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Quiet american. The Exquisite Beast. Benign Kingdom presents their first collection of themed titles - Capture Creatures, the Exquisite Beast, and Midnite Surprise.

The Exquisite Beast

Capture Creatures - by Becky Dreistadt and Frank GibsonInspired by Ken Sugimori’s feat of designing the original 151 Pokemon in a single year Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson have created 151 unique creatures, relations, and descriptors. The Exquisite Beast - by Evan Dahm and Yuko OtaA series of illustrations of a monster evolving traded between Yuko and Evan. All illustrations were done with ink and inkwash. Midnite Surprise V2 - by KC GreenA collection of material from KC Green’s art blog - this collection features a new collection of work featuring original illustrations, comics, and more. For those of you asking about purchasing The Exquisite Beast as a book, it is now available for preorder! No sympathy for the creative class. They’re pampered, privileged, indulged – part of the “cultural elite.”

No sympathy for the creative class

They spend all their time smoking pot and sipping absinthe. To use a term that’s acquired currency lately, they’re entitled. And they’re not – after all – real Americans. Some thoughts on the game life and those who play it.