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At Seif Law Firm, we strive to establish and maintain a close working relationship with each of our clients through diligent work and taking the time to listen to your needs. We will ensure that you receive the best service possible. Seif Law Firm is an established and trusted legal practice in the community that provides excellent service. We are pleased to offer Notary services as well as Wills and Powers of Attorney, with our primary focus being in REAL ESTATE LAW. Buying or selling of Residential Property Buying or selling of Commercial Property Business purchases and sales Drafting and negotiating Residential Leases Drafting and negotiating Commercial Leases Mortgage Refinancing Placing Title Insurance on Residential/Commercial Property Call for More Information: Seif Law Firm in Richmond Hill, ON - 905 237 7343 Legal - Attorneys. Seif Law Professional Corp - Opening Hours - 3-10288 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON.

Seif Law Firm Law Firm Profile. Google Logos Throughout History. Since the inception of Google in 1997, it has been the search engine providing millions of people answers to their queries.

Google Logos Throughout History

Through the years, it has progressed in its service and in design. It was at first, a university startup, which then advanced to functioning at a garage which belonged to Susan Wojcicki in California. This then turned into a corporation when Andy Bechtolsheim, the co-founder of Sun microsystems, gave a funding of $100,000 to Google and the rest is history; since then Google has emerged as the biggest search engine present on the internet. How to optimize your logos for Google’s Image Search. In the field of logos, we often talk about the right colors, design elements, relevance to the brand and industry, viability and the ability to represent the business’s vision, but many of us miss out on a very critical aspect.

How to optimize your logos for Google’s Image Search

Yes, logos are pictorial representations of a brand’s vision and intent but at the end of the day and on the simplest of scales, a logo is still an image. Logo design companies and their clients often do not acknowledge this fact and fail to capitalize on their logos as a place that can itself bring traffic and lead conversions. Companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on search engine optimization to gain visibility for their brand but more often than not, logos are not regarded as tools to be used in SEO strategies.

SEO is not just relegated to searching for websites, images are searched for by users in big quantity as well. The Best Sports Logo Designs in History. Sports and religion share a common bond in the fact that both of them tend to boast of a similar level of loyalty towards a single identity.

The Best Sports Logo Designs in History

In prehistoric times, there were warriors who fought with each other and sports offer a similar rush of adrenaline, albeit with all the blood and gore, making it even more endearing. Symbolism is a big part of sports and none of it makes opposing teams more recognizable than their logos, refined to be distinguished and worshiped and then worn like a symbol of pride. Fans, critics or the sportspersons themselves have an affinity of transcribing by their team’s logos. Despite the fact that nearly every team strives to make their logo unique, memorable and more importantly an instigator of passion, few amongst them live on in popular imagination and are always held in high regard, due to the ingeniousness of the design they possess the world over. Iconic Brands & What Makes Their Logos Special. We have brands and ads all around us but regardless of how many there are, only a few have brand power, even fewer enjoy the iconic brand status.

Iconic Brands & What Makes Their Logos Special

A handful of brands can be recognized globally and have become integrated into the pop culture. All of these brands can be recognized through their logos and brand colors. So how was it that these brands achieved their iconic status and is it possible for emerging brands to obtain the same illustrious position? All marketers would love to be in the same standing as these brands but it’s highly unlikely that new brands will ever come close to it. To get to that level of recognition, these brands have had to consistently deliver to their market over many decades which is how they have garnered so much loyalty. Can be spotted with just the logo. Best Logo Color Combinations. When you hear the name of a famous brand, you suddenly associate certain colors with the brand.

Best Logo Color Combinations

One of the 4 C’s of Marketing is for Creating, and creating a great logo acts as a great beginning for your business. McDonalds yellow and red, the multi-colored Google, and the orange and white Soundcloud, for example. Colors have a very powerful effect on our brains and the colors that you choose for your brand are going to be the key for your brand image a very long time.

Fanta Logo Gets a Refreshing New Twist. Fanta has been around a long time.

Fanta Logo Gets a Refreshing New Twist

Since the days of the second world war in fact. When it was initially launched, it was just a means of covering a small European niche because Coca-Cola itself was in short supply all-over war-ravaged Europe, way back in the early 1940s. Why Did Subway Change Its Logo. The new logo still had the green and yellow elements only this time it seemed like they had perfected the style. perhaps this time their RGB to HEX game is on point.

In 2016 Subway took a significant leap by changing its brand identity. The new logo still had the green and yellow elements only this time it seemed like they had perfected the style. Revamping Their Logo to Reflect the Expansion of Their Horizons. Whirlpool Corporation is an American company and one of the world’s best-known multinational manufacturers of electronic home appliances.

Revamping Their Logo to Reflect the Expansion of Their Horizons

It currently boasts of revenue figures well above $20 billion per annum. As a matter of fact, the organization itself has constantly been striving to come up with ‘state of the art’ domestic appliances that will be able to improve the living standards of the people who buy Whirlpool products. In keeping with a mindset that inspires such innovation, Whirlpool has over 70 research centers that are located all over the world.

Take A Look at These Tantalizing Tidbits of The Upcoming Movie. It is that time of the year, and Superhero fans ranging across the DC universe are “justifiably” intrigued (pun intended). DC has finally announced not only the official series of Justice League logos for all of the individual members of this elite club but also released some really nifty footage from the all-new ‘Justice League Movie.’ As far as the logos are concerned, it is perfectly evident that the good people at DC have really gone over and above the call of duty (just like the superheroes they have created).

Let us take a look at these logos one by one Look Up, It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane…. No, It’s Superman! History of the McDonald’s Logo Design. McDonald’s is an American chain of fast food restaurants which is widely regarded as the largest in the world.

History of the McDonald’s Logo Design

It was founded as a single restaurant by Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1940. Later, they turned it into a franchise. McDonald’s is counted among the most valuable brands in the entire world. McDonald’s serves around 60 million people on a daily basis through its thousands of outlets scattered in more than 100 countries. It offers an assortment of products including hamburgers, cheeseburgers, french fries, wraps and shakes.

Adidas Has Defined the Vegas Golden Knights Logo: Creating the Ultimate Branding Opportunity. Brands and logos have been the unique identifying marks for companies and products alike, since ages past.

Adidas Has Defined the Vegas Golden Knights Logo: Creating the Ultimate Branding Opportunity

Just like Nike has their truly iconic ‘tick mark’ logo and their equally well known slogan “just do it” so too have their rival sports brand “Adidas “ gone out of their way to create a unique look and logo that would remain in the minds of their target audience. Let us take a closer look at Adidas’s association with the Vegas Golding Knights team and their logo: The Golden Knights of Vegas Bill Foley paid a grand total $500 million to the All-American NHL (national Hockey League) for the successful acquisition of the Vegas team. However, the purchase was only the beginning, and the most important task was to come up with a one hundred percent new branding strategy that had to include a new logo, a new name, and of course all-new colors, as well.

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Fall In Love with Lockets - Jewelry is something that helps you create confidence in you and enhances your personality to a great extent. Out of all the accessories you can flaunt, if we had to choose one and mark it as the show stopper, it surely has to be lockets, pendants, and necklaces. From all the pieces of jewelry adorned around the neck, lockets are the prettiest. They are more than just accessories. Jewelry Is Everything in ‘Black Panther’ - Jewelry is something that adds to the beauty of a living being.

Let it be a wedding ring, a nice little locket, or some fancy earrings. If the jewelry is worn by someone, they surely look apart. Jewelry has always been considered a style statement, and it is something that makes you a better-looking version of yourself if it is worn properly. The History and Rules of the Challenge Coin - Challenge coins are inviting interest among many people nowadays, but there are still many things that most people are unaware of. For those who know the history of challenge coins, these memorabilia hold a lot of meaning and symbolism. If you have never come across a challenge coin, this article will help you learn about the history and rules of the challenge coin. What Is A Challenge Coin?

A challenge coin looks similar to a medallion carrying a special significance. It denotes membership of a particular group or organization. How Did The Practice Of Giving Challenge Coins Begin? These coins first began in the military, possibly in the Roman Empire, as a traditional way to build bonds between the personnel who lived among strangers for months at end. Soldiers in Ancient Rome were paid daily wages for their service along with a special coin. Will CBD Show Up on a Drug Test? Where to Buy CBD. Posted at 05:21h in Uncategorized by admin. Using CBD Oil for Pain Management: Does It Work? Posted at 15:11h in Uncategorized by admin Over the past few years, CBD has garnered acclaim as an ingredient with numerous health benefits. Side Effects Commonly Associated with CBD Oil Consumption. Posted at 17:09h in Uncategorized by admin. Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Procedures. Men and women have struggled with stubborn fat and unwanted bulges since time immemorial.

Coolsculpting Flanks Cost - Before and After. Tired of trying to get rid of those flanks? Did you know that dieting and exercise are not the only two ways through which you can cut off those pesky pounds? No, the reference is not at liposuction or other such invasive processes. Rather, there are methods that allow you to lose the fat without going under the knife. Even if you have never thought of going ahead with the process, you must have heard of CoolSculpting. Is Coolsculpting Painful. There are so many weight loss procedures out there that you never know which one to go for. Coolsculpting for Inner Thighs Cost in Richmond Indianapolis. Is Coolsculpting Painful. CoolSculpting Treatment Richmond. Body Sculpting Indianapolis in.