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15 jQuery slideshow/gallery plugins. Advertisement Revisited To choose best jQuery slideshow or gallery plugins can be difficult.

15 jQuery slideshow/gallery plugins

We have worked out top 13 plugins to make your life easier. Below are the most aesthetic, innovative and creative jQuery plugins. 1. Nivo slider 2. Coin slider. Wordpress Multi Languages: 5 Plugins To Built A Multilingual Web. If you are using WordPress as a CMS, then you probably want to present your content with multiple languages.

Wordpress Multi Languages: 5 Plugins To Built A Multilingual Web

Recently, I came across a WordPress blog that presents their content with three different languages, so I decided to investigate the methods and plugins to turn WordPress into a multilingual website, and share my findings with WDB’s readers. Maintaining a multilingual website is not easy. The best way to present multilingual content to your visitors is to allow them to switch between different languages anytime. So, the plugin needs to take care of this and links different languages’ content together. Beside linking the content, the URL of the translated content also important. You can have the same permalink for the translated content, and add a language flag at the end of the URL (ex: So, how to choose your URL is yet another main consideration before you launch the multilingual website?

Lightbox 2.0 for WordPress. This version of lightbox – Lightbox version 2.0 uses Prototype JavaScript Framework and Scriptaculous Effects Library.

Lightbox 2.0 for WordPress

As for version 0.6 and above, this plugin only support WordPress 2.1 and above due to the usage of wp_enqueue_script to load WordPress bundled Prototype and Scriptaculous library. Download Installation Please read WordPress Plugin Installation. Upgrading If you’re upgrading from previous version of this plugin, the previous lightbox plugin folder should be deleted and replaced with the folder that comes with the download. Take note: this plugin uses folder name wp-lightbox2 instead of the regular lightbox folder name. Latest Post from each Category plugin for WordPress · Dagon Desi. This plugin displays a list of the latest post from each category of your WordPress installation.

Latest Post from each Category plugin for WordPress · Dagon Desi

It can be added to a post or page, or used directly in a template file. In the plugin’s options page you can choose the sort order, show or hide the dates, select the date formatting, show the first X characters of the content, display a link to the comments, and show comment counts, as well as other options. Download Latest Release (For WordPress 2.0 through 2.8+) If you have found this page useful, please consider donating. Installing Download the above file, rename it from .txt to .php, and upload it to your plugins directory.Enable the plugin.Configure the plugin options (under DDLatestFromEach).

Using There are two ways you can use this plugin. 1) In a post or page, insert the following line:<! 2) In a template file, insert the following code:<? Change Log Demo Here you can see the plugin in action: Options Here are the options available in this plugin’s options page in the WordPress admin panel. Evermore: a WordPress plugin » Semicolon. Latest version is 2.3, released on 12 February 2009.

Evermore: a WordPress plugin » Semicolon

Evermore is a WordPress plugin that automatically displays short previews of your posts on your home page. Each preview includes a link to the full post. Evermore is simple to use — just install it and it starts working straight away. If you want, you can also customise the length and appearance of the previews. Blog home pages are often too full. Example For an example of Evermore in action, see my site Bennettarium. Installation Full download instructions are at the end of this article.Log in to WordPress Admin. Using the plugin Evermore has the same effect as putting <! All formatting and HTML tags are preserved in the post preview. Advanced usage To stop Evermore creating a preview for a particular post, include the magic word <! To change the length of the preview that Evermore creates, log in to your WordPress administration console and go to the Settings, then click Evermore. Evermore does not change your saved posts. Notes Alternatives.