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Le Grotte della Civita. MissionExplorePhotogalleryYours to discover Quick Reserve. Italy Trip Planning: 24 Resources You’ll Want. Italy is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, and it has claimed that status for many hundreds of years.

Italy Trip Planning: 24 Resources You’ll Want

We all know people who have visited and swooned over the country, and you’d think if everyone’s already been there (which often seems true) that the influx of visitors would slow down – but that’s clearly not the case. Anyone who has tried to take a leisurely stroll across a jam-packed piazza or wedge onto yet another crowded bus can attest to the fact that Italy is as swarmed with tourists now as it has been for decades. With all the collective Italy travel knowledge that’s swimming around out there, however, planning your own Italy trip can feel daunting.

This is a country with more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other, and what feels like more world-famous historic and artistic attractions per square meter than should be allowable by law – not to mention the abundance of riches in the food and wine departments. Eating sunup to sundown in Bologna, Italy. A typical Italian breakfast involves a simple coffee and pastries, often filled with custard, cream or chocolate.

Eating sunup to sundown in Bologna, Italy

At the Fashion Cafe in Bologna, neighbors greet each other in the morning and peruse books at this modern coffee bar within a bookstore. This local Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, aged 30 months, presents complex flavors that can't be understood until tried -- and savored. Zucchini stuffed with meatballs at All'Osteria Bottega may remind you of your Italian relatives' cooking. The osteria is about a 20-minute walk from downtown Bologna on a quiet unassuming street. Freshly made rigatoni with a white ragout of cannellini beans, rosemary, small sausage meatballs and peas is a simple, yet unforgettable, dish. Best Places to visit in Italy (b4 u DIE!) The Gypsy's Guide: My Three Best-Kept Travel Secrets for Rome. When I take groups of travelers to Italy, my little heart pitter-pats when I hear, “I would never have known about this!”

The Gypsy's Guide: My Three Best-Kept Travel Secrets for Rome

So, when Kimba at Artist-at-Large tagged me in Tripbase’s Best-Kept Secret carnival, I was thrilled. What good is a secret if you never tell anyone, right? So, here we go: my three best-kept travel secrets for Rome... Tip #1: Stay in the City Center and Take Mass Transit Rome is not a cheap city, but many travelers make the mistake of staying far on the city’s outskirts and traveling in to the center each day to go sightseeing. The problem? My favorite neighborhood? Tip #2: Buy the Archaeological Card and Skip the Lines European cities offer a variety of passes that bundle entrance fees together in one package. First off, do not confuse the Archaeological Card with the Roma Pass. If you use the pass to get into the Colosseum and just one other site, you will have more than paid for the pass. The Archaeological Card includes admission to: Milan guide: the city's cultural secrets unveiled.

Milan is a city of secrets and surprises.

Milan guide: the city's cultural secrets unveiled

Every time I go back for business or to see my friends and family, I am taken aback by its elegance, beauty and style. Milan is the city in Italy I feel closest to, because of its openness, its cosmopolitan outlook and its intense energy. Milan requires more effort and dedication than other Italian cities but, once discovered, the rewards are much greater than those offered on ‘easier’ trails through Rome, Florence or Venice. Milan is an intelligent, challenging and supremely elegant Italian city; a foreigner can learn more about the best of Italy here than anywhere else in the country. WHEN IN ROME TOURS - A Food Lover's Top 10 List in Rome. Perhaps you arrived here instead of on one of our Rome tour pages, or perhaps you just wanted to read about Rome or something else.

WHEN IN ROME TOURS - A Food Lover's Top 10 List in Rome

Anyway, we hope that the following links will help you find what you're looking for! Small group Rome tours - we offer many fascinating walks through ancient Rome. Small group Vatican tours - we have several interesting Vatican city tour options available Monday - Saturday. 100+ Things to Know If You’re Going to Italy. My friends often ask me for support in travel preparation when they plan to go to Italy.

100+ Things to Know If You’re Going to Italy

In fact, I think it’s a great idea- go to a country prepared to experience it at the fullest! I enjoy learning about the little idiosyncrasies that make a visit to a new country so interesting, the small traditions, the interesting customs… so, I thought I’d give you a cheat-sheet for Italy. If you’d like a personalized crash-course on Italian culture before your trip, please contact me at vanessa at Italyinsf dot com. I would be happy to schedule a time to help you out with your trip organization as well as give you some useful tips about culture and traditions! Part 1: GENERAL ADVICE AND TRAVEL TIPS Don’t go off the beaten path before visiting the “holy trinity”: Rome, Florence and Venice.