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Jake McCarthy

I am a Experienced product management professional who is passionate to build, ship high-quality products, roll-out innovative and user-centric product features that not only increase user experience, engagement and retention but also mark a positive impact on business and product metrics.

How Do You Clean Up Customer Data? How to clean up the bulk data is precisely one the most frequently –thought- questions.

How Do You Clean Up Customer Data?

The customer service has touched top notches in current times. Enhanced customer service is directly proportional to customer retention and a long directory of customer identity, status, engagement, feedback, and responses. How Do You Solve Customer Pain Points. How Do You Solve Customer Pain Points? Every product or service has been created with the idea of meeting a specific need.

How Do You Solve Customer Pain Points?

Still, you can see there are only a few that are an instant success among people, and the rest pass by ignored. Many associate the success of products and services to reasons like price, marketing, etc. But, the true reason behind every product’s success is its capacity to solve its customer’s pain points. So what are customer's pain points and how do you solve them? What are Pain Points? A pain point is a distinct problem that prospective consumers of your business are encountering.

Types of Pain Points Customer pain points are usually grouped into 4 main types: productivity, financial, process, and support. Productivity pain points: Customers need to be more productive with their time and are most possibly wasting too much time with their current solution. Financial pain points: Customers need to lessen their spending and are most likely wasting too much money on their current solution. Overview Of Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Customer Service.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners In The UK. Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations. Dynamix Systems proposes a solution using Microsoft Dynamics 365 (MS Dynamics 365 CRM).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations

Dynamix Systems proposes opting for the cloud solution as this will diminish the need for an expensive server and backup solutions and allow backups to be stored within Microsoft data centres allowing extensive fail-proof backups. Dynamics 365 incorporates traditional ERP AND CRM systems into one platform which applies intelligence to all forms of data.

It allows organisations to evolve from being reactive to business changes, decisions and growth to becoming proactive and having insight that empowers employees and more importantly the business allowing accelerated results. Dynamics 365 is a cloud designed solution to help you better understand your business and act strategically in order to aid success. It incorporated numerous different ‘app’ type modules to allow you to build a better system for your organisation. How To Validate Your Tech Startup Idea? Probably, we all have a backup plan, a business.

How To Validate Your Tech Startup Idea?

In current times the jobs are significantly lesser than the people who aim to give their services. Therefore, people, especially youth, are moving towards business plans. Best Employee Monitoring Software. Dealing with Touch Customers. Custom CRM Systems - Dynamix Systems. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Manchester - Dynamix Systems. Dynamics 365 for Marketing - Dynamix Systems. Microsoft CRM Systems - Dynamix System. 5 Tips for Dealing with Challenging Customers. You cannot stop the complaints but handle them the right way.

5 Tips for Dealing with Challenging Customers

Every day there are plenty of complaints that companies face and the situation gets tense when it comes to dealing with a venting customer. If you think handling challenging customers is like conquering a mountain, you are right, it actually is. But it is also right that you do it with ease if you feed in your mind that “the customer is always right”. You must have heard this cliché and thought Ehh...! But honestly, this works a lot. Listen Patiently Listening is an art. Do Not Add Fuel To The Fire If you try to deal fire with fire, there will be no subsequent result.

Be Apologetic A reluctant response to complaints is the biggest mistake one can make. Describe The Solutions Rather than getting messed up in the blame game, immediately offer the possible solutions to your customers. Do Not Mislead A customer becomes more problematic when he is betrayed by the company. Looking For The Dynamics CRM Consultant In UK. Looking For Microsoft Dynamics CRM System. How To Communicate Effectively With A Remote Team? Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Top 6 Tips for Thriving in Times of Crisis. What is the Difference between CRM and Marketing Automation? Most of the people who are working in the marketing and advertising industry they may be wondering that CRM and marketing automation are both two different things but combing them in order to increase your sales and product strategy always results in good and is highly recommended by all the experts.

What is the Difference between CRM and Marketing Automation?

But these phenomena still don’t clear our mind from the fact that what actually is the basic difference between the CRM and the automation software and what is the actual point of investing our time and money on two different software applications.Also Red: Understanding 3 Major Types of CRM The most important fact is that CRM technology should be mixed as one technology and it should be used in all the companies by utilizing both their functions and properties so it can benefit the company and its sales in both ways. Microsoft Partners. Microsoft CRM Systems. How to Choose the Best Management System for Your Business? The efficiency and competitiveness of any organisation are dependent on the effective integration of the management system of the business.

How to Choose the Best Management System for Your Business?

While searching for the best management system can be a daunting process, the success of any business in today’s digitalized world is dependent on the quality services and support of its management software. It is critical to limit the distractions when choosing the right software for your business as not all management software will be suitable for your business. Each management system has its own distinct capabilities and is designed to support specific operations. There are many consultancy services that help businesses evaluate their core competencies and requirement to implement the most suitable solution. Microsoft Partners. Microsoft Partners In The UK. Advance MS Dynamics CRM in the UK.