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AQUATILIS EXPEDITION. Espresso - The Web Editor. Black Hat SEO Forum. Quick Tip: You Need to Check out LESS.js. You might be familiar with such services as LESS and Sass.

Quick Tip: You Need to Check out LESS.js

They allow for far more flexibility when creating your stylesheets, including the use of variables, operators, mix-ins, even nested selectors. However, because LESS was originally built with Ruby, a lot of PHP developers, despite the fact that there are PHP versions available, never used it. Full Screencast Step 1. Reference LESS.js Step 2. Note that we've set the rel attribute to "stylesheet/less" and that our actual stylesheets has an extension of .less, not .css.

Step 3. With this minimal amount of work, you now have access to everything from variables to mix-ins. It's important to remember that LESS.js isn't finished; hopefully, it will be soon. PHP Scripts, WordPress Plugins, HTML5, jQuery, and CSS. 2012 New Year’s Resolutions. I didn’t really celebrate this year, just like I ended up not celebrating Christmas.

2012 New Year’s Resolutions

It was too soon after being back from San Francisco. I wasn’t in the Christmas spirit, nor in an holidays-and-end-of-the-year mood. And well I also happened to be sick between the 23rd and the 25th of December. But 2012 has come, and with it a lot more hopes and expectations. I realized how fast this internship is gonna go. So for now, all I want is to learn, improve, and prepare the future as much as I can. Setting up realistic goals that I WILL be able to fulfill. The second part of this is to be able to program/code/develop, either websites or apps (if possible) so that I an as autonomous and independent as possible when I decide to launch my projects. So here’s how I will plan to do this: First of all, I’ll try to read and consume more information regarding design, either design of objects and homes, or visual arts and websites.

Here are my resolutions for the year 2012! Ruby Programming Language. CSS3 Menu. Free CSS Menu Maker. Home Page Goals. When I set out to design a website, I do it backwards.

Home Page Goals

I start with the design of the smallest, deepest element: the story page or search results. Then I work backwards to design their containers: section pages, indexes. Then, lastly, I work on the home page. Issue № 211 I do this because each container needs to adequately set expectations for what it contains. This also means that, by the time work begins on the home page, there’s a lot of momentum going already. Home pages are anxiety-inducing for companies. Before I get into those goals, here’s a grain of salt. This is not to say that the home page is unimportant—it’s hugely important as a first impression. That said, let’s look at the unique challenges that home pages present. Any home page has four main goals, in this order: Goal 1: Answer the question, “What is this place?”

This is, and always will be, the number-one job of any home page. The first thing a new visitor does when they get to an unfamiliar site is ask that question. The Language Guide.

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