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Social Media Tips for Musicians

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5 Superb Social Media Tools for Musicians. Zach supervises social media strategy at Martin|Williams Advertising in Minneapolis, MN and runs 808 Management, a consultancy for independent artists.

5 Superb Social Media Tools for Musicians

Follow him on Twitter at @zackolantern. As we roll in to 2010, the selection of band-friendly social media tools is growing. Say goodbye to sporadic MySpace updates and incomplete tour information on Facebook. There are now more options for sharing your music with fans and empowering them to share it with others. Since MySpace Music has failed to show much staying power, tools on other networking sites have risen to fill the void. Here are some tools that encourage fan engagement and help you easily manage fan relationships in a new era of social networking. 1. The Fan Page has revolutionized the way that bands can interact on Facebook, but Pages have always lacked the familiar look and feel of sites that are native to showcasing music. 2. 3. Acquiring new fans is only half of the battle. 4. Five social media tips for indie musicians. How Trent Reznor's new media tips for musicians apply to your or. In a recent post on the Nine Inch Nails forum, Trent Reznor advises unknown artists how to better utilize the Internet and new media to promote themselves.

How Trent Reznor's new media tips for musicians apply to your or

He has some great thoughts that apply to most organizations, even if they have nothing to do with the music industry. Below are his 14 points and how they might apply to your company. Have your MySpace page MySpace is the social network of choice for musicians. For your organization, a strong LinkedIn community or a well-developed Facebook page may be the more appropriate route. But get a site outside MySpace - it's dying and reads as cheap/generic For most companies, having their own website is a no-brainer. Remove all Flash from your website Reznor probably had page-loading times in mind when he made this point but in addition to taking longer to load, Flash-based websites are more difficult to navigate and are terrible for Search Engine Optimization.

Five Tips for Musicians to Engage Their Fans Digita. Note: This is the first post from Jason Feinberg, MediaShift’s new music correspondent.

Five Tips for Musicians to Engage Their Fans Digita

With his background in online marketing, Jason will be sharing his insights into how artists can best utilize new technology in connecting with fans. There was a time when celebrity musicians were positioned as unreachable idols. Those days are long gone; in today’s wired marketplace, musicians have to forge a personal relationship with their audience to keep their fans’ interest.

And for many, that means creating opportunities for fans to have an inside look into all aspects of an artist’s life. In the current music industry climate, many artists are realizing that they must go further than ever before to be seen as approachable — they must run their organization with almost complete transparency.

What has caused this shift toward transparency? 5 Twitter Tips for Bands & Musicians. Social media has opened a host of new opportunities for bands and musicians at all levels to connect on a personal level with fans.

5 Twitter Tips for Bands & Musicians

If you’re a band or musician, you should be on Twitter. There I said it. Having done PR/Marketing for a small indie label in the past, I can attest that there are not a lot of bands (proportionally speaking) that take PR, marketing and promotions as seriously as they should. They’re in a band to play music after all, not run a business. The reality of the matter is that for serious bands, the band is in fact their business. 7 SEO Tips For Musicians & Labels. Using Search Engine Optimization To Get Your Music Discovered Most musicians want their band to be discovered.

7 SEO Tips For Musicians & Labels

Not by a Universal Music talent scout maybe - that would be so 2005. Nowadays musicians need to be discovered by their fans and using a search engine like Google is the top way that people find out more about anything they're interested in, including music. But when a fan "googles" Ten Ton Rock Machine do they find a great band or the latest in granite splitting technology?

And when the fan finally finds the band, will their MySpace page and an article from the Peoria Rocks blog be at the top of the rankings? In an age of too many choices and 10 second attention spans, this stuff matters. How Musicians Are Using Social Media to Connect with Fans. Greg Rollett runs a music marketing company from his laptop in Orlando, FL.

How Musicians Are Using Social Media to Connect with Fans

He is an advocate of the New Music Economy and very hopeful that artists can still live the rock star lifestyle in the digital age. Connect with Greg on Twitter, @g_ro. Today's musicians, both mainstream and indie, are using social media to connect with fans, build anticipation, and generate revenue in new and unique ways. The products range from singles to mix tapes to digital six-packs, even oddly shaped USB sticks, vinyl, and the occasional traditional album.

But how are these artists reaching their new fan bases online through social channels? There are however, some innovations being put forth, and a new connection is being formed between artists and fans — a connection that empowers both to give each other what they are looking for. Fan-Funded Projects We have all heard about the success of micro lending organizations like Kiva, which use multiple small payments to contribute to a larger goal.