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How Businesses are Winning with Chatbots & Ai. Businesses are finally starting to get value out of using chatbots.

How Businesses are Winning with Chatbots & Ai

Companies like Sephora, Nitro Cafe, 1–800 Flowers, Marriott, Snap-Travel, and Coca-Cola are starting to see returns. Marriott currently has 3 different chatbots and they are working on more. After seeing some very big early wins, 1–800 Flowers is going all in by developing bots for each major channel. ChatBot development. How our small platform evolved into a comprehensive chatbot solution. Last year was a debut year for ChatBot.

ChatBot development. How our small platform evolved into a comprehensive chatbot solution

From a small platform, we managed to grow up into a comprehensive chatbot solution. 2018 was an exciting year for technology! Media and users were focused on the privacy, more than ever before, we have seen gadgets taken from science fiction movies and witnessed the emerging power of AI coming to all parts of our lives: medical research, car driving, homes, and businesses. Not a surprise that the MIT’s summary of breakthrough technologies of 2018 highlights mostly tech that uses advanced artificial intelligence. The Definitive Guide on Chatbots A/B Testing – Chatbots Journal. Every time you are surfing onto a new website you must be getting those ‘Pop’ sounds where a bot starts talking to you out of somewhere.

The Definitive Guide on Chatbots A/B Testing – Chatbots Journal

In the current time, the chatbots have created much hype in the business world by improving customer experience. Chatbots are used to bring real-time tangible business results by generating more leads and sales to gain customer trust. The chatbots are basically running according to the trends, marketing sales and support strategy by running experiments on them which can offer several benefits. Hence, you can improve your ROI from the channel with the A/B testing as native functionalities allow businesses to run experiments to figure out the best performing messaging, sequences and triggers.

How IoT Affects The Future Of WebDevelopments. ATMs, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Self-driving cars and more are part of a list of devices using IoT is endless.

How IoT Affects The Future Of WebDevelopments

The concept of IoT began years ago; we just didn’t use the term IoT. Kevin Ashton is credited with being the first to coin the phrase Internet of Things (IoT) in 1999. 17 of the Best Google Fonts (And How to Use Them in WordPress) Most Common WordPress Error & How to Deal with It. Building a Better Globalization. 24 Business Ideas That Could Be Worth Millions. Software Development: Time to Revolutionize using Machine Learning. Technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning are a misnomer.

Software Development: Time to Revolutionize using Machine Learning

I personally feel that a machine can never learn or there is no such thing as the intelligence of a machine. How to Get Banks to Say Yes to Your Small Business Loan. How a blockchain startup with 1M users is working to break your Google habit. The antitrust argument that says big tech needs breaking up to stop platforms abusing competition and consumers in a two-faced role as seller and (manipulative) marketplace may only just be getting going on a mainstream political stage — but startups have been at the coal face of the fight against crushing platform power for years.

How a blockchain startup with 1M users is working to break your Google habit

Presearch, a 2017-founded, pro-privacy blockchain-based startup that’s using cryptocurrency tokens as an incentive to decentralize search — and thereby (it hopes) loosen Google’s grip on what Internet users find and experience — was born out of the frustration, almost a decade before, of trying to build a local listing business only to have its efforts downranked by Google. That business, Silicon Valley-based, was founded in 2008 and offers local business search on Google’s home turf — operating sites like and — intended to promote local businesses by making them easier to find online. Search, decentralized. Top 5 Java Frameworks to Use in 2019. There are multiple Java web frameworks available for Java web developers for the design and development of any website application.

Top 5 Java Frameworks to Use in 2019

We all are aware of how the developers can often encourage and empower by more comfortable and faster ways to develop and deploy their Java development services. Indeed, a Java web framework provides a rapid development and component re-use approach that helps to achieve results. Get Power And Sound For Amazon Alexa And Google Home Devices. The full range of battery bases and speaker docks for Google and Amazon Smart speakers was created in the UK by i-box designers.

Get Power And Sound For Amazon Alexa And Google Home Devices

UK-based technology company i-box has spied a gap in the market with a range of speaker docks and bases for the ever-popular range of smart speakers from Amazon and Google. The products are designed in the UK and i-box was the first UK company to design and market an accessory for Amazon’s Alexa-enabled speakers The i-box Move is a portable battery base that serves up power to the Google Home Mini with up to 12 hours of use between charges. The Move can also function as a powerbank to charge a smartphone or other USB-powered device. The i-box Run is a similar product as the i-box Move but it’s shaped and designed to fit Amazon’s Echo Dot (the Gen 3 version) and also provides up to 12 hours of battery life on a single charge. For owners of Amazon’s Echo Spot, the i-box Vault turns the Spot into a portable speaker.

YouTube’s algorithm added 9/11 facts to a live stream of the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire. Some viewers following live coverage of the Notre-Dame Cathedral broadcast on YouTube were met with a strangely out of place info box offering facts about the September 11 attacks.

YouTube’s algorithm added 9/11 facts to a live stream of the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire

BuzzFeed first reported the appearance of the misplaced fact-check box on at least three live streams from major news outlets. Twitter users also took note of the information mismatch. Ironically, the feature is a tool designed to fact check topics that generate misinformation on the platform. It adds a small info box below videos that provides third-party factual information from YouTube partners — in this case Encyclopedia Britannica. YouTube began rolling out the fact-checking “information panels” this year in India and they now appear to be available in other countries. Best Marketing Strategies for SaaS Firms. 3 Ways the 'Crystal,' Not Just the 'Glass,' Ceiling Blocks Your Growth. The qualities that made you successful in the first place are now holding you back March 28, 2019 8 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

3 Ways the 'Crystal,' Not Just the 'Glass,' Ceiling Blocks Your Growth

The FT is buying another media startup: Deal Street Asia. Fresh from picking up a majority stake in Europe-based The Next Web, the Financial Times is buying another new media startup. The newspaper, which was founded in 1888, is adding Singapore-based Deal Street Asia to its roster with a deal expected to close in April, according to three sources with knowledge of discussions. Founded in 2014 by Indian journalist Joji Thomas Philip and Sushobhan Mukherjee, Deal Street Asia mixes Asia startup news with updates from Asia’s financial markets and business verticals.

It has around a dozen reporters across Southeast Asia and India, as well as a license to use content from wires. Its investors include Singapore Press Holdings, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the founder of Alibaba-backed Paytm, the Singapore Angel Network and Hindustan Times, the Indian media firm that operates Mint, which is a Deal Street Asia content partner. The company never disclosed its total fundraising, although TechCrunch wrote about an undisclosed round that closed in late 2015.

Chatbots & Voice Activation: The Future Beckons – Rescue a CEO. In an era of continuous digital transformation, every business is curious about the upcoming technology trends that gets changed every few months. Even the multiple expert’s prognoses and markets feel challenging to make the real situation clear.