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Get the best self-cleaning automatic cat litter box and never scoop again! Even if you are a cat lover, changing out the litter box and scooping poop is never going to be pleasant. Eco-friendly Litter robot automatically splits waste, flushes waste away and washes clean. Great for multiples cat and kitten.

5 Tips On Christmas Cat Care

Can the cat see in the dark? Can Cat See In The Dark. Can cat eat chocolate? Cat Evolution. Why do cats purr? Is it theory or fact? Why Cat memes? grumpy Cat answer - Cat Evolution. Chesterfield - Accueil. 3 Best Low Allergy Cat Breeds. Cat Tree. Hand crafted in USA from eco-friendly raw materials, the Contempo Cat Trees offer maximum vertical feline fun, great for climbing and resting, with stunning design perfect for contemporary living.

Cat Tree

Ideal for integrating your kitty play space vertically within your living area with no compromise on urban cool. Mobile and rent-friendly easy installations, free standing, or pressure mount and sturdy designs, a Contempo Cat Tree provides functionality with exceptional style, for long term cat play. Invest in style, and enjoy furever fun. Show: Sort By: Create a beautiful vertical play space for your cats, without compromising on style.

AUD$985.00 Ex Tax: AUD$895.45 The Contoure Modern Cat Tree provides a beautifully sculptured, aesthetically pleasing yet exception.. AUD$675.00 Ex Tax: AUD$613.64 Create a beautiful vertical play space for your cats, without compromising on design and aesthetics,.. AUD$595.00 Ex Tax: AUD$540.91 AUD$44.00 Ex Tax: AUD$40.00 AUD$66.00 Ex Tax: AUD$60.00. Difference between Manual and Automatic litter box. Keeping a pet teaches you a lot of things; compassion, love, patience but most importantly, it teaches you that you need to clean up other people’s mess even when you don’t want to (Both literally and figuratively!).

Difference between Manual and Automatic litter box

Even though this is an important lesson, scooping your cat’s litter can be a daunting task when you have a busy work schedule with four kids who give you nothing but a little joy and a whole lot of migraine. If you still own a manual litter box, you might as well live in the thirteenth century. What’s the difference you ask? A manual litter box is an indoor feces and urine collection box/tray for your pet which is usually made of any hard material like plastic. It contains litter which needs to be scooped up once your pet defecates on it. Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box Australia. Hi,I bought Litter-Robot III 2 years ago, It was working very well. recently the middle light keeps the yellow lights on, even I restart and reset still has the same problem.It doesn't seem to be used automatically ( LUCHENG, 06/09/2019 ) May I confirm that you have both solid yellow and solid blue light showing at the same time?

Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box Australia

If you do, you will have activated sleep mode, which is a non-cycle period of 8 hours per day, repeated daily, so that light sleepers can have the cycle paused whilst they sleep. It is easy to turn on and off. Press and hold down for 3-5 seconds, the CYCLE button. This should deactivate for you. You can also check the Quick Reference Guide here Hi,I have the blue Full tray light flashing, i have emptied the tray and replaced the liner and hit the reset button and the yellow light flashes quickly, I hit the reset button again and the blue light flashes again.

Hi David, it sounds like the Drawer Full Indicator Sensor may have failed. . ( Roanna Leyland , 17/07/2019 ) Cat Evolution Filtered Water Fountain. So now you have the fountain, and its keeping your cat/s well watered and bubbling away beautifully with the gorgeous blue blue light showing.

Cat Evolution Filtered Water Fountain

How do you know when to fill, clean and generally keep your life uncomplicated and your cats well watered? Its easy. Just check out the lights. Blue is all good. Red is water level dropped so top up needed. We have our water fountain working for product tester Shadow, and as usual, check out the easiest way to keep the automatic lifestyle simple. So to cleaning, when needed. Contemporary Cat Towers. The story started with a visit to good friends, who have their own home after renting for years, and time and desire to setup house for themselves and their 2 gorgeous black rescue cats.

Contemporary Cat Towers

We popped over for a night with a small group of friends, and part of that was playtime for we people, in the new Media Den, with the theatre recliners and big screen experience on a domestic level. In pride of place, so the cats could rest and play at the same time and in the same space, were 2 fuzzy towers. You know the type. 5 Tips on Adopting a Rescue Cat. If you have decided to adopt a pet cat from the shelter than kudos to you because you’re helping a greater cause!

5 Tips on Adopting a Rescue Cat

A life is being saved by this amazing decision and this life is going to mean the world to you. However, it is not enough to have a heart full of love for your soon-to-be pet. There is significant preparation and research that needs to be done on your end before you go to rescue the pet cat of your dreams. Most of this needs to be done before your pet arrives at your home; so I would suggest you take a careful look at the list below. Litter-Robot III Open Air Bonnet Connector Replacement. The 2 B’s on the Litter-Robot have the electronics on them, being Bonnet and Base.

Litter-Robot III Open Air Bonnet Connector Replacement

These items are cleaned with a damp cloth, so the electronics do not get wet. Generally a wipe down is all that is needed, but there is some wear that occurs, and for the bonnet, this is usually the connectors. Metal strips, located in the left side (facing the Robot) of the bonnet, these little bendy bits stick out from the bonnet to make good contact with the base silver strips, completing the power circuit. They do need to be wiped from time to time, to keep them clean of debris. They also need to be inspected for signs of corrosion, and wear, as if the connection is not sufficient, the Robot may had cycling issues. A quick clean with some light grade sandpaper may help. However, if you need to replace the strips, its very simple. When received, the strips are easy to fit, and you only need a phillips head screw driver.

The cover for the strips has 2 screws. Its that simple. Meow! Litter-Robot III Open Air Bonnet Connector Replacement. Things you Need for a New Kitten. Things you Need for a New Kitten Have you been a raging cat person forever and finally decided to satisfy your inner cat mom?

Things you Need for a New Kitten

The bundle of joy you are going to bring home is definitely going to be the light of your life. However, the bundle of joy is not the only thing that you are going to bring home. There’s going to be heaps of shopping and stuff to buy so you can take care of your kitty just the way you ought to. But fret not, we have this handy dandy list for you that will help you pick and choose wisely without being stressed about it. 10 Reasons Cats Don't Like To Drink From Water Bowls. 10 Reasons Cats Don't Like To Drink From Water Bowls You are a loving cat Mom but your cat’s water habits are something that you do not love at all.

10 Reasons Cats Don't Like To Drink From Water Bowls

Is that because your kitty keeps ignoring the freshly filled water bowl and howling at the sink or in the tub for you to turn on the faucet? There are actually good reasons behind these behaviours, so its worth checking out the whys, and perhaps finding a solution. 1. Cats can Hear Running water. Self Cleaning Automatic Cat Litter Box Australia.