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Js Home Page. HTML5 Storage. When can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc. Feature table embedding The WCIU compatibility tables can be embedded through an iframe on your own website by appending "/embed" to any feature page's URL like this: id]/embed For additional customization, use the following form:


IndexedDB. C# websocket server. Getting Started with IndexedDB. Download source code - 1.31 KB Introduction One of the new JavaScript APIs that HTML5 has to offer is the IndexedDB API.

Getting Started with IndexedDB

In the past I wrote a post about the Web Storage API which is a simple key/value dictionary that is stored in the web browser and persists data. Web applications - How do you clear the offline cache for web apps in Safari. Creating HTML5 Offline Web Applications with ASP.NET. The goal of this blog entry is to describe how you can create HTML5 Offline Web Applications when building ASP.NET web applications.

Creating HTML5 Offline Web Applications with ASP.NET

I describe the method that I used to create an offline Web application when building the JavaScript Reference application. You can read about the HTML5 Offline Web Application standard by visiting the following links: Currently, the HTML5 Offline Web Applications feature works with all modern browsers with one important exception. You can use Offline Web Applications with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (including iPhone Safari). HTML5 Demos and Examples. Creativity - My videos. HTML5 Arena - Arena of sites using HTML5 markup.