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Gastric Balloon Surgeon San Diego. Are you unhappy because of your weight?

Gastric Balloon Surgeon San Diego

If you are someone who is affected, both physically and in your day to day feelings, by putting on too much weight, know that obesity is a genetic, metabolic disease and that you can seek help and assistance for all the pain and humiliation you are going through right now. Don't be harsh on yourself, know that there are solutions to obesity. If you fell that you have lost all hope, know that there are several ways to get back to a better and healthier shape. You can go for Gastric Balloon Surgery and watch your high blood pressure and diabetes melt away. The surgery makes sleep apnea and migraines disappear, normalizes low testosterone, reverses infertility and positively plummets the risk of cancer. Keep in mind, however, that the procedure is little complex and must be performed by or under the supervision of an expert Belly Balloon Doctor.

Shed That Extra Mass That is Keeping You From Enjoying Your Life to its Fullest. There are many of us who battle with being overweight, but if you are obese then it may be time to consider making a major change.

Shed That Extra Mass That is Keeping You From Enjoying Your Life to its Fullest

If you feel like your situation is getting out of your hand, when it comes to your weight, then it is time to act. Obesity does not only effect your appearance, but it also exposes you to severe health conditions. It increases the mortality rate in affected people by contributing to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, chronic diseases, including liver and kidney disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, and depression. Fight Obesity with Dr. Ellner - Bariatric Surgeon San Diego. Obesity is among the most persistent problems of modern society and it is spreading like an epidemic.

Fight Obesity with Dr. Ellner - Bariatric Surgeon San Diego

While the most common cause of putting on some extra pounds is stress or some inactivity, nowadays the most common culprit for significant weight gain is a constant sedentary lifestyle. Whatever may be the cause, the consequences of obesity are devastating. Research has shown that if not treated at the right time, obesity can certainly be fatal. Weight Loss Surgeon San Diego, California. Fox News Reports On The Balloon Andrew Lost 30lbs With His Orbera Balloon San Diego Newspaper Reports on Dr.

Weight Loss Surgeon San Diego, California

Weight Loss Surgeon San Diego, California. Gastric Bypass Surgeon in San Diego. The research shows that patients who are morbidly obese are almost 10 times more likely to die within five years without surgery than with it.

Gastric Bypass Surgeon in San Diego

Gastric bypass and gastric banding surgery isn’t for everyone. These operations are designed for people who are at a weight that has caused, or leaves them at significant risk for life-threatening weight related medical conditions. (See “Who is a Candidate”) The word “morbid” refers to death. Morbid obesity is the disease of obesity that leads to death. The research shows that a person's death rate skyrockets when they hit about 100 pounds overweight. Obesity is largely a genetic disease, being ingrained in a person’s metabolism. The powerful combination of a small stomach and a much decreased desire for food gives the patient the best opportunity to lose the weight and keep it off. Importance of Consulting Bariatric Surgeon in San Diego. Gastric banding surgery in San Diego by an experienced surgeon certainly represents a powerful tool for providing relief for overweight people with obesity and its associated health complications rising at an alarming rate in America.

Importance of Consulting Bariatric Surgeon in San Diego

It is important to choose a bariatric surgeon in San Diegowith extensive experience in performing these procedures. These surgeons will guide people through pre-surgery counseling and give ongoing support afterward. Gastric Sleeve San Diego. The Sleeve Gastrectomy consists of the complete removal of approximately 80-90% of the stomach.

Gastric Sleeve San Diego

This gives the patient a much smaller stomach capacity which fills up on a small amount of food. The term “Sleeve” refers to the shape of the remaining stomach after most of it is removed, because it looks like a tube or a sleeve, rather than an external sleeve having been placed around the stomach, which is a common misconception. The sleeve gastrectomy certainly gives patients appetite suppression, which is an important part of how it works and it's one of the major reasons why patients feel less interested in food after the surgery. It results in decrease in the hunger hormone, ghrelin. The sleeve has also helped patients decrease diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, joint pain and cholesterol levels. The sleeve gastrectomy and the gastric bypass are the two most popular operations in the country, so many patients ask about the differences between the two. All surgeries have risk. Gastric Banding San Diego.

Why Choose Dr. Julie Ellner as Your Weight Loss Surgeon in San Diego? Dr.

Why Choose Dr. Julie Ellner as Your Weight Loss Surgeon in San Diego?

Julie Ellner has helped many patients gain control of their weight as well as improve their health and vitality through highly effective laparoscopic surgical procedures, such as sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and banding. Dr. Ellner has been certified by the American Society of Bariatric Surgery as a Center Of Excellence Bariatric Surgeon. She became the first woman to perform the laparoscopic gastric bypass in 2000. As a reputed and well-known bariatric surgeon in San Diego, she has dedicated her entire practice to weight management. Based on your BMI, medical history, and other medical evaluations, Dr. Each patient who comes to consult with Dr. Gastric Banding San Diego. Gastric banding is the least invasive option for surgical weight loss.

Gastric Banding San Diego

Now that longer term results for the gastric banding are available, I can present this option to my patients with a realistic discussion of what to expect in the very near future, should they opt to undergo band placement. Armed with this information, my patients can make an informed decision and have with them my wholehearted support. The data shows us that the banding is indeed a simpler operation than the gastric bypass, with less serious peri-operative (meaning right around the time of surgery) complications. (You can read about long-term complications below.)