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Chia seeds side effects. Are the Chia Seeds Side Effects More Than Benefits? The superfoods, chia seeds, are derived from Saliva hispanica plant and are amazingly nutritious and fun to eat.

Are the Chia Seeds Side Effects More Than Benefits?

But like any other thing the chia seeds side effects are pretty evident too. We guess anything you have in moderation gives you the results you always wanted. Here, we will discuss why even superfoods might not be the best for you all the time. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they’re bad for you. But certainly means that you got to know how to have them and definitely how much.

Chia seeds are commonly added in recipes like pancakes, parfaits, puddings, and more. Along with their thickening property, chia seeds do have a number of health benefits due to the array of nutrients present in them. Benefits of chia seeds The most common reason why people consume chia seeds is that they’re nutritious. The seeds come with a rich number of antioxidants that protect our body from harmful radicals and oxidative stress. Chia seeds side effects – digestive disorder. Youngest mother in the world. All About 5-Year-Old Lina - the Youngest Mother in the World. The story dates back to 1939 when a baby girl by the name Lina Medina gave birth to a healthy boy.

All About 5-Year-Old Lina - the Youngest Mother in the World

Lina was just five when she gave birth and that is how she became the youngest mother in the world. Here, we will tell you all about this intriguing story that seems next to impossible even in our imaginations. During the Spring season of 1939, a family from Peruvian village was anxious about the health condition of their young daughter. They took her to the doctor in the faraway city of Lima. The problem was that Lina’s belly was constantly growing big, and her family was suspecting a dangerous tumor. The family was super shocked to learn that little Lina was already seven months pregnant and was due soon.

Doctors and the public are still speculating the cause of this surprising incident, and no one knows the name of the child’s father. Some of The Best Small Dog Breeds That You Should Know About. All of us love some company when we feel lonely and low.

Some of The Best Small Dog Breeds That You Should Know About

What can be better than having a cute pet by our side? Also, what pet do you find the best? Dogs are a universal favorite and the small dog breeds are the best. The most amazing fact is that dogs can help you when you feel depressed, anxious, sad or sick. You will never receive a better greeting than how a dog will greet you when you enter the home from a busy day of work. Now when you are thinking of bringing a cute puppy home, you must know that you need to care for them just like you would care for a human baby. Small Dog Breeds. Benefits of Botox. Benefits of Botox to Help You Get Back Younger Looking Skin. In a modern-day world, most women want to achieve a younger-looking persona.

Benefits of Botox to Help You Get Back Younger Looking Skin

There are several ways of achieving that young and radiating glow on your faces and Botox could one of the alternatives. There are miraculously surprising results that one could achieve using this treatment and so, we’re going to discuss the benefits of botox. Besides being an incredible remedy to achieve young-looking skin, the benefits of Botox extend further. Demands for this service have grown considerably in the recent past. Experts have witnessed an eight hundred percent rise in demand since 2000. In this blog, we will shed light on why Botox is done?

History reveals that Botox was the first amongst drugs to use the toxin, botulinum. Reasons to try Botox The appearance of facial wrinkles bothers our generation much more than it did before. 21 Questions Game. 21 Questions Game You Should Play With Friends and Lover  The 21 questions game is a fun activity and often a great way to know your friends, lover and acquaintances better.

21 Questions Game You Should Play With Friends and Lover 

You don’t have to do much, just jot down 21 questions for your friends or lover and get started. To play the game you need to sit in a circle with your friends or you can play one on one with your lover as well. Now if you are the person who asks the question, the person sitting to your right will start answering it. It moves by following the right-hand side of the next person and ends when it reaches back to you. The game is full of fun as different people come up with different answers, some can be hilarious while some can be heart touching and at ties sentimental. 21 Questions Game for Friends. Beautiful Love Quotes. How to Express Your Feelings with Beautiful Love Quotes.

Love is a complex concept that combines several types of emotions and feelings, such as affection, warmth, protectiveness, and respect for another person.

How to Express Your Feelings with Beautiful Love Quotes

All of these feelings identify with unique sentiments, beliefs, and behavior. Love can happen to anyone at any time. Love is also beyond just a romantic relationship. It can be felt for animals, food, God, and parents too. Even more, you may fall in love with abstract feelings such as freedom, liberty, or confidence. While we say, love can be in any form and can be for living or abstract things too, our most favorite topic is, of course, romance. Moreover, various people have put forward their thoughts and definitions of love.