in Java

And also it provides a maven provides to package all the depended classes to flat jar which is runnable application. Spring boot framework provides easy to way to develop plugin on top spring boot framework. Based on our company libraries we can write our own starter projects which will auto configure the required beans for spring boot applications. Spring Cloud Task for Java Development. Share Tweet Email Technology: Spring Cloud Task is the framework for developing short lived java based micro services using spring boot most popular framework for developing micro services.

Spring Cloud Task for Java Development

It allows short lived JVM Process to execute task on demand. Spring Cloud Data Flow for Microservice Applications. In this article, Java J2ee development experts are sharing the concept of Spring Cloud.

Spring Cloud Data Flow for Microservice Applications

You will get to know about its feature also. Read this post to know the function and major components of Spring Cloud Data flow. Technology: Spring Cloud Data Flow is a cloud-native orchestration service for compostable microservice applications on modern runtimes. With Spring Cloud Data Flow, developers can create and orchestrate data pipelines for common use cases such as data ingest, real-time analytics, and data import/export.

Top 10 Awesome Tips for Every Java Developers Should Needs. Being a developer isn’t the easiest of job.

Top 10 Awesome Tips for Every Java Developers Should Needs

But every job has its own challenges. As technology is changing overnight it is quite difficult to keep abreast with all the changes and modifications. Developers need to be on their toes every time as it is the foremost part of their work to be informed about all the transitions in developing sector. Developers may be of different types but Java being one of the most popular programming language there are so many Java developers who are available in the developers industry.

However with hoard of Java developers being the best doesn’t come easily. Critical Analysis of Oracle Java and J2EE Products - The Technology Geek. Scala 2.12 Easy Upgrade in Java 8 Latest Features. Programming language plays an important role in any application or software. There are so many programming languages available with Scala version 2.12 being the latest.

Scala has so many new attributes of functional programming such as scheme, Haskell, and Standard ML. With Scala version 2.12 now supports Java 8 is the talk of the town. The developers all over the world are quite excited with this development. Computing platforms such as Java J2ee development is one of the many platforms which can be benefited from this development. The allies of Scala version 2.12 and Java 8 have made functional codes simpler for the developers. With success of Scala 2.12 there are some issues that developers face when it is used. Some of the major issues are as under: Untrusted Data Entry: One of the most common issues which occur using Scala is it automatically does deserialization of data which can be highly untrusted. Scala Compiler: The Scala compiler produces lambdas exactly like Java 8. A complete Guide ecommerce marketing for Next Generation - Mogul. What is visible to customers, they will buy it!

This is how shopping is done by the consumers. Today, many eCommerce stores are selling a whole range of products from home utility to clothing; everything is just available on a single page and can be bought in mere seconds. Ever thought how online business owners get clients from different parts of the world? We will tell you today in this post. Tech in Asia - Connecting Asia's startup ecosystem. Circuit Breaker pattern for Java - Mogul. In this blog post, you will get to know about Circuit Breaker technology. Java Software Development Company experts will share their best knowledge about this technology.

Read this post and find the use of Circuit Breaker. Technology: Circuit Breaker is design pattern in Java software development, it used to detect the failures and encapsulate the logic of preventing failures to reoccur (during maintenance, 3rd party system failures, or unexpected system behavior.) The Circuit Breaker implementation wraps the original protected method call in circuit breaker object which monitor for failures, if the number of failures reaches to threshold limit, circuit breaker opens and all further calls to circuit breaker will return with an error without invoking the protected method, after some configured amount of time circuit breaker will retry the operation to detect the underlying protected method call status (working or not), if it working then circuit will reset and it will as expected.

Pro Java Developers Using Top Tools for Best Results. Tools and technologies are the best friend of a Java developer. Without these things, his job will remain incomplete and he won’t be able to make corporate apps. How to get the most out of website development with the help of Java J2ee technology - Soft Devgeeks. How to get the most out of website development with the help of Java J2ee technology Posted on Developing a website involves loads of planning and technical expertise. Web designers use digital media, interactive elements, images and various texts to make a page that we see when we browse the sites. The web design services consist of the planning, conceptualization, post-production, producing, advertising and research. Web development refers to the work that develops a website. In order to get the max out of website design, website development team needs to take care of many other aspects such as SEO techniques which comprise of Keyword Phrasing, research tools, CMS etc.

The Website development Services is professionally designed and meets the exact needs of the website and business.

Other java Dashboard

How to Use Axon Framework in Java to Develop Web applications - HellGeeks. Mobile Application Development Using Java. How to use Jackson data binding API in Java Web Development. Let’s learn the basics of Jackson Data binding API in this post. Developing Applications using Spring Boot Framework - IncludeHelp. James Warner27 July 2016 Summary. How to use Bean Validation using Spring MVC. Java development teams enrich the applications by adding exclusivity and eminence - Invention in System Development.

Java Developers

Understanding Java HashMap and Hashtable. Exceptions: Have you ever wish to learn about AngularJS framework for java web development? Though online article directories and blogs of Java web development professionals are feed with distinct stories and articles about different products; still you can consider this post to learn every important fact about AngularJS. The author will explain the framework, its features, architecture, and the steps to build an AngularJS application. Read every point thoroughly to get a clear vision about the framework. Now Hiring High-Quality Java Developers at Nexsoftsys. Choosing the best java application development framework.

Opensource java application development framework. Java development team use contemporary development tools... - NexSoftSys. An offshore Java development team constructs the solution. How and where to find the best senior java j2ee developers? - James Blog. Information technology is not everybody’s cup of tea, however the irony is nobody can survive the cut throat competition which is prevailing in all segments without the use of IT. if you are one of those who is looking to spread your presence in all parts of the world but are not sure how to go about it, then it’s time that you get in touch with some software development company.

Software development is a very wide term and novice like you and me might not understand the intricacies behind it. Therefore it is bets to outsource your job to somebody who is a master in this field. Java Application Development Using Hibernate Are Portable Photo by JamesWarmer. Overview of Spring Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) Navigate the Maze of the End-User Experience and pick up this APM Essential guide, brought to you in partnership with CA Technologies. Java development team has created ample range in softwares. How To Publish Messages To RabbitMQ In Java Development? Java web and application development services. Java development team gives strategic application security. Java Application Development Platform for most new Enterprise.

Java application design and development. NexSoftSys offers dedicated services for Java web development. How does Vaadin cater for Java application development? Java application development, migration and integration. The biggest new feature in the Java 8 is support for Lambda expressions. Do you need to create java web application? Jooby framework scales java web development easily « James_Warner's Blog. Useful Java application development tool as per expert developer's view. Domestic and Offshore Java software development service. Offshore java development process can minimize project risk. Standardize services in Java web development.

Quality code matter for Java software development. Explain Major Benefits and Limits of Autowiring in Spring Java Web Development. Tech-geeks - Best tools used for mobile Java application development. Why Java is not a purely object oriented language? Why hire a Java software development company? What is the reason to use XRebel in Java development process?