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The. Rexy. Q&A: Channel 4’s Matt Locke on cross-platform commissioning. Mobile accounted for 28% of US PPC impressions in Q1 2014: report It’s no great secret that mobile search is becoming increasingly popular and that it will soon become more common than desktop search.

Q&A: Channel 4’s Matt Locke on cross-platform commissioning

However new data from The Search Agency suggests that there’s some way to go before mobile devices challenge desktop’s dominance of paid search. Its new Q1 2014 report shows that smartphones accounted for 16.9% of ad impressions, compared to 11.1% on tablet and 72% on desktop. While proportionately these are large year-on-year increases of 35% on smartphone and 21% on tablet, it should be noted that desktop ads still account for 72% of search impressions. DoD establishes institute tasked with regrowing body parts - Eng. Apparently not satisfied with simply building robotic body parts, the Department of Defense has now announced a brand new effort that it hopes will one day allow it to regrow actual body parts.

DoD establishes institute tasked with regrowing body parts - Eng

Dubbed the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine (or AFIRM), the new group will explore the use of stem cell research, among other things, to "reconstruct new skin, muscles and tendons, and even ears, noses and fingers. " Or, as the Army surgeon general that'll be overseeing the program puts it: if an animal like a salamander can regrow a lost tail or limb, "Why can't a mammal do the same thing? " DESOLATION JONES #1: Author’s Commentary. This is intended as something like a commentary track on a DVD, not a story guide.

DESOLATION JONES #1: Author’s Commentary

You’ll need to own a copy of DESOLATION JONES #1 to make sense of it. If you don’t have a copy, and your local store’s out, I’d suggest using a mailorder service like Khepri in North America, or emailing page45@page45.com in the UK and asking for one. Comments rendered like this are actual excerpts from the script. PAGE ONE: Everything on this first page is black and white. Everything is also a little spatially distorted.