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Megapixels comparison and maximum print size charts. [46 Comments] Michael 05 Jul 2006 10:15pm "Nice guide, I got a 7 Megapixel Camera and it makes beautiful 8x10s.

megapixels comparison and maximum print size charts

Even though 7 is not on the chart it is not difficult to see where it would fit. I haven't tried anything larger than a 8x10. Daniela 17 Jul 2006 11:44am "Thanks for bringing some light into the megapixel mistery! " mike berry 07 Oct 2006 8:43pm "When you go from 8x10 to 16x20 aren't you quadrupling the area? [Reply from Robert Giordano]Strictly speaking in terms of pixels per inch, with no post editing, an 8x10 @ 300ppi is (8x300) x (10x300), or 7,200,000 pixels (7MP). Randy 07 Oct 2006 11:47pm "The critical part that is being left out which needs to be tied into this information is sensor size. [Reply from Robert Giordano]Randy, I totally agree but I'll have to make a different chart on a new page. Smartie 08 Oct 2006 1:33am [Reply from Robert Giordano]Yes, you are correct.

All wrong. Canon EOS 7D For Dummies Cheat Sheet. Cheat Sheet A roadmap to the dials and buttons on your Canon EOS 7D, information on shooting mode features and differences, and insight into your camera's metering modes can help you better understand and use your digital camera.

Canon EOS 7D For Dummies Cheat Sheet

How to Identify Dials and Buttons on the Canon EOS 7D The following images are a roadmap to the dials and buttons on the Canon EOS 7D. Metering Modes Explained. Focus Points on the Canon 7D {and other models} Focus is quite possibly one of the most vague and mysterious things I’ve ever had to suss out in my photographic journey.

Focus Points on the Canon 7D {and other models}

It got ever-clearer (pun intended) when I got my Canon 7D. Even now, just admitting that I have one makes my heart skip a little beat. Ok…reeling in my inner geek. Let me tell you about the focus points available on the 7D. Many of them are available on other Canon models so just have a browse through your manual and your settings to see what you’ve got but the concepts remain largely the same.

Spot Auto Focus. P. 7d tutorial canon. CDLC_EOS7D_AF_Modes_QuickGuide. Canon 7D User's Guide. Home Donate New Search Gallery How-To Books Links Workshops About Contact Canon 7D Users Guide © 2010

Canon 7D User's Guide

All rights reserved. Canon 7D with Canon 28mm f/1.8 USM. enlarge. August 2010 Canon 7D Review More Canon Reviews Introduction top This is a collection of my tips and tricks for how I use the Canon 7D. This is how I set the 7D for my kind of pictures. Set the LCD brightness top I set the LCD brightness to AUTO, and then to brighter, and it's always perfect. To do this, press: MENU > WRENCH •• > LCD Brightness > SET > AUTO (set with top dial) and MAX (set with rear dial) > SET. Image Settings top White Balance I usually shoot in Auto White Balance (AWB), but trim the colors to add 5 steps of amber (A5).

To set white balance, use the Quick Control Screen > use rear thumb button to go to the AWB or other WB icon > SET > turn rear dial. The 7D makes sunset colors, and things lit by sunset light, stay very yellow. Often AWB will make indoor scenes look way too orange. Tweaks Too orange! C.Fn III -2 AI Servo 1st/2nd Image Priority. Canon 7D: C.Fn III -2 AI Servo 1st/2nd Image Priority Which function has priority when you are pressing on the shutter release when you are using AI Servo?

C.Fn III -2 AI Servo 1st/2nd Image Priority

Is it the auto-focus, the AI servo or is it the shutter release? This is where you configure your 7D for your preferences. AI Servo is the most CPU intensive operation. The Canon 7D has 2 CPUs and they are “real” fast ones, but when we press the shutter and focus at the same time, this can still overwhelm the 2 CPUs. There are 4 settings for the AI Servo. 0: That's the default. 1: The Auto-Focus is given the priority for the first frame. 2: The shutter release is given priority over the AI Servo tracking. 3: The shutter release is given priority over focusing the subject for the first photo.

DLC: Article: EOS 7D: Sophisticated, Customizable AF System. Zone AF has the potential to be especially useful for action photographers, shooting subjects ranging from track and field to birds in flight.

DLC: Article: EOS 7D: Sophisticated, Customizable AF System

Canon's EOS 7D clearly targets the highest end SLR enthusiast as well as working professionals, with a rich feature set, excellent performance, and superior design. Among its powerful features is its autofocus system, which in some ways is unlike any previous AF system in a Canon EOS SLR. In particular, there’s a diverse new set of options for selecting an area of the image to focus upon. With numerous new features, it’s important for prospective users to have a clear idea of what these different new options are, and how they can be harnessed to create great pictures. Canon 7D AI Servo tutorial. Canon 7D AI Servo tutorial.