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Jump from Paper Bags - Perfect for Tablets, Shopping, and Fashion! / Cheese! China Design Hub. Posted on March 12, 2012 by waikit Spin Ceramics is a Shanghai based brand that produces simple, organic, elegant, fluid and modern ceramics designed and made by a collective of designers led by art director Gary Wang.

China Design Hub

The ceramics are made in the famous ‘Porcelain Capital’ Jingdezhen with traditional handcraft. Here are the words from Gary Wang at the grand opening of the Beijing store in March 2006: At the celebration of Woody Allen’s 70th birthday last year, when asked by reporters how he felt about his long career, he replied in his typical Woody Allen’s way: ”I’m older but not wiser, I still make the same mistakes like I used to, and I’ll do it all over again given the chance.” When Spin opened in 2004/9, we didn’t know what to expect. That “to-do list” turned out to be more difficult said than done. And fail we did. But, at the same time, certain decisions that we made early on started to work toward our advantage.

Check out their products HERE. One For One Movement - A Pair Of New Shoes Is Given To A Child In Need With Every Pair Purchased. In 2006, TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie befriended children in a village in Argentina and saw that they didn't have adequate shoes to protect their feet.

One For One Movement - A Pair Of New Shoes Is Given To A Child In Need With Every Pair Purchased

Wanting to help, he created TOMS Shoes, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes for a child in need. One for One.® In 2011, the One for One model was expanded and TOMS Eyewear was launched. With every pair purchased, TOMS helps restore sight to a person in need. One for One. What began as a simple idea has evolved into a powerful business model helping address need, and also advance health, education and economic opportunity for children and their communities around the world. As of June 2013, TOMS has given more than 10 million pairs of new shoes to children in need and helped restore sight to over 150,000 people.

A Wine Bottle That Can Be Recycled Into Three Useful Objects. Hardly ever are wine bottles recycled creatively, they either become candleholders caked with wax, vases or tap water centerpieces at restaurants.

A Wine Bottle That Can Be Recycled Into Three Useful Objects

As an alternative to the norm, Pure-Bottle repurposed and transformed wine bottles into three wonderful ways most will find useful. BrutCake. 失物招领 lost & found. Flash Sale Start-up, Nuandao, Promotes Made in China Design. On Friday, Beijing based e-commerce design start-up Nuandao, publicly launched to the media.

Flash Sale Start-up, Nuandao, Promotes Made in China Design

Taking inspiration from one of America’s hottest start-ups,, Nuandao promotes Chinese products that have a focus on unique quality design at flash sale prices on a weekly basis. It does this by curating well designed products from mainly independent Chinese designers and showcasing it to the Chinese design-lover community. burst onto the start-upscene a year ago and has already experienced phenomenal success by selling designer products for up to 70% off. The start-up is aiming to hit US$100 M in revenue this year and has already raised US$51 M from leading investors such as Andreessen Horowitz and SV Angel. It was only a matter of time before a similar business model would be transposed to China. The angel-funded team’s advantage is that they understand and value design, like the community of people they are serving.

Nuandao really operates as an online and offline platform. OTRA / On The Road Again on the Behance Network. Upcycled Rubber Design Products; A Flip Flop Story (Photos) © Petz Scholtus At Qubique design fair in Berlin this squishy table caught my eye, or rather, my touch!

Upcycled Rubber Design Products; A Flip Flop Story (Photos)

Dutch designer Diederik Schneemann turns washed up flip flops from the beaches in Kenya into very colourful products, such as these lamps and table. Some 30.000 kilos of flip flops end up on the beaches of Eastern Africa every year, 80% of which are pink and blue. However, I am still not sure whether the answer is to turn them into 0.5 kg heavy lamps like this one below... © Studio Schneemann Schneemann works together with the initiative Uniqueco in Kenya, who collect waste flip flops for recycling. Cork Umbrella by Sandra Correia. Kuu world » about us. KUU is a design practice run by Kok-Meng Tan from Singapore and Satoko Saeki from Japan.

kuu world » about us

It grounds all scales of design from interiors and installations to architecture and planning with the same mix of abstract disciplinary thinking and concrete situational possibilities. KUU strives to make novel works that are direct and simple. KUU’s works have been awarded the Shinkenchiku (Yoshioka) Award and Singapore’s President Design Award. It has offices in Shanghai and Tokyo.

上海と東京を拠点にアジアを活動ベースにする建築設計事務所。 SHANGHAI OFFICE: 32 fuxing west road, #2, shanghai 200031, shanghai china tel/fax: +86 (0)21 6433 7792 上海库优建筑设计有限公司: 200031 上海市徐汇区复兴西路32号2室, 021 6433 7792 (电话+传真) Otra. Kuu bangkok tek.