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Oops! Helping Children Learn Accidentally Press Release - Hywel's Posterous. ABCOMMUNICATES - Worksheets. About David Mitchell. About David Mitchell David is a Google Certified Teacher and is currently Deputy Head Teacher at Heathfield Primary School in Bolton. he is known to most people as @DeputyMitchell as Twitter is where he spend much of his time if I’m not in school or not on blogs!

About David Mitchell

David introduced blogging to Heathfield Primary School in December 2009 and in this time both Heathfield and David have seen interest from media but more importantly other schools who are looking for a new tool to engage their learners. Heathfield Primary recently featured live on BBC1, you can watch the footage below: David’s enthusiasm to let blogging evolve in school and allow the pupils the opportunity to develop their use of blogs keeps on making national headlines. Here are a selection of links that tell you a little more about David Mitchell and Heathfield Primary School: Oxford Brookes Presentation Links. The Faculties. The Crucible. » Blog Archive » 50 question challenge. I’ve been playing around with some of the opportunities for collaborate learning through Google Docs. » Blog Archive » 50 question challenge

I created this revision lesson for Yr 12 to fulfil several criteria. Firstly I wanted a student led overview lesson. Secondly I wanted that lesson to give me some feedback on areas of misunderstanding. Thirdly I wanted to be able to discuss essay technique with students individually while the rest of the class worked and finally I wanted something that provided a copy for students to have at the end of the lesson. PowerPoint Templates for Teachers - The Classroom.

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