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James Parker

M.D. interested in finance and investing

What To Do Before You Start Your Home... - Mikael Nordstrom - Re/max Main Line. Mortgages for Physicians. Photo Heavy debt is often cited as a barrier to homeownership for 25- to 34-year-olds.

Mortgages for Physicians

But many mortgage lenders are eager to extend credit to one category of debt-burdened graduates: those coming out of medical school. Special mortgage products for physicians are designed to meet the needs of doctors just starting out. Announces Addition of Member-Driven Data Update Feature. New feature will allow members to help update database of physician-only loan terms, ensuring that site's information will remain the freshest and most extensive anywhere, reports Springboro, OH,, United States of America - - August 26, 2014 /MarketersMedia/ —, a leading online resource for those seeking information about physician-only bank loans, announced the addition to the service of a new feature. Announces Addition of Member-Driven Data Update Feature

By making use of a simple form, registered members will be able to add to and help update the site's database of banks and doctor loan offerings, ensuring that the collection of information will remain as extensive and up-to-date as possible. was created in order to give visitors a centralized place to research these attractive, but often somewhat obscure, loan options. For more information about us, please visit Contact Info:Name: Mark NealOrganization: PhysicianBanks.comPhone: 855-550-9905.

Degrees Make the Loan. Physician Mortgage.