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Summer Bucket List Free Printable - Reasons To Skip The Housework. The Art of Making a Baby 7 activities to do with your infant {0-6 months} Looking back to the early months of Alexis life, one of the hardest things for me ( and my husband even more) was thinking of age-appropriate activities to do with Alexis.

The Art of Making a Baby 7 activities to do with your infant {0-6 months}

I wanted to make sure her awake time counted, that it helped her develop, socially, physically, emotionally, as well as bond and spend as much time interacting with us as she needed at that age. And considering that unlike most newborns, Alexis barely slept during that time, we had A LOT OF awake time to contend with. 24 Kids' Science Experiments That Adults Can Enjoy, Too. Kids 3D Art Project Idea Using Crayons! - iSave A2Z. Operation: Baby Book. **These templates are now available for purchase in my store.

Operation: Baby Book

Check 'em out! Also, I have a tutorial on how to use them in Photoshop, and another tutorial on how to use them in GIMP, a totally free downloadable program similar to Photoshop.** When I was pregnant with Harvey, I found this fun and funny pregnancy journal: The Belly Book. This book includes pages for each doctor's visit, a monthly spot for cravings/aversions, ultrasound pictures, one page for each week with a spot for a picture and journaling, pages for why and how we chose his name, the labor and delivery story, and MUCH more. Plus it does it all with a humorous twist: Is the baby a girl? However, when I started looking for a baby book... they all included things my Belly Book already took care of: how and why we chose his name, baby shower momentos, how we prepared for the baby, a place for his birth announcement, hand/foot prints, etc. Kimberly renee design. So…i’ve spent the last 6 months looking for a good baby book. i finally gave up. they were either WAY over my price range or too … i don’t know… silly. baby-gibberish-barnyard animal-type stuff. so i decided to make my own!

kimberly renee design

It took a couple hours one night. but that’s it. super easy y’all! So here is a little tutorial so you can make your own, if you so desire. i saw that YHL made theirs so i knew that i could make mine. oh young house love, giving such confidence to the rest of us. when they made theirs, they typed a bunch of pages on WORD and have downloadable versions and even have downloadable pdfs if you’d like to go that route. but i didn’t want it to be that constrained and i didn’t like the word-processed look. i wanted my own thing and i wanted it to be pretty. aka… i decided to make an art project out of it. supplies:

DIY Baby Book. 100 Amazing Books to Read in a Lifetime - My Frugal Adventures. 46b1e852cec0da162193decd862d6de8.jpg (300×400) 10 Ways to Earn Money From Home. My Birthday was AWESOME!!! My birthday was AWESOME - I promise you that this was the BEST birthday I have ever had!

My Birthday was AWESOME!!!

So, as promised - here is a glimpse at our Random(ish) Acts of Kindness! 1 - We left our mailman a yummy box of girl scout cookies and a note thanking him for bringing us our mail! 2- At the top of our neighborhood sits Fire Station #4 - we have been fortunate enough to never need their services, but I assure you that I sleep better at night knowing how close they are.

We took them a plate of home made cookies and muffins with a hand written note from Xander that said "Thank you for helping our community. " 3 - About a mile from our house sits an assisted living facility that we drive past daily - we have never been in. This was one of our favorites - she just LOVED Xander - she hugged and hugged on him. 4 - Many of you are familiar with the great saga that is known as the Coach's truck. 5 - We took two vases of flowers (picked out by Xman) to the hospital. 17, 18, and 19 - Popped into the bookstore. The (Not So) Pretty Pictures. Weekend Project: Save Money by Making Your Own Essential Oil Diffuser. My mom’s annual visit is fast approaching, and I want her bedroom and bathroom to be as hospitable as can be.

Weekend Project: Save Money by Making Your Own Essential Oil Diffuser

Because they’re in the basement, these rooms can take on a musty smell, especially at the end of a long winter. I love those essential oil diffusers that have become popular at natural products stores and other retail outlets, but come on. They’re ridiculously pricey. I will make my own reed diffusers for Mom’s bedroom and bath. Former Natural Home & Garden stylist Susan Wasinger’s super simple instructions suggest using repurposed jars and thin peeled tree branches, woody cuttings from a bush, hollow or spongy weed stems or dried grass stalks, which are engineered by nature to draw liquids upward.

Susan Wasinger's homemade reed diffuser adds fragrance and character to any room. Homemade Reed Diffuser 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Over time, you can refresh your simple diffuser by turning the stalks upside down to expose their saturated ends. Use any bottle or jar that you like. 10 Dinosaur Party Must-Haves: Boy Birthday Ideas.