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When it comes to amping up your eye color, choosing the right eyeshadow shade is key. Here, Dae Sik Son, celebrity makeup artist and co-founder of Korean beauty brand Son & Park, reveals which shades will enhance your irises.

How to Choose Right Foundation For Your Skin Tone. Are you looking for How to Choose Right Foundation for Your Skin Tone,if yes here is the right post for you..

How to Choose Right Foundation For Your Skin Tone

Many of us might have observed that people use extra foundation on their face to look fairer. Many of us might not have even been familiar to the correct way of using the foundation. Well the reason behind being makeup disasters is that we do not know as to what is the right tone of foundation which relates to our skin tone exactly.

It might be really difficult to know automatically by our sense as to what might suit our skin tone and not look like a mask. Also there might be a reason that you do not know the exact process as to how you can het your desired foundation tone. 1. visit a super market The first step to get your product according to your needs is that you need to visit a place which has all type of range and varieties of mostly all brands, quality and price. Avoid online shopping in makeup products as it would not result in a perfect product. 11 Interesting ways To Uses of Lipstick. I am pretty sure, for all the beauty lovers, lipstick does not just mean a cosmetic or a makeup product, but it surely has a different meaning.

11 Interesting ways To Uses of Lipstick

It can mean to us something less than life or i should say, lipstick is equal to life because one day without it, can actually bring no happiness in life. I’m preety sure, you might have tested out all the widest variety of lipstick colors in the market, and all you think is I wish i would use lipstick for some other purpose too! Yes, you can use lipstick for much other purpose and here are some among them.

Getting Rid of Pimples. Every person, man or woman, face pimples problem at least once in his/her young days.

Getting Rid of Pimples

In some cases this problems take very abnormal turn and even many treatments fail to curb it. Teenagers sometime find a bit difficult to control pimples and it obstructs in proper Facial Care also. Besides, pimples leave mark on the face which may be difficult to remove at a later stage. Opposites Attract - Matching Your Eye Shadow to Your Eye Color to Make Them Pop! When trying to find the perfect shadow pallet for your eyes to make them really stand out, just remember, Opposites Attract.

Opposites Attract - Matching Your Eye Shadow to Your Eye Color to Make Them Pop!

That is super important when you're trying to pick the most flattering eye shadow colors. Here's a cheat sheet: Green & Hazel Eyes - Red is the opposite color of green, that is why red lips look so lovely on a woman with green eyes. KatOsu radzi - konturowanie. Konturowanie to bardzo ważny element makijażu.

KatOsu radzi - konturowanie

Twarz nie wygląda płasko, możemy skorygować niedoskonałości twarzy, dodać opalenizny itp. Bardzo ważne są miejsca, w których nakładamy bronzer i pędzel, jakim się posługujemy. Najlepszy będzie okrągły z lekkim szpicem. Bronzer nabieramy na sam czubek, dzięki temu precyzyjnie zaznaczymy linię pod kością policzkową, a czyste włoski pędzla dookoła rozetrą nam tę linię. By wyznaczyć najlepszą linię nakładania bronzera, przyłóż trzonek pędzla od kącika ust do górnej części ucha. Nałóż więcej produktu od strony ucha, rozcierając w stronę ust. By uzyskać naturalny wygląd, bronzer nakładaj w miejscach, gdzie naturalnie opaliłoby cię słońce. By wyszczuplić lub skorygować kształt nosa, zagłębienie pod linią brwi i boki nosa również przyciemnij bronzerem, dzięki temu ta część nosa będzie w cieniu i będzie mniej rzucała się w oczy.

Na kość policzkową nanieś perłowy rozświetlacz, ja użyłam perłowego cienia do powiek. Użyte kosmetyki: 7 Steps To Apply Eye Makeup For Natural Look. Eyes are your body’s reflection.

7 Steps To Apply Eye Makeup For Natural Look

It is one of the factors that give you gorgeous charm. A fine attire and make up with dull eyes will spoil your looks. So it is very important to keep your eyes attractive. Even if you are not having that right dress in your wardrobe in the eleventh hour, the right eye make-up can get all eyes staring at your pretty face, skipping the rest. The routine eye makeup steps might be boring at times, so why don’t you try our idea of natural looking eye makeup? How To Do Cat Eye Makeup Step By Step. “Yes, people will go crazy” There is very old saying “old is gold”.You must have noticed that all the past trends are coming back now whether it’s the trend of dresses or makeup.

How To Do Cat Eye Makeup Step By Step

Cat eye makeup is one of them. It was invented in the era of Brigitte Bardot. This look came back in Sharmila tagger era and again came back with a big bang in OmShanti Om with Deepika padukune and the look is still seen on Sonam Kapoor at Cannes film festival. This look is versatile and classic. Everyone loves this look and wants to try the cat eye makeup, but fear of flaws andmistakes prevail. 1. Ideal and easy style! 5 Amazing Steps For an Smokey Eye. Sex, spice and Smokey eyes; hot enough to speak about.

5 Amazing Steps For an Smokey Eye

5 Amazing Eye Make up Ideas For Green Eye. Hello, need your make up to be very attractive and eye catchy?

5 Amazing Eye Make up Ideas For Green Eye

Do you want to make your eyes a centrifugal point of your beauty? Find out how to color your eyes. Let’s discuss about beautiful, fancy Green eyes. Ready? How to figure out, what are the interesting colors, which would go with, color green is our talk today. STEP 1:Make a base: Best Hazel Eye Makeup For Your Eyes.