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How to Avoid Plagiarism When Writing Essay

29 june 2021

How to Avoid Plagiarism When Writing Essay

Essay writing is an art. People put out their heart, mind, and soul in an essay. It gives them the freedom to write what they want and think freely. It is not limited to anything. You have the world and beyond to imagine than fathom it down to words. What is crucial is for you to formulate these words uniquely - a way that is unexplored yet. To achieve this, you need to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is “to steal and use as your own without giving legit credits.” No industry entertains plagiarism of any degree, let alone plagiarism in essays; if you want to be well acknowledged and appreciated for what and how you write, you must make it authentic.  

Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

People, especially students, face a lot of problems while writing any project report or research paper. It has to be free of plagiarism for acceptance. Here are some tips that may help you sidestep plagiarism.

Paraphrasing. This is the very first step. When you find some information that you want to add to your essay, make sure you do not just carbon copy it. Make changes, add your words, open your vocabulary box, personalize it, add in the information that you think will go well with the topic. Put it all together, and then write it. It promotes authenticity and displays your efforts. It shows how you have gone out of your way to fuel your writing with original ideas. 

Extensive Research. Do not limit your research to just the first three websites that appear on the top. Go beyond. Use Google Scholar, read articles, interview people, listen to podcasts, pick out experiences from practical life and then blend it all in a presentable way. Make sure you put in as much needed information in your essay as you can. Instead of just using a sentence framer, test your potential. See what you can do with sentences and how you can mold them differently. To write plagiarism free essay, you can also use professional help, which is effortlessly available online. 

Quotation marks. If you think something is impactful the way its original author wrote it and do not want to make any changes, use quotation marks. It represents that anything within quotes is not your work. It serves two purposes. Is it included in your essay without being penalized for plagiarism, and you also state that it is not your thought or addition? For effective and easy writing, make sure you have done thorough research before putting anything in quotes. 

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Credit your source. If and when you are using somebody else’s content, credit them. Citing the source and mentioning the website will get them the ownership and allow you to use their content. Now, keep in mind this is not the go-to way. Your essay cannot entirely be only paragraphs from different sources. It should only be a means for help, not dependence. 

Use plagiarism checkers. There are hundreds of plagiarism-checking apps and websites on the internet that check your content for uniqueness. Use them to check the originality and then correct directly copied lines. They are efficient and have a convenient interface that displays errors. You can check them, look for loopholes and correct your essay to make it plagiarism-free. 


Content is the new way of the world. Everything you see is content. It is vital to make it intriguing and remarkable so that people remember it. You must have a unique writing style, try out different academic approaches and find content from all over the search engines to put together a distinctive write-up that is plagiarism-free.