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Different Approaches to Weight Loss

15 may 2018

Different Approaches to Weight Loss

Whenever you hear the term weight lose you start to imagine of a fat individual looking helpless with his body fat. Well obesity in some countries is considered as sickness and obese people are considered lethargic. This is a harsh truth that obese people has to go through as people often make fun of their disk-shaped physique and inability to work properly. People generally have misconception that obese people have the habit of overeating and they crave for food every 5 minutes but this is not true. Obesity can also be stimulated by genes.

You might have come across many people who eat less but put on weight very quickly but there are people who recklessly attack on every kind of food they can put their hands onto but doesn’t put on an inch of fat. Have you figured out why does this happen? Well because each one of has different genes and each one of us is different physically and mentally. This is the reason that a weight lose approach is not suitable for all. Weight lose program is not something you can refer to as “one size fits all”. Every individual’s body react differently with a weight lose approach.

So let’s quickly find out what are the different approaches to weight loss:

Workout: If you follow this approach than you must have liking for some hard work because not everybody can be comfortable with this approach. Workout requires an individual to be mentally strong because the biggest problem with obese people is their lack of free body movement. So people who follows this approach are mentally very strong and gradually they develop free body movement because exercise burn calories and when calories is used more than the intake then stubborn fat starts to get burn by the body and the body slowly gets back into shape.

Dieting: It is one approach that is so common with weight lose program that even the beginner will tell you about this. But it can be of different types like some people follows strict diet plan where they only eat food that is required by their body. On the other hand there are people who follow intermittent fasting which is another approach of losing weight quickly. In intermittent fasting the individual purposely fast for a few hours of the day and then eat. There is a difference between strict dieting and intermittent fasting. In dieting an individual follows a fixed diet plan consisting of a long list of food items to be consumed within a day while in intermittent fasting the individual doesn’t make drastic changes to his diet instead he fast for a few hours to 16 hours in a day or alternate day or on weekends. Intermittent fasting is also of different types while dieting is mostly related with following a monotonous diet plan that focus on counting calories intake every day.

It is hard to choose the best approach out of the two because one approach may work fine for an individual while the second approach may work well for another individual. But both are excellent approaches to curb down the excess body fat.