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Cookies, Brownies, and Tarts

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Bake or Break

</div> Subscribe Search. Clafoutis: Definition - What is a Clafoutis? - Clafouti. Mixed Berry & Cherry Clafoutis. I love cherry season.

Mixed Berry & Cherry Clafoutis

I have such great memories as a kid going cherry picking. My brother and I would sit in the trees and just eat until we couldn’t possibly be any stickier. Of course it was always hot which seemed to just compound the stickiness factor. However we never seemed to care. 50 Cookie Exchange Recipes. I don’t know if you saw all the yummy cookies last week on my blog for my Cookie Exchange Week, but we had some DELICIOUS recipes shared by some of you favorite bloggers.

50 Cookie Exchange Recipes

Cookie exchanges are one of my favorite parts about the holidays. Maybe its because I am a food blogger, maybe its because I love to eat, maybe its the spirit of giving… or maybe its all the above. Whatever it is, there is something so special and fun about cookie exchanges. Cookie Exchanges are a great way to spread some holiday cheer to your neighbors, friends and family. To make your decision on which cookie to make this year, I have rounded up 50 of the BEST cookie recipes for the holidays!

Bars and Tarts

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