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HXSP-2108F USB to RS485 confverter

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HXSP-2108F USB 2.0 To RS-485 Converter. Hexin Technology - Design, Manufacture, OEM With Serial Converters, Serial to Ethernet, WIFI, Fiber In China. Welcome to Prolific. Welcome to Prolific. Welcome to Prolific. Ren-T Assembly Instructions - The Board Board Versions V2.4 - Has provisions for mounting a dual secondary transformer.

Ren-T Assembly Instructions -

Renard Data Cables - The data cables shown on this page apply to the current Renard board designs at DIYC, except the Renard 16 (xmus) which has unique requirements.

Renard Data Cables -

Some earlier designs/prototypes may have different cable requirements, when in doubt check the dedicated wiki page for that particular board. Data Cables Directly to computer COMM port (DE9 to DE9 connection) Mainly for Renard 64XC and Renard SS boards PC DE9 Pin 3 to Renard DE9 Pin 3 PC DE9 Pin 5 to Renard DE9 Pin 5.