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Boy Get Crafty

Thanks for visiting! Welcome to Boy Get Crafty! So many people tell me that their “boys just aren’t that interested” or that they “wished they had a girl to sew for” or “what on earth to give hubby for Christmas”… So I thought a Boy Get Crafty may be a good idea. As I have a son, I would say that pretty much everything on Red Ted Art is suitable for younger boys. I am sure I will be challenged as he gets older! We have lots of regular crafts for boys (and girls) so why not sign up to receive free e-mail updates of the latest here on Red Ted Art -just had your e-mail to the subscription box on the right hand side of this site? Let’s delve right inx Boy Crafts for Kids Mini Skateboard Craft As you may already know, I love se7en’s website. X Monster Shooting Now come on.. which boy would not LOVE this craft and activity? X Ice Boats Another lovely idea I first saw on My Oat Meal Kisses are these Ice Boats.

Ice Experiment Colours. Mother and daughter. Money as You Grow – Kids and Money – President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability. The Gaines Gang: To Theme or Not To Theme? That seems to always be the question.

The Gaines Gang: To Theme or Not To Theme?

People often decide on a Christmas “theme” to decorate their home in. For me all I can think of is when people used to ask me “Do you have a "theme" for your nursery?” Um….NO! I guess you can say Christmas has a bit of a “theme” it’s the biggest Birthday Party of the year. A time to rejoice in God sending His one and only son to die for {insert your name here}! I started with Hannah’s 1st Christmas. Hand ornaments… There is one for each year of my child’s life up till the age of 5 years old {when their growing really started to slow down}.

They are so simple to make. Some years I got really carried away and did other “hand” Christmas gifts. This was my sons first Christmas and at two months old tracing his hand was not going to work. Stop by Somewhat Simple and Finding Fabulous for more fabulous Christmas ideas! Kid Stuff / Good paint project!