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I am James, an avid fan of online shopping. Ordering something and have it delivered to your home is very easy and fulfilling. It allows me to do my work while shopping. That is why I am a fan of ShopGT, package forwarding service.

Introducing The Benefits Of Walmart Plus. Modern economic theories revolve around digital retail, and Amazon has been the undisputed champion of eCommerce for several years, particularly due to the Amazon Prime service.

Introducing The Benefits Of Walmart Plus

Prime is an annual subscription that offers fast, free shipping on an incredible selection of items, as well as access to the Amazon Prime Video streaming service and Prime Gaming for all members. Hoping to compete with Amazon Prime on the eCommerce and home delivery fronts, Walmart has launched a similar program called Walmart Plus. Walmart has been an inarguable economic powerhouse as a brick-and-mortar retailer in the United States. Still, its online shopping experience has paled in comparison to the Amazon platform and the value of the Amazon Prime subscription. Walmart Plus launched on September 15th, 2020, with an annual subscription fee of $98, or a little over $8 per month.

Walmart is flexing its biggest competitive advantage: a network of stores so vast that 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of one. Why Online Shopping Is The Trend Of The Future. Online shopping is in a perpetual state of change.

Why Online Shopping Is The Trend Of The Future

Is this the trend of the future? More likely, this is the trend of today and the future. If you want to maintain a competitive advantage against competitors, it’s crucial that you stay on top of industry trends and developments. Understanding movements in the industry plays an essential role in sustaining a profitable online business. Spotting Good Deals On Amazon The Power Of Reviews. Consumers are now moving online.

Spotting Good Deals On Amazon The Power Of Reviews

This happened before the pandemic but the numbers have become humongous especially in the current pandemic or economic and health crisis. Instantly, this big online move of the consumers meant only one thing – businesses had to move too! ShopGT. What We Offer. ShopGT. The reason behind the creation of is to provide a faster, easier and less expensive way for international shoppers to process the shipping of their orders.


As international shoppers ourselves we know the pain and frustration involved in the shipping of items overseas and our goal is to eliminate that. Our Mission? Using Amazon Prime To Save Hundreds Of Dollars In Shipping. We all know that you can find anything being sold at Amazon, including the kitchen sink.

Using Amazon Prime To Save Hundreds Of Dollars In Shipping

In recent years, Amazon branched out into selling e-readers through its highly popular Kindle, and with the arrival of the Kindle Fire tablet line, the company has strengthened its hold on consumers’ loyalty, not to mention their wallets. With this scenario, it is not totally unexpected that Amazon will come up with Amazon Prime. For $79 a year, you can join the membership program that offers free 2-day shipping on selected orders. You also get other “digital” benefits with a paid membership. $79 is by no means cheap; however, you get all the streaming content you want, access to an eBook lending library, not to mention fast shipping, with a paid Amazon Prime membership. International Shipping How Long Does It Normally Take. Shipping plays a pivotal role in the economic whirlpool.

International Shipping How Long Does It Normally Take

This is in fact dubbed to be the backbone or core of the global economy. Small- and medium-scale businesses realize that scalability is the key to growing their brand especially because 90% of the global trade is currently dominated by international trade or shipping. It goes without saying then that a leap from local or domestic to international shipping is the way to promote the growth and agility of a company. It’s evident that without shipping, international trade wouldn’t be deemed possible.

In fact, economies of different countries wouldn’t prosper if the concept of international shipping has not been conceived. The Basics Of International Shipping Policy What You Need To Know. Ecommerce has certainly forked a winning entry into the growth of the retail sales arena worldwide.

The Basics Of International Shipping Policy What You Need To Know

In fact, online sales have been booming with the likes of Walmart and Amazon taking over the scene. The one-stop-shop and online concept of these retail giants is a huge hit that a lot of brick-and-mortar businesses are experiencing how it is to play David in the game of Goliaths. David Vs. Goliath Arena However, David won over Goliath so there is always a strong fighting chance for every business. Businesses have remained competitive even with these giant online retailers around by offering excellent customer service, great customer experience, and about the same shipping rates. So, it’s really a matter of what business can provide the best deals online. E Commerce Beginners Guide On Shipping. There exists a tight competition among e-commerce sites – and shipping speed plus costs would give you that leverage against competition.

E Commerce Beginners Guide On Shipping

The reality is beaming – customers are looking for results. It’s all about the fulfillment and shipping process. Businesses need to streamline services to meet these demands or expectations because if you can’t keep up or show p – some other company will. Small Business Easy Road Map On Shipping. Shipping really has set the standards for every business today.

Small Business Easy Road Map On Shipping

The e-commerce industry has been very robust and competitive especially because the giants in the industry like Amazon have set the bar higher with the free and fast shipping trend. While some could take the lead, small businesses would find it challenging to replicate at the base. Save Money On Shipping Tips To Get You Started. There are ways to save costs on shipping especially if you are operating on a bootstrap budget.

Save Money On Shipping Tips To Get You Started

The internet has provided doors of opportunities for every aspiring or budding entrepreneur to make it big in the marketplace. Ecommerce is said to be your best bet to success as an entrepreneur and it’s really easy to get started at very minimal costs. While having your business online would commensurate to lower overhead costs, the shipping costs could vary depending on the goods you ship and the destination point of deliveries. Well, with technology and automation backing your business, you can definitely make smarter choices now when it comes to how you allocate business funds and strategies you can use to reduce shipping costs. Small Business Shipping Tips And Tricks How Pros Do It. As a small business, you need not think small.

You can keep your profit high with a bit of intuitiveness and creativity in shipping strategies. It’s important to keep shipping costs at a bare minimum especially if you are just starting out in digital entrepreneurship. You really can’t afford unnecessary expenses at this point. Now, varied factors dictate shipping rates. Pros And Cons Of Taking 1000 Mg Of Vitamin C Daily.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid isn’t just popular for boosting immunity but also a powerful or master antioxidant that is known for its aesthetic side effects. Yes, vitamin C seems to be on the top tier of the most popular water-soluble vitamins for a good reason. It keeps the body young and rejuvenated as it is enriched with carnitine and collagen that are good for your skin and overall health. The human body does not naturally produce this because it lacks the enzyme gluconolactone oxidase, so a diet packed with fruits and vegetables is the best way to make sure you get your daily dose of vitamin C. It’s not just tagged as the fountain of youth but also helps with beating cancer and other life-threatening or debilitating medical conditions. If you are looking for a power-packed vitamin – then vitamin C is your best bet to that. Berries Sweet potatoes Spinach Broccoli Cabbage Tomato juice Green and Red peppers Asparagus Citrus fruits. The Perks Of Shopping Online How To Get More For Less.

Shopping online is an enticing opportunity for those who want to bag more items at discounted prices. Having to shop right from home or while leisurely having a coffee break is ideally how shopping should be. Using your laptop or mobile phone from virtually anywhere at any time makes online shopping a painless and convenient way to grab the latest designer shoes on sale or the newest smart home device.

Improving Online Shopping Experience Ways To Engage And Convert. Online shopping has been gaining momentum year after year. Well, it’s not a surprise because once you enter a site; you get to browse on galleries of different items. It’s just like stepping into your favorite store but in a digital version. The shopping experience is way better than your brick-and-mortar store; so-to-speak. A Consumer Insight Online Shopping Habits And Behavior.

Is there a shortcut to scaling fast? Many digital CEOs today are looking at the right direction to advance their businesses by looking at online customer shopping habits and behavior. E-commerce has been very phenomenal and explosive over the years that it has significantly blurred the line between shopping online and shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. Online shopping has made it possible to shop using computers, laptops, or mobile devices. This has literally and figuratively brought shopping right at your fingertips. However, the biggest dilemma by many digital entrepreneurs is to find out what makes their customers tick. Pro Tips On Online Shopping Security How To Shop Safely. There are so many reasons why shopping online is dubbed as the new ethos for modern shoppers. Well, shopping has indeed become faster, more convenient, and even more secure online.

There are also many options to choose from which makes it, even more, an enticing social activity. Top Things To Remember When You Shop Online. Smart Tips To Save Money When Shopping Online. The ways of shopping have definitely changed today compared to decades ago. However, one thing didn’t budge a bit – shoppers still want to save on their shopping spree. Yes, the internet has created a shopping frenzy for many customers as more people are now shopping online than in physical stores. Best Ways To Shop Online On A Shoestring Budget. Admittedly, there’s this sugar rush that people feel when we get to snag discounts. Reasons Why People Love Online Shopping. Online shopping has become the new norm for many traditional shoppers who are looking to avoid the crowd and also get the best deals on top brands.

This is becoming popular for all market groups. Why Shop Online The Real Deal. It’s not a surprise that a lot of consumers are now choosing to shop online rather than visit traditional physical stores. It does have a lot of advantages like convenience, lower prices, and speed; among others. International Package Forwarding.