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31 october 2022


With the growing interest in old-fashioned watches, several brands have re-emerged, including Nivada Grenchen. Born in a family watchmaking workshop in 1879, it was in 1926 that the brand moved to the town of Grenchen (Grenchen), Switzerland, where it began manufacturing watches under the name W├╝lliman Schneider Nivada S.A.

In 1976, Schneider's son Max took over the company and entrusted the distribution of his timepieces to the American "Croton". At that time it was quite common for watches to be marked with either the Nivada or Croton logo (or even both).

In 1930, Nivada Grenchen was one of the first companies to manufacture automatic watches. This led in 1950 to the launch of its first waterproof automatic watch, the Antarctic. This watch was even worn by members of the US Navy's Deep Freeze 1 during their expedition to <a href=""><b>uk replica watches</b></a> the South Pole from 1955 to 1956. This incredible publicity stunt allowed Nivada Grenchen to become known for its high-performance, robust and reliable watches.

In 1963, the company marketed its Chronomaster,<a href=""><b>replik uhren</b></a> a chronograph that was water-resistant to 200 metres, through three distinct collections: Chronomaster, Aviator and Sea Diver.

In 1964, Nivada Grenchen launched another revolutionary timepiece,<a href=""><b>replica breitling watches</b></a> a diver's watch called Depthomatic. This was the first diver's watch with a depth indicator (bathymeter). A year later, the company innovated again with the Depthmaster, a diver's watch capable of withstanding a pressure of 100 ATM (1000 metres).

But the quartz crisis was to get the better of the Swiss brand,<a href="">replica rolex</a> which decided to stop production at the end of the 1970s. It was not until 2018 that French entrepreneur Guillaume Laidet brought Nivada Grenchen back to life. The idea is simple, to respect the DNA of the brand, while modernising the technical part and the design of its models.