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App Tips & Tutorials. iPad Office Suites: Suggestions for Apps to Work With Windows Files on Your PC UPDATE: Microsoft released Office for iPad.

App Tips & Tutorials

A student in my Master Class recently asked me about office suites for the iPad. He was looking for a way to work with and move documents and other files to his PC. Here are a few resources that may help. There are a number of office suites for […] Continue reading... iPad Mail Notification Problem: Missing Alerts for New Mail A visitor recently sent me this question: I am trying to get my iPad to give me an alert when email comes.

Continue reading... iPad App Tip: Have Fun While Learning About Sound Have fun learning about sound with this educational app. Continue reading... How to Find Free Apps & App Price Drops: Use An App – Apps Gone Free A few days ago I recommended using a free app to help you find free apps or apps that that had recently gone free. Continue reading... How to Find Free Apps & App Price Drops: Try Using an App – Appsfire Continue reading...

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How Tech Will Transform the Traditional Classroom. Ben Jackson is a writer and app developer living in Brooklyn, NY.

How Tech Will Transform the Traditional Classroom

He likes clean typography, dirty language, strong coffee, apple pie and comfortable chairs, and he writes about his obsessions at 90WPM. As the post-PC era moves from interesting theory to cold, hard reality, one of the most pressing questions is: How can we use tablets, and especially the iPad, to help people learn? Most of the focus has been on ebooks replacing textbooks, a trend fueled by Apple’s recent updates to iBooks. Specifically, the company released iBooks Author, a tool for creating immersive ebooks on the desktop. Plus, the new iPad is now the first tablet with a retina screen, making reading and watching multimedia on the device even more enjoyable.

But technology is only as good as the system it’s applied to. Not Just a Textbook The iPad (not to mention the iPhone and iPod touch) is a personal, mobile computer capable of performing tasks unthinkable 10 years ago on a high-end desktop. Low-Budget Alternatives. Teaching Time Savers. Teaching Time Savers was a series of articles in MAA FOCUS designed to share easy-to-implement activities for streamlining the day-to-day tasks of faculty members everywhere.

Teaching Time Savers

The series was edited by Michael E. Orrison. Archive December 2009/January 2010: Feedback Codes, By John Tolle December 2009/January 2010: Activities That Make Every Minute Count, By Matt Elsey, Jeff Meyer, and Vilma Mesa October/November 2009: Using Checklists in Project Assessment, By George Ashline April/May 2009: Student-Written Executive Summaries, By Susan Martonosi February/March 2009: The List of Grievances and Special Requests, By Amy N.

December 2008: Working for a Week, By Bill Fenton November 2008: The Microphone Is Mightier than the Pen, By Emily Dryden August 2008: Keeping Homework at Home, By H. May 2008: The Study Challenge, By Christopher K. April 2008: Reacting to Analysis, By Sanjeeva Balasuriya March 2008: Using Preview Problems to Get Ahead of the Syllabus, By Marion Deutsche Cohen. 10 iPad Tips for Teachers. What Tips or Tricks are missing from this list?

10 iPad Tips for Teachers

Show us how much you know about your iPad...Add your tips in the comments area. 1. The "Hidden" Apostrophe If you're in Notes, Pages, or just writing an email, it's often time consuming (and slightly annoying) to locate the apostrophe. Usually, you have to tap the {.? 123} button to go to the second screen of the keyboard. iPad_ebook_FINAL. HiddenWebtools2011v2.pdf.