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Jaimie Kocian

Dr. Jaimie Kocian is a native Houstonian. She went to Texas A&M University for her undergraduate studies and graduated from the University of Texas Dental School in San Antonio.

Jaimie Kocian – History of Dentistry. Jaimie Kocian makes sure that you receive the proper and necessary care through the use of advanced technology, personalized care, efficient, and professional.

Jaimie Kocian – History of Dentistry

Jaimie will make sure every time you leave her office that you are leaving with a healthier and more beautiful smile, ensuring that you will want to come back for your next appointment. Jaimie Kocian has perfected the art of dentistry in today’s world, but dentistry dates back way further than most people realize. As early as 5000 BC there was a Sumerian text that told of “tooth worms” being the cause of dental decay, but there wasn’t any mention of dental practitioners for hundreds of years. A reference to a dental practitioner was found on a tombstone from 2600 BC, where an inscription written on it said, “the greatest of those who deal with teeth, and of physicians,” which led researchers to believe this was one of the first periods to have had some sort of dentist.

Like this: Like Loading... Jaimie Kocian — Jaimie Kocian – Technologically Advanced. Jaimie Kocian: Jaimie Kocian – A Brighter Smile. Dr.

Jaimie Kocian: Jaimie Kocian – A Brighter Smile

Jaimie Kocian: Dr. Jamie Kocain- High quality dental care. Dr.

Jaimie Kocian: Dr. Jamie Kocain- High quality dental care

Jamie Kocain is a registered dentist and founded her practice, JK Dentistry. Dr. Kocain and her staff work very hard to provide the highest quality dental care in a comfortable and friendly setting. Their goal is to provide a personalized visit that is tailor made to suit each patient they see in a timely matter. Taking Care of Your Teeth. First and foremost if you are in need of any dental care or treatment you should head straight to Jaimie Kocian’s Dentistry located in The Woodlands, Texas.

Taking Care of Your Teeth

She provides specialized care, uses the most up to date technology that can help with providing a plan for treatment, and treats everyone from infancy to adulthood. Jaimie’s office provides a welcoming and comfortable environment that will keep you coming back. In between your dental appointments it’s essential to do your part in keeping you gums and teeth healthy. Firstly it is essential to brush your teeth at least twice a day for a minimum of two minutes. It’s important to have the right toothbrush to achieve the best cleaning. Jaimie Kocian. Jaimie Kocian Dentistry is a step above the average dental experience you might have at other dental clinics.

Jaimie Kocian

Her clinic strives to be warm, welcoming, and most of all accommodating. As a patient you are provided with the upmost respect and given the time and attention that you need. JK Dentistry understands that life gets busy and a lot of time dentistry gets put on the back burner, so they make an effort to get you in whenever you can in a quick and efficient manner. The Woodlands. Jaimie Kocian strives to provide the best quality of dental care around in The Woodlands, Texas where JK Dentistry is located.

The Woodlands

The location of Jaimie Kocian’s dentistry is very unique and special just like her clinic. The Woodlands is a master planned community and is a census-designated place, which is approximately 30 miles North of Houston, Texas. It all started out in 1964 when a man named George Mitchell bought over 2,800 acres of land from the Grogan Cochran Lumber Company, which became the first part of the Woodlands’ property and it expanded throughout the years. 17,455 acres were obtained from the periods of 1964-1974 that were added onto The Woodlands acreage. After the acreage was bought and designated to be The Woodland community, the development of the area began. The initial intention of George Mitchell was for The Woodlands to be annexed by the city of Houston, but this did not quite pan out due to the fears of the population.

Jaimie Kocian. Jaimie Kocian opened up her own dental clinic after years working for another dentist that specialized in dentistry for those with special needs.

Jaimie Kocian

This experience honed Jaimie’s dentistry skills teaching her how to go above and beyond while performing dental care. Jaimie takes care to provide every person in her clinic special attention and respect, making her clients want to come back. Jaimie received her undergraduate degree at Texas A&M and then went on to graduate from the University of Texas Dental School in San Antonio. Jaimie knew she wanted to go into the field of dentistry and dedicated time and hard-work so she could practice what she loves everyday. JK Dentistry is a step above the normal dentist experience you might have at other places. It is not only important that adults get dental work, but it is also essential that kids get it to. Jaimie’s clinic provides cosmetic as well as family dentistry covering a wide range of services.