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We offer you the best web designing and ecommerce development services in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Faridabad. We have the best team of web designer & web developers.

Salesforce Implementation Services in India. Razorpay - Revolution in Indian eCommerce Market. Indian Online marketing and eCommerce industry has been looking for some innovation from the past and it appears to have found a accesible preserver with the beginning of an organization called Razorpay.

Razorpay - Revolution in Indian eCommerce Market

Many individuals might think what's so incredible in this payment gateway, however the Indian eCommerce industry has been longing for an answer like this. Who can use Razorpay? Razorpay is quite easy and plain to use, because it is a payment gateway for industrialists and business owners who are running their own business in India. That does not mean that the organization won't grow to different markets, but for right now it is in the startup stage, so it has put the majority of its development into assisting Indian-based organizations.

WordPress Maintenance Services in India. Get Your Website Prepping!

WordPress Maintenance Services in India

Websites are a way to communicate with your Customers, attracting New Clients and New Readers from small ventures to big ventures. Think for a while if your website gets a little old or is not maintained properly will it get traffic. Obviously No! Why You should choose wordpress development services for your business. As we all know, WordPress had already created a buzz in the web development industry as one of the most powerful Content Management System (CMS).

Why You should choose wordpress development services for your business

WordPress depends on PHP and My SQL, where the blogging instrument is offered as open source and after its dispatch in 2003 it is considered as one of most solid open source technology. There are various reasons why WordPress has gained a lot of reputation around the world. Some of them are as follows :- Innovative Designs: The real advantage for the business owners and organizations offering WordPress develpoment is the opportunity given by this platform to design an imaginative and extraordinary website.

Flash Website Design Services. Logo Design Service Faridabad. Of your company is your trademark.

Logo Design Service Faridabad

Every company needs a logo to make a lasting impression and be known in the market place. Well trusting the logo design services of Design India Design, Gurgaon, India you can be sure of making a mark in the industry and creating an edgy brand image, much above your competitors. The business logo we will design for you will speak about your business or service, having embodied picture perfect in a pixel area of Graphic design. We believe that the best logo designs are expected to identify with associations’ brands or corporate characters and foster across your business message effectively. SalesForce Development Services in Gurgaon. About Salesforce Development Salesforce is a customer relationship management service leveraging cloud computing.

SalesForce Development Services in Gurgaon

The service consists of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud(which includes Jigsaw), Collaboration Cloud(which includes Chatter) and Custom Cloud( which includes It also has SOAP/REST Web service API which facilitates integration with other systems. Mobile Responsive Web Development Services. How to choose a WordPress Theme? WordPress Theme is a group of files that work together delivering a consolidated design or front-end styling for a wordpress website.

How to choose a WordPress Theme?

Experts have found that a lot of choice is not usually a worthy thing. Having numerous alternatives can prompt to major drop in analysis, because of the extra effort needed and increased level of confusion in making right decision. With an almost endless pool of WordPress themes to choose from, it naturally turns out to be overpowered and picking a low-quality theme. Awesome Upcoming Features in WordPress 4.4. With the new next release of WordPress 4.4 coming up it is surely shaping up to be a very groundbreaking release.

Awesome Upcoming Features in WordPress 4.4

The ideas of various plugins, themes and other aspects are well known to users but here we look at some of the major changes and improvements taken by the WordPress development team. Externally embedded You can now use a handful or very limited number of filters to customise and give your site a mind-blowing look when your site has been embedded somewhere. There are also various new options for retrieving and displaying embedded content.

You also have the ability to embed or remove the embedment anytime you choose to which gives you complete control over your site. Rest API. Magento 2.0 – New Open Source Commerce Platform. Magento introduce the next generation open source eCommerce platform, Magento 2.0.

Magento 2.0 – New Open Source Commerce Platform

This new platform is good for retailers, B2B and B2C industries. Do It Beauty : Amazing DIY treatment for Girl to Good look. WordPress Plugin Customization Services. Why Clients Choose Us?

WordPress Plugin Customization Services

Adds-on and extend capability Completely Scalable Accelerate and boost your site Support your website security SEO Optimized Customizable widgets WordPress Upgrade and Bug free Help your webpage’s online networking integration As developers, the main focus of WordPresswebsite Experts is to develop high quality front-end plugins. WordPress is the most popular for its ability to stretched out through Plugins to perform any function you want.

Do It Beauty. Stationery Design Service. As Business owner you probably know the importance of stationery and must have now realized that in order to build a strong corporate identity stationery design is a must.

Stationery Design Service

Great! So what should you start with? Letterheads, business cards or compliment slips. All together- in one go is a must! Get your stationery incredibly professionally designed here! WordPress IDX Integration. IDX (Internet Data Exchange), commonly known as ‘Broker Reciprocity’ is an effective tool to promote the sale and purchase of real estate property.

An integrated IDX solution builds crawlable web pages which presents MLS (Multiple List Service) information to potential home buyers and dealers as a part of online marketing system. These crawlable webpages implies that your website has lots of web pages that can be viewed by significant search engines. The more pages you have, the more open door you have for your website to rank top in Google and Bing. Types of IDX integartion Integrated IDX (partially & fully integrated IDX) and Framed IDX. Integrated IDX. Website Maintenance Services in India. Website Maintenance Service Websites need to be updated often since they are a means of communication for any sized business. Information on your website is not out of date. Old contact info or pricing or events are things you want to have current so that your customers have the right information.

They are expecting your website to be current. Old information leads to distrust. Gain more trust by staying on top of it. Maintenance Tasks Our Wide range of support services consist of managed hosting, technical support, ongoing advice and consultation. Why T9L? Web Designing Company in Gurgaon. TOP 5 CRM OF 2015. 7 steps to change domain name. Are you planning to change your website name from old domain to new domain and thinking about its affect on website ranking? Out of hundred, more than 90% of webmasters are scared of this process. And many of them have lost their website ranking because of less information.

So how do we do it without affecting our site’s execution in Google list items, while making transition effortless and invisible? Here are some tips to remember while changing your site domain from to After moving all the content from old domain to new domain, use 301 Redirect (permanent redirect) on your old domain to redirect all pages to new domain. Conclusion: Well! We would surely come up with other important tips and points, which may help online vendors who are not aware about such processes and looses their customers. Graphic Design India. 8 Ways To Optimize WordPress Site. When you are creating a website, it is important to consider its loading speed because it can make or break your online business. Experts believe that faster sites get more visitors as compared to slower sites.

Website Optimization for speed and performance will lead to a positive change. Now, Suppose that you have two sites: site “A” and site “B” and you click on site “A” which shows page loading for long & after that you visit site “B” which opens in a flash second. So, your preference is self-evident. Website speed & performance also has a direct impact on the Search Engine Rankings. Before you move ahead, I recommend measuring the current performance of your site. 1.

Caching Plugins plays one of the lead roles in determining the Site speed. WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache are the most Popular Caching Plugins that you can use to Speed up your Website. Php Development Company. PHP is a recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a server side scripting language used for web development and also as a general purpose programming language.

It is installed in more than 240 million websites. It is an open source language leveraged to create dynamic web content and server side applications. WooCommerce Development Services. Brochure Design India. All business requires different Marketing ideas and tools to determine company goals, products and trust. Brochures are one of the best and economical marketing media that can be used with no reason to pass up.

Salesforce Bulk Object Field Creator App. Magento 2.0 Exciting Features. As we all know that in the last 5 years, Magento has grabbed attention of many people worldwide and have become the most preferred platform to develop eCommerce stores. Being a popular eCommerce platform, Magento has been downloaded more than 4 million times till date and gradually, climbing new stairs of the success ladder. At the end of 2015, a new version Magento 2.0 will be fully released. The aim of this new release is to furnish online merchants with all the essential features to better serve their clients.

PHP developer Gurgaon. Magento Development in Gurgaon. Magento is an open source e-commerce solution which gives the users control over the appearance, content and functionality of their Magento eCommerce website. It contains all the marketing, merchandising and content management tools which the users require. Magento occupies around 34% of the e-commerce platform market. This solution revolutionized the e-commerce platform market and enjoys the status of being the fastest growing one. Our Magento Development Company develop e-commerce and multistore using PHP and leverages the Zend Framework which itself is MVC (module View Controller) based.

Web Development Services in India. Why Mobile Responsive website is Good for Business. Wordpress Development in Gurgaon. Four Step Procedure Of WordPress Plugin Development. Why and How to do Joomla to Wordpress Migration. Joomla is the cms like wordpress. CRM development in Gurgaon. Wordpress BBpress Development. 9 Tips How to start your own stationery business. Anyone who wants to start their own stationery business can start from home. What You Should Know About Web Designing. 2015 – Top 5 PHP Framework. Mobile Website Designing - Design India Design. Logo Designing Services in Gurgaon - Design India Design. Wordpress Website Design and Development Company. Points to remember for mobile website designing. Wordpress Development – Tech9logy Creators.