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Python Barcode Generation, Printing and Reading

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Desktop QR Code Reader for Ubuntu. So, for a long time, I wanted something that could go from this: to this: And, I was frustrated that no one made it.

Desktop QR Code Reader for Ubuntu

I would have made it but decoding QR codes is just so darn difficult... that is until ZBar came along with QR Code support. Now, I have a button I can click to move it over. Unfortunately, it isn't /that/ easy. ZBar is just awesome, it even gets the bizarre QR Codes: Also, for your enjoyment, here's a video demonstrating it: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:charles-cnlohr/qroverlaysudo apt-get install qroverlay NOTE: I do not have a menu icon for this so you will need to run it either from a terminal (qroverlay) OR you can type Alt+F2 and type qroverlay and click run (once it's installed).

Anyone who can help me to make it have a menu icon would be really great. Software to read a QR code. A Python driver for the Symbol CS 1504 bar code scanner. One of my cousins works for Symbol, the world’s largest bar code reader manufacturer.

A Python driver for the Symbol CS 1504 bar code scanner

The fashionable action today is in RFID, but the humble bar code is relatively untapped at the consumer level. The unexpected success of Delicious Library shows people want to manage their collection of books, CDs and DVDs, and as with businesses, scanning bar codes is the fastest and least error-prone way to do so. Delicious Library supports scanning bar codes with an Apple iSight camera, but you have to wonder how reliable that is. If you want something more reliable, you need a dedicated bar code scanner.

They come in a bewildering array of sizes and shapes, from thin wands to pistol-like models or flat ones like those used at your supermarket checkout counter. The problem with tethered bar code readers is, they are not very convenient if you are trying to catalog items on a bookshelf or read in UPC codes in a supermarket. The scanner ships without any software. Tellico Changelog. Python - Comaiwiki. This page is an invitation to learn Python and apply it to bioinformatics.

Python - Comaiwiki

It is designed for people with no programming experience who are interested in the possibility of learning how to program. It uses my limited experience in this area to demonstrate that even if you never were exposed to any programming it is possible to learn enough Python to write programs that analyze sequence data and produce results. In addition, programming is fun and it beats Sudoku and crossword puzzles as a constructive brain teaser and pastime. --Luca Comai What is Python? Python is a modern programming language that is easy to code and use. How I learned I first tried Perl, another programming language, and became frustrated by my inability to understand the syntax.

How you can learn Get Python Apple computers come with a version of Python installed. Start practicing 10 Tips of Python I have found the following ten strategies to be very useful in writing and troubleshooting programs. Examples of programs. Elaphe 0.5.3. Python-qrtools-1.0 : QR Tools. Number theory - Reed Solomon Polynomial Generator - Mathematics - Stack Exchange. Camera - QR code (2D barcode) coding and decoding algorithms. Lincolnloop/python-qrcode - GitHub. Libdmtx. Postscriptbarcode - Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript. ZBar bar code reader - About.

Why another bar code reader?

ZBar bar code reader - About

There are scores of commercial and shareware programs that read many different symbologies, but searching around a few years ago, the few open source readers I was able to find didn't meet my needs. This project aims to create a high performance, stable, robust library component with supporting infrastructure that makes it easy to use in a variety of applications. (and most importantly... "it sounded like fun at the time" :) How does it work? A common design for a bar code "image scanner" is to apply digital image processing techniques to an image containing a bar code: exact details vary, but this usually involves several filter steps to cleanup noise, sharpen and enhance contrast, edge detection and shape analysis to determine symbol location and orientation, etc.

Taking a cue from modern processing paradigms, ZBar further abstracts this idea into a layered streaming model. Video input output window image scanner linear scanner decoder processor widgets plugin. Free software downloads.