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Sarees have certainly set the Indian fashion on fire by giving a contemporary twist to the typical ethnic wear known as saree. choli is a three part dress with a blouse, lower skirt like costume as well as a long cloth named as chunni which is draped from the waist till the shoulder

Comparison between Hotel vs Lawn. When it comes to deciding the venue of an Indian Wedding, there are a few options to consider. Some people may choose Hotels, Resorts or Banquet Halls; while some consider Lawns or Farmhouses to be a better option. All of them have their respective pros & cons. In this article, we would be making a detailed comparison between hotels/resorts and open lawns as the wedding options: 1. No. of guests: You first need to see as to how many guests are expected to your wedding event. A moderate hotel may have limited space constraint from the point of view of adjusting guests or parking space for their vehicles. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Considering the above factors, Hotels and Lawns have their own advantages and disadvantages. Indian Wedding Music. Indian Marriages are always performed in a grand manner. Typically, they comprise of many events like Engagement , Roka, Ring, Mehandi, Ladies Sangeet, Sagai, and of course, the main wedding day.

Music plays a vital role in all these ceremonies and without it the events appear incomplete. Music adds much needed glitter to the events and all the guests around enjoy the ceremony while dancing to the latest tunes and hit songs.Through music, people easily express themselves and their emotions in a much better way. A Wedding, as we all know, comprises of many touching moments of lifetime and music facilitates in expressing emotions in the right perspective. Any marriage brings feeling of joy, happiness and pain and music helps in converting these feelings in perfect shape and expressions. Family members, relatives and friends of both the families play music on these many events and celebrate the occasion with much joy and gaiety. How To Find A Right Match. The very step for your wedding is finding the right match for yourself. It may not be a problem if you are going for a love marriage, but in case of an arranged marriage, it definitely takes some time.

You and your family start searching for your right match once you are well settled in your career. It is thus a daunting task to figure out the right proposals, evaluate and shortlist them.Sometimes, it is very hard to find a suitable match if you are above 30 years of age or are not settled in your life. The respective situations of each person may differ. Though it is necessary to find the right person who can accept you whosoever you are. In the past, it used to be pretty difficult when only family members used to search for possible matches. But, now with the technological advancement, it has become much easier. You can look for the following suggestions to find the right match for yourself: Matrimonial Websites Dating Websites Marriage Brokers Ads in Print Media Family Relations.

20 Essential Things Every Girl Should Carry In Her Bag. Even if you are going for a short distance, you should always have a list of products to be carried. And this is why we call you as “women”. Being a woman you should necessarily carry these things in bag, because they can be useful just for beauty purpose but they can sometime help you in emergency too. If allowed to share my experience, I would say more than my bunch of books and pens in my bag, you will always find these things. You don’t need to stuff them every day in bag, but you can purchase a mini pack to keep them in purse, use them and store them again in the bag. So, here are few things that every girl must carry in her purse. 1. You should always have face wash in your purse. 2. It is not possible to wash your face every day, just for example, you are travelling and you don’t find any place to wash your face. 3.

Moisturizer not only helps to moisturize your skin but it also can act as a savior during emergencies. 4. The thing which requires minimum space is band aid. 5. 7. 10 Tips for Glowing Skin For Bridal Makeup. A Bride wishes to look beautiful and gorgeous on her wedding day. Quite often, she is in a bit dilemma about how to plan & prepare her skin before the wedding functions. Most of the brides are only serious on getting makeover and skin cure just a few days before the main wedding event, but they fail to realize that there are many small things which needs to be done regularly 2-3 months prior to the wedding in order to further boost the appearance on her big day. A few small initiatives by a bride can make all the difference and can be summed up by way of 10 tips for Bridal Glowing Skin as under: Water intake must be increased during the day.

Your morning must start with drinking two glasses of water as this flushes out the system thereby adding glow to the overall body.Physical Fitness is extremely crucial to get and maintain a glowing skin. A good internal health makes you feel more energetic thereby keeping you 24X7 afresh.Junk foods intake must be avoided as far as possible. Trupti Patel - Trupti Patel shared a link. Handloom silk saree of bengal with famous bird design. Buy Tussar Sarees of West Bengal Online from USA, UK, UAE, Australia. 4o Latest Blouse Back Neck Design For Stylish Women. The elegance of your personality increases when any woman wears saree with perfect match of blouses. Saree is that dress style that provides very great and traditional look to women.

It creates exquisiteness to you when exactly you wear saree with best designs of back designs of blouses. In sarees every woman has different and unique look and when it comes about wearing blouses so, the best one to get fantastic and most fabulous designs of back designs blouses. Fashion is that great style where you want to style perfectly in such way where you get two looks together one is traditional look and another modern appearances.

To enhance your beauty of your wearing the back designs of blouses are too marvelous so, where you should start now buying back designs blouses. 1. This blouse design is available with floral or flower patterns where the back side is completely flowery design. 2.Golden Shine Cut off Back Neck Blouse Design 3. 4.Gold Full Sleeve Blouse Back Neck Design 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Buy Lehenga Online|New Designer Bridal Lehengas & Chaniyacholi at Low Price in India - Orangesell. Our lehenga cholis are pleated and embroidered as a form of art. We are offering dissimilar styles of lehenga choli that makes our purchasers to smile. Our lehenga choli is a set of a flowing skirt, blouse and dupatta. Different sorts of neck lines and sleeves are also available in our collections for your satisfactions.

Our lehenga garment will perfectly fit in your body. Our choli makes you to look gorgeous and stunning in any special events. Front opening buttons and cut-out backs are additional features of our modern choli designs. Everyone can buy lehenga choli through online from our website at great prices. How To Find Your Unique Sense Of Style. 1. Declutter your closet & label your clothes Begin with what you have. Organize your closet first. Whether you have clothes falling out of your cupboard or just a shelf in your sister's wardrobe, organizing helps. Separate different clothing items into categories (colour code if it helps), organize your bags and shoes. You get the gist. Now, put everything you have into 3 categories: "Love", "Hate" and "Like". Immediately put aside all your "Hate" clothes in a give-away pile. 2.

Have a look at all your "Love" pieces, more often than not you'll find a pattern to your purchases. 3. Fashion runs on inspiration and that is why the likelihood of finding a single style icon that defines your style is kinda low. To figure out your main influencers, start by doing a Pinterest search and save the images you are drawn to. 4. Now that your closet is decluttered and you have your inspiration in hand, it's time to start building your dream closet! 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 5 Styling Tips For Women This Wedding And Festive Season. 1. Sarees Sarees are a miraculous attire, just drape it well and look your best. However, instead of traditional silks try kitsch prints and designs.

They are fun, quirky, and yet one gets to drape the eternally beautiful sarees, but with a modern twist!! 2. Anarkalis look best only on long, statuesque women and not everyone. 3. One thing Indian women especially love is to pile on the jewels. 4. For sarees and lehengas, blouses are a necessity. 5. Just like men are stuck with blacks, blues, and browns; women are glued to reds and pinks for ages. Men complain that when it comes to women’s dressing, sky is the limit. 9 Different Style Of Wearing Saree With Images. Indian dressing style is truly awesome and they known when and what moment need to wear what type of dresses. Different occasion and events have distinct wearing styles whether you say about wedding ceremony, birthday party, conference, cultural program, events, traditional function, or others all categorized with dissimilar ways of dresses. As the most preferred and adorable traditional outfit for every woman is saree really they look a complete woman in saree always.

Women always look gorgeous on saree as wee today women mostly prefer western dresses they look smart and stunning but when you will see them in completely traditional look that time it provides them a great eye-catching appear in saree. There are different ways of wearing saree that can be worn on various styles but it depends where you are going or for what function you are attending exactly. What are the exact requirements to wear saree? Basic tips that you must care before wearing saree that includes:. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Shraddha Kapoor| Women Clothing | Fashion Styles | Sir N Maam Blog. The gorgeous star kid-Shraddha Kapoor entered the B-town with the Bollywood blockbuster-Aashiqui 2 in 2013. Since then she is perceived as one of the hottest celebrity of the industry. This hot chic flaunts every style of women clothing as a fashion icon. Her style and dressing sense gives new fashion goal to every Indian girl. And, here are some of the amazing fashion styles of Shraddha to copy.

During the trailer launch of ‘Haider’, the beautiful Bollywood diva was seen wearing a black and pink coloured women dress. She was looking chic and fashionable with her style sense. In a recent photo shoot for ‘pinkvilla’, the hot chic was flaunting her traditional side with purple girl’s Kurta. On general days, she is seen wearing casual women clothing.

Shraddha looks gorgeous in ethnic wears. Her latest movie is about to hit the silver screen in a couple of days and during the promotion of this movie, she exhibited her two casual looks. International Celebrities In Traditional Women Clothing Of India. It’s true!! Fashion has no boundaries. In the cultural perspective, every country has its own style of dressing that emerges from the people that live in. But to follow or style up in that fashion is not restricted. The rich Indian cultural fashion in women clothing is being styled by the international celebrities very gracefully. The gorgeous Hollywood stars look fab in the ethnic wear dresses. These ethnic wear outfits for women can be easily available on various online fashion stores. The top 10 International celebrities that carried ethnic style beautifully: Anne Hathaway Beautiful actress looks more gorgeous in Indian attire when dressed in light purple saree in movie ‘Rachel Gets Married’.

Angelina Jolie Stunning beauty of Hollywood movies Angelina visited India and carried ethnic kurtis as her outfit style. Cameron Diaz The sizzling star of Hollywood, Cameron Diaz in draped saree looked elegant as ever. Julia Roberts Lady Gaga Pop star Lady Gaga styled Indian fashion in new fusion look. Beautiful Pink Color Mysore Casual Saree. Best Lehenga Sarees with Blouse Designs For Luxury Occasions. On very glamour and luxury occasions our dresses are changed that means we prefer mostly heavy artwork dresses such as lehnga cholis. Lehnga is one of the most beautiful dresses that look amazing on every woman when they are ready on such dresses they look wonderful like beauty queen.

Lehnga is one of the most traditional dresses that offer very gorgeous appearance on you. It gives you tremendous on you when you are perfectly ready to get great gazes on lehnga cholis. Actually lehnga cholis are quite different than sarees that completely look unique and comes in three parts where the lower skirts with separate blouse and dupattas or chunnis are different and separate at all so, you have to wear these three parts with parted ways. You find wide arrays of lehnga cholis with varieties of blouse designs are available in the market. Here we will talk about different lehnga sarees with varieties of blouse designs and those include: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

Different Types Of Sarees As per There Region. Sarees are favorites of all women and when it comes any cultural program you must wear saree that are available in several saree designs that really provide great look to you. Fashionable sarees with trendy designs that you can buy for you as well as not only this while sarees what you are looking for you will sure get it like silk sarees, banarasi sarees, taant sarees, and more. These are sarees name that wonderfully show your great personality as well as your right attitude. Now it is the right way to choose saree according to you. What sarees you love to wear here few famous names of sarees you will come to know about them. There are several types of Indian sarees that make your look perfect with eye-catching Sarees From North India When it is about the sarees in North India multiple varieties are available there. The tissue sarees are crafted with the optimum silk yarn.

Next is about the Organza or Organdy is most well-known sarees in Uttar Pradesh. 1 Banaras Brocade 2 Kota Jali 4. 6. 25 Latest Sexy And Sultry Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees. We all want to look trendy and smart, when you go out so, firstly before outing you dress-up well and maintain hygiene of course. Choosing attires are depending on you that how and what styles you want to create within you. But when it comes about women’s dress-up in traditional way so, sarees are the most comfortable and suitable dressing sense for all of women as the sarees make them more smarter than other outfits this is truly right statement.

Every lady when she is ready in such outstanding traditional saree that adds charming expression and gives gorgeous look after all. But it needs to think about what type of saree you exactly want to wear that provides you amazing experiences. Here some of the best silk blouse collections: 1.Fabric Designs Blouse Patterns For Silk Sarees In such blouse design the fabric is used to design blouses and all fantastic fabric designed blouses provide very amazing amalgamation of fabric and silk both. 2. 3. 4.Puff Sleeves blouses 5.Kundan artwork Blouse. Latest Blouse Designs Catalogue For Net Sarees.