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Beekeeping. Eva Crane Trust. ResistantBees. The current situation of the bees has reached a very alarming state.


More and more diseases occur and there is no fundamental change in perspective. Bees suddenly disappear from thousands of colonies without any obvious reason. The beekeepers have to make use of chemical drugs and other chemical substances in the hive to fight diseases. The conclusion reveals, that the bee is not able to defend itself by using its own resources against disease. This means their immune system is under severe attack. The Varroa, for example, shows this problem very clearly. There is no animal in nature that kills its host, as it would destroy its chances for survival. The bee exists since more than 100 million years; man is much younger, only 1.5 million years. If a living being is constantly exposed to severe stress factors it will weaken its immune system over time. Natural Cell Size, small cell bees, small cell beekeeping, regression, natural beekeeping, Bush Bees, foundationless frames, organic beekeeping.

"Everything works if you let it" --Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick Does Small Cell = Natural Cell?

Natural Cell Size, small cell bees, small cell beekeeping, regression, natural beekeeping, Bush Bees, foundationless frames, organic beekeeping

Small cell has been purported to help control Varroa mites. Small Cell is 4.9 mm cell size. Standard foundation is 5.4 mm cell size. What is natural cell size? Baudoux 1893 Made bees larger by using larger cells. Severide's Law. Včelařské stránky Honzy JINDRY. Využití akustické technologie pro vyhodnocování stavu včelstev. Úvodem pár slov: Už dávno je známě, že včelstvo „zní“ různě v různých stavech své aktivity.

Využití akustické technologie pro vyhodnocování stavu včelstev

Včelí úl vydává zvuky na frekvencích 20 až 10 000 Hz. Naše oblast zájmu je mezi 200 a 500 Hz. Zvukem včelstev se zabývali mnozí: Eskow, Hanson, Lasz, Woods a další. E. Hlavni technické odlišnosti mezi Apidictorem a přístrojem popsaným dále (BTA — Bee Tone Analyzer — analyzátor včelích zvuků) jsou v tom, že Apidictor používal pasivní LC filtry zatímco BTA využívá filtrování aktivní. Nevýhoda neladitelného filtru je jeho „strmost“. Strmost ETA je 5 Hz/9 dB. Jak už jsem napsal výše - okolnosti, které ve­dou k rojové náladě, jsou zapříčiněny mladuškami, které přestávají krmit matku. Abychom si ulehčili porozumění grafu, připomeňme si, že stoupnutí hlasitosti o 3 dB zna­mená zdvojnásobení sily zvuku. 1) 21 dní před vyrojením se objevuje nárůst intenzity zvuku (v porovnáni s klidovým sta­vem) v okolí 240 Hz. 2) 8 dní před rojením intenzita zvuku vzrůstá dál s posunem maxima na 270 Hz.

Otevřená data. Catch My Diff: Github's New Feature Means Big Things for Open Data - Robinson Meyer. Changes on the map are more important than they may appear.

Catch My Diff: Github's New Feature Means Big Things for Open Data - Robinson Meyer

On Wednesday, Github announced that maps would be “diffable”—a silly-sounding term that means much in the world of Github. It’s a small and even long-expected feature, but an important one, and one that aids Github’s role in the emerging ecosystem around open data. First, a gloss on some terms. Github is a San Fransisco-based startup whose main product—also called Github—helps developers manage different versions of a project’s code.

Many developers already use a piece of software on their computer called git to manage versions of code, and Github gives them a place to store Git’s files in the cloud and collaborate with others about them. While it costs money to host a project on Github privately, the company provides free hosting to any open-source project. Github, then, already plays a happy home to code projects. Local Digital. Cookies and your privacy In accordance with the ICO's EU e-Privacy Directive and to help protect your privacy we are making you aware of the use of cookies on this site.

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