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VR Experience To Revolutionize Real Estate Industry. VR (Virtual Reality) has been making many advances in both content marketing and game development.

VR Experience To Revolutionize Real Estate Industry

The entertainment and sports industries, in particular, are now using marketing with VR using branded content to sell frontline experiences at concerts and matches. Giving the client a sample of what they will get has been effective for selling VIP packages. It is like looking at a beautiful property from home and literally getting into it. However, the real estate industry is also stepping up marketing and accessibility by using VR experience to revolutionize how people look for housing. The virtual house hunt Apartment hunting can be challenging for the prospective home buyer, especially in cities with tight housing markets like San Francisco and New York, where there are endless options but someone, also there is a huge probability that someone can snag the property before you even visit for a tour.

Photos no longer meet the needs. Choose Best Home Design With VR Technology. When selling luxury real estate, VR technology can speed up the design process and decrease costs.

Choose Best Home Design With VR Technology

VR technology can accelerate the home design process It is hard to understand exactly how a property or facility will look based on architectural drawings or CAD renderings. As the process advances, the customer will need to be provided with actual elements in order to start finalising the custom design process. The traditional method of designing a custom home is both labor and time intensive. Your customer meets the project manager or interior designer and starts the process of going through samples of everything, from cabinet styles, colors, appliances, countertops, floors and more. VR technology allows customers to get “into” space Using VR to create an immersive experience for the client can impact the design process in many amazing ways. By using a digital approach in the primary stage, you can give your customer an experience of walking through their potential home in a virtual space. 3D Architectural visualisation Tool For Real Estate. Architectural visualisation can be described as a graphical representation of an object that lets you estimate future construction.

3D Architectural visualisation Tool For Real Estate

It is the practice of creating images that will precisely reflect the planned structures in the backdrop of surrounding areas before, construction starts. This method is used today by many architects, as a means to show live demonstrations of the project proposed by the client. Architectural visualisation is an effective advertising tool for property developments. This practice ensures the creation of images for the marketed property, as well as creating essential conditions around it. When comparing typical static architectural drawing, creating 3D architectural visualisation is more complicated.

Gaining approval from investors becomes easier as there are realistic pictures of the future project in front of them, not just ideas. Virtual Reality Services For Real Estate Sector. A picture never lies, right?

Virtual Reality Services For Real Estate Sector

It is also correct that a digital photo can be easily expanded, cropped and manipulated- which is very easy when sharing snapshots on social media. Therefore, this means that some pictures of properties are not always as they seem. Tiny bedrooms look huge, dark courtyards look bright and tight washrooms look grand. So you can’t completely rely on the pictures as they can deceive. Another effective platform gaining traction is property vendor marketing attention.

Virtual reality companies reckon their futuristic tools provide sellers and buyers interactive experiences of walking through properties for sale. From this angle you can precisely navigate a cyber-version of the home for sale, pause, backtrack, pan around, zoom in and decide where your furniture will fit. One question which is commonly asked is, “Why not just go to the actual apartment?” Interactive 3D Visualization For Real Estate. When it comes to real estate marketing and using State-of-the-art virtual environments for the same, people usually ask why should we use an interactive walkthrough over old good photos.

Interactive 3D Visualization For Real Estate

They have been working until now. Questions like these are obvious. But interactive walkthroughs has many advantages over photos that are usually used by real estate agents. You can get a lot more customers with them, especially when they are considered to be innovative and more effective. The situation is very similar to that of the retailers, who are presently exploring the advantages of new Virtual Reality selling experience. Advantage 1: The speed of sales increases significantly. The Importance of UX Design in Augmented Reality. The definition of augmented reality is rapidly growing to move beyond gimmicky 2D and 3D digital overlays on the top of reality to more context driven and customized experiences.

The new augmented reality mixes conceptual computing with things like big data, sensors, artificial intelligence, machine-learning and social media to provide extremely accurate information and experiences that are customized, adaptive and prognostic. So What Does this Mean for UX Design? There is a huge opportunity for UX designers to lead the development of this emerging medium to change the way individuals experience reality. Here lie the complexities as well as the tremendous opportunities: The new augmented reality will be very adaptive, dependent on the user’s constantly changing environment and context. Reasons To Add Virtual Reality To Your Workflow. VR or Virtual Reality is about to change construction forever.

Reasons To Add Virtual Reality To Your Workflow

This means that every company needs to determine how it is going to reach to those changes. That may sound exaggerated, but 3D imaging and the advantages computers have brought to the industry pale when compared to what virtual reality provides. Images generated by computer are in several ways an updated version of the hand-made renderings people have been using up till now. Virtual reality takes viewing models to a completely new level. Depending on present design software, it allows you to take 3D models and experience them in an extraordinary manner. The Initial Prices are Low The price of taking up virtual technology is comparatively low. Huge opportunity for UX designers in Augmented Reality. Interactive 3D Walkthrough for home buyers.

Buying a real estate property is really challenging, especially if you are considering buying a new flat or home in some other city as an investment or as your retirement home.

Interactive 3D Walkthrough for home buyers

House hunting is really stressful and finding a property and securing it over hundreds of other renters, can be really difficult. Though, today internet and websites have made it possible for people to see the images of the property available for sale from almost anywhere in the world, but how much you can rely on images, especially today when tools like Photoshop are so much popular.