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March for Women: The Power of self-care! As mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and in almost every role, women have poured their heart and gave it their best to nourish the relationships.

March for Women: The Power of self-care!

They have fought tooth and nail for their rights since forever but that has never changed how nurturing, caring and resilient women are. However, when it comes to taking care of themselves, our mothers, sisters and daughters are a bit careless. Self-care has become a luxury and women need to invest in self-care for the sake of their health and the society’s well-being altogether. Know everything about Influenza A vs. B : lifepharmacyuk — LiveJournal. It’s that time of the year again.

Know everything about Influenza A vs. B : lifepharmacyuk — LiveJournal

Just after juggling with work and with a lot on their plate, parents are faced with another challenge-the flu. Although the flu season does not outline a specific period, but WHO states that the influenza activity potentially increases during the cold temperatures. It starts small with a tickle in the throat. Full of concern, everyone anxiously starts looking for signs which point towards the potential cold they might have caught.

As the day proceeds, you start to feel more groggy and by the end of the day, you have a runny nose and are couch ridden with the flu. The “flu” has become a broad term for the people to use. Types: Season flu and stomach flu - differences to know about. The world has been fighting tooth and claw to fight the deadly diseases of the new age.

Season flu and stomach flu - differences to know about

However, we still aren’t aware of the damage caused by merely common diseases such as the influenza. So much so, that the names of stomach flu and flu are often misused. Although the names of seasonal flu and stomach flu are somewhat similar, and both of them are abbreviated as “flu” at times, there is a huge difference between stomach flu and flu. The symptoms, causative agents and the course of disease are completely different for both these infections. Cough and cold being the major indicators of influenza, Online pharmacy UK is well equipped with the healthcare solutions for the same. Let’s delve deep into this topic and understand the difference between these two.

What are the symptoms of stomach flu? Stomach flu is a gastrointestinal disorder that shows symptoms as follows: VomitingDiarrheaStomach painFever (occasional) Blood Pressure Monitor: How to use it accurately? Posted by Kelly Miller on February 9th, 2021 Nowadays many people are suffering from blood pressure, and it is essential for them to monitor their blood pressure regularly.

Blood Pressure Monitor: How to use it accurately?

Every day going to a clinic or consulting a doctor is not possible. So, the better and convenient option is to use a home blood pressure monitor UK. You can find this equipment easily from your nearest chemist shop or online pharmacy. You can even choose the model for your arm or wrist, but not all these are accurate. Do not smoke and drink caffeinated beverages or exercise within 30 minutes before measuring your blood pressure. Know your numbers. Kelly Miller's answer to What is the best diet for high blood pressure? - Quora. High blood pressure: types, symptoms, and treatments. High blood pressure is a very common lifestyle disorder which in turn leads to a lot of detrimental cardiovascular diseases.

High blood pressure: types, symptoms, and treatments

It is a slow killer and doesn’t show much symptoms until it’s too late. In order to keep this disorder in check, people also use devices such as blood pressure monitors. There are a lot of stores providing these blood pressure monitors in UK at an affordable rate. But first, let’s see what exactly this deadly disease looks like. Online Pharmacy UK, Prescriptions & Online Chemists UK - Life Pharmacy. 6 tips to keep yourself safe and healthy this winter season. Winter is here with cold temperatures, storms, and this year the global pandemic too.

6 tips to keep yourself safe and healthy this winter season

Twindemic – the situation where the public faces the outburst of flu, as well as COVID'19, is posing a greater risk to our health. Additionally, cough and cold are normal for this season. All these conditions share some common symptoms - you will panic observing any such sign in your body. Hence, maintaining sound health and boosting your immunity becomes the supreme priority during this winter. So, what can you do to stay safe and healthy in this situation? Plan safe outings and travels Avoid visiting public places, especially the ones that are overcrowded, to reduce the chances of infection. So, limit the number of people and try arranging the outing in a giant space that can ensure proper social distancing with the people.

Pay attention to your diet Food nourishes the body if consumed mindfully. Stay physically active The pandemic has increased the levels of stress among people. New year, new resolution: quit alcohol and smoking. “Quit alcohol and smoking” As these habits are not good for your health and it causes many health problems.

New year, new resolution: quit alcohol and smoking

You might have your own struggles, right? But there needs to be a point when you have to consider letting go of these “unhealthy” habits. Why not make it a new year resolution? Wait, don’t get overwhelmed. You already know that these habits can adversely affect your life. Now, here’s a list of things from online pharmacy UK that can help you take baby steps towards quitting smoking or alcoholism. Can just a resolution make things work? Every year millions of people make new resolutions. Start with building a support system If you have friends, family members, or any relative who can heartily support you throughout the journey without any judgements, ask them for help. Also, note that the person is not your therapist. Celebrate small victories.