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Ranked as Top10 Youth Blogs & Best Blog Awardee by IAMAI-Times Now, ED's a youth media portal for Indian millennials to comment on relevant news & stories.

Central Government Jobs is All about Security, Safety & Less Stress. Now a day, Central Government Jobs in India are getting very popular with every passing day.

Central Government Jobs is All about Security, Safety & Less Stress

Reason is quite simple, they pays well and offer security. And, you do not have to sacrifice your social life as people in private sectors always crib about. Grab the Numerous Career Opportunities that Government Sector Offers. Baker Motorcycle for Sale. Know Which Model of Motorcycles For Sale To Buy! Complete Guide: How to Pick Best Used Motorcycles for Sale! Roaring engine, ultimate look, awesome feel, and more than a joy ride, yup you are right I am talking about Harley Davidson and when it’s a Sportster, action speaks louder than words!

Complete Guide: How to Pick Best Used Motorcycles for Sale!

Harley Davidson Motorcycles for Sale in North Carolina, here you can pick the one you are looking for without any problem. Ride Your Passion with Used Motorcycles. Report Developer in Jacksonville. Do you have difficulty getting access to your data?

Report Developer in Jacksonville

Are you storing and managing multiple copies of the same information in flat files such Excel or CSV? How do you manage your data in your organization? Our Business Intelligence expert at Agile Tech can help you design or fine tune your data integration and management strategy and capabilities. We can help you extract, transform, load those data that are stored in flat files, older database environment like Microsoft Access into more scalable database system such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.

Once this database system, reporting, and analytics are built, you can securely access your data on your mobile devices, tablets, and computers other than Windows PC’s in or out of the office. Customizing Mobile and Web Sites to Enhance User Experience. The best mobile app development companies have based their design principles on certain categories.

Customizing Mobile and Web Sites to Enhance User Experience

Software Application Development For Businesses. A Future of Possibilities and Innovation Software application development as an industry is fast becoming a force to reckon with as it continues to grow, expand and infiltrate every aspect of human life.

Software Application Development For Businesses

More Generalization and Speed There is a greater demand for those individuals who are skilled in almost every aspect of software development. The aim is to provide new, unfamiliar and relevant value added features to the client. The future is welcoming of those who are innovative, have an entrepreneurial streak and develop creative solutions. Global Thinking and Web Career Growth When you develop a global mindset it changes the way you build products.

The future of software application development is open new challenges and possibilities. Create a Blog. Blog hosting. Get free hosting. Religion + Revenue Could Be A Lethal Combination With Focus On Cow-centric Startups To Boost Economy. Of the two people killed in a mob lynching in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, one was police inspector Subodh Kumar Singh.

Religion + Revenue Could Be A Lethal Combination With Focus On Cow-centric Startups To Boost Economy

He was part of the team trying to control protests that broke out after cow carcasses were reportedly found in a forest. A day after the incident, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath ordered a probe. If you are thinking it was very prompt and dutiful of him to do so, wait before you find out what he said. He told the officials, “Tough action needs to be taken against those who carried out cow slaughter.” All These Good Things About The Original Lion King Are Missing From The New One: Here's How. When Disney’s Lion King released in 1994 no body could have predicted the kind of epic it would eventually become.

All These Good Things About The Original Lion King Are Missing From The New One: Here's How

Both a commercial and critical success, each and every thing about the original movie was iconic, from the characters Mufasa, Scar, Simba, Nala, Zau, Timon & Pumba, to the life altering music by Hans Zimmer to the animation. Now in 2019, director Jon Favreau’s remake of the movie has been released boosting of quite an impressive cast of Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Alfre Woodard, Billy Eichner, John Kani, John Oliver and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, along with James Earl Jones once again coming back at the voice of Mufasa. The film has already become a commercial blockbuster collecting a worldwide a total of $270.5 million in just 3 days of release. Which was a given considering how big Lion King original was and how much anticipation was there about its remake. This is a new era of use of technology in films, and no one can deny that.

. #1. . #2. . #3. Watch: Velichappads: Kerala’s Temple Oracles Who Claim To Be Possessed By The Gods. An Eco Friendly & Economical Alternative to Conventional Sunglasses. Sunglasses are not just a fashion statements, but they protect your eyes from hazardous ultraviolet rays.

An Eco Friendly & Economical Alternative to Conventional Sunglasses

They also protect your eyes from germs and bacteria in the environment and, thereby, protecting eyes from bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Benefits & Features of Paper Sunglasses. Paper sunglasses are economical than conventional sunglasses.

Benefits & Features of Paper Sunglasses

As there is no cost incurred on screws, hinges, stems, frames or lenses to assemble, so a lot of cost on overheads is saved. There is also no post-production pad or screen printing customization cost. They use low-cost cardstock materials for making paper sunglasses. Fake Videos Using Celebrity Faces To Spread Fake News And Con People Are Easy To Make: It’s Scary. When artificial intelligence first came into existence, someone, somewhere said it’s not right.

Fake Videos Using Celebrity Faces To Spread Fake News And Con People Are Easy To Make: It’s Scary

Perhaps, that someone knew where things would head with time and how dangerous it could prove to be. Well, guess what? That, someone, was right. Thanks to artificial intelligence, a new trend is here. What is it, you ask? Now you can actually paste a photo of someone you like (read someone you have an agenda against) over another person’s face in a video of your choice with the use of some open-source software and create fake content of all kinds – fake speech, fake news and even fake porn. Software Development Services in Jacksonville. Why We Should Popularize The Concept Of Human Library In India. Why Hire Certified Home Inspector for Home Inspection? Buying a selling a house is a tedious and costly affair. Every buyer wants to get completely satisfied with the condition of the property before buying it.

Why Professional Home Inspection is Crucial for any Home Buyer? A home inspection is a part of due diligence process to avoid unpleasant surprises in future. It is always recommended to get home inspection by an independent and certified home inspector Toronto GTA before making any hefty investment in a new home. When a potential buyer visit the new property, he/she often get carried away by fancy furnishings, modern styled interior and so on. People often get so impressed by decorations that we don’t bother to analyze details that if ignored may cost us a fortune. Professional home inspection helps buyer to know if the home safe to buy and hence, home inspection has emerged as a valuable tool for buyers. JJ Home inspections. Home Inspection Services Toronto GTA. These Miya (Muslim) Poets Are Being Seen As A Threat To National Security For Writing Poems On NRC & Their Plight. What is the upheaval created by poems written by Miya poems?

An FIR was registered with the Assam police on 12th July against Ahmed, who is considered to be a Miya Poet. Watch: 10 Guilty Pleasures That Indian Millennials Indulge In. By definition, a guilty pleasure is something that you enjoy despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard. However, I think it refers to something that you enjoy indulging in but others want you to feel guilty about doing so. In this pressure-laden world where you are competing madly for everything you want, small pleasures that that you sneakily enjoy are more than welcome. Flip My Cycle offer a wide range of used bikes as well as... - flipmycycle. The 'Reading Room Culture' Is What Makes Kerala Literate With No Caste Or Religion Barriers, And Yet It's So Simple.

In Pics: Beautiful, Deep Meaning Hindi/Urdu Words That Can Beautify Any Of Your Instagram Captions And Pictures. Policy Suggestion By A Millennial To Reduce Communal Violence In India. India has an exhaustive history of communal tension between Hindus and Muslims. Thousands of people have lost their lives due to communalism, right from partition to Gujarat 2002. Big Companies With Huge Debts. The Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman has revealed that India’s state-owned banks had an astronomical Rs. 1.50 trillion worth of loans as “wilful defaults” in 2018-19.

The State Bank of India accounted for nearly one-third of this amount! Is The Orange Jersey To Blame For India’s Loss Against England In The WC? Many Stupid People Believe So. Let’s be honest, nothing gets this country talking more than cricket. If Social Media Is Your Only Skill, Here Is A Great Opportunity For You. You know what every Indian mother dreams of?

What's The Truth Behind Rising Unemployment In India? Prime Minister Narendra Modi got elected for a second term with a thumping majority recently. A high share of the votes came from the youth of this country, who seem to be unfazed by the reported rise in unemployment. Finding the Perfect Fishing Rain Suits for your Next Adventure. Some of the best fishing hits in volatile weather. Which College Teacher is Allowed To Behave Like His Student’s Pagal Deewana In India? Kerala Leads By Example, A Municipality Distributes 5000 Free Menstrual Cups. Back In Time: The Ultra-Right Party Shiv Sena Was Formed 53 Years Ago. Cellphones Aren't Allowed In My College And This Has Made Me Enjoy My College Life A Little More. Indo-Pak Cricket Matches Are Only For Hate Trolls Now: Where Is The Sport In It? This Russian Man Is Transforming McleodGanj, One Wall At A Time.

Is Stand-Up Comedy In India Reduced To A Joke? Breakfast Babble: I Am Tired Of People Using Their Zodiac Sign To Justify Their Behaviour.