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Why use a wiki, when anyone can change or delete anything there? What's to prevent someone from going berserk and wiping the whole site, or secretly changing the meaning of what people say, or clogging everything up with spam? The answer is the part of wikis that newcomers often miss: the community. Most community web sites rely on technology to restrict the actions of community members. There are several problems with this: Only one person can generally edit what they have already said, regardless of how bad a mistake they have made. Wikis work better because they rely on the community, rather than technology, to police itself.

There are technological protections, too -- they're just less obtrusive than having to "log in" or "rate" something. In short, wikis work because of the community. Perhaps wiki works because you get high value at a low price. ! Presentation2010x08x17 < Codev. This is the presentation material for the 50 minute Directors Colloquium talk on "Structured Wikis at Work - Enterprise 2.0 in Action" at NASA Ames, 2010-08-17.

Presentation2010x08x17 < Codev

View the slides of this presentation. Download PDF version of this presentation. Watch the video to the right (be patient, this is not streaming video.) Abstract: A wiki enables teams to organize and share content and knowledge in an organic and free manner, and to schedule, manage and document their daily activities. Learn from the founder of TWiki, the leading open source enterprise wiki what exactly a wiki is, and how you can use it to enhance the communications within your organization and between organizations. See also: What is TWiki, public TWiki sites, TWiki screenshots, Blog Slide 1: Structured Wikis at Work Presentation for NASA Ames, 2010-08-17 -- Peter Thoeny - - Twiki, Inc. Slide 2: About Peter Slide 3: Agenda What is a Wiki? Slide 4: What is a Wiki?

By Dirk Riehle. WikiMatrix - Compare them all. The 10 Best Collaborative Web Tools for Business. This is a blog post by Drea Knufken.

The 10 Best Collaborative Web Tools for Business

Desktop software may soon be a thing of the past. This is especially true in collaboration applications–the kind project managers and work groups use. Web-based solutions from SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) providers are quickly replacing networked office servers. The reasons are compelling. To name a few: * Secure, remote access from anywhere with an Internet connection * Lower software costs * Little to no setup costs * No need for technicians to setup * No long-term commitments * Centralization * Compatible with any operating system * No updating * No patching * No backing up * Add new users instantly * No computer dependence What are My Options? Ready to try a web-based approach? 10. Features: * Microblogging * Group creation * Company social network * File attaching * Email integration * RSS feeds Pros: * Creative setup process * Clean, simple interface * Very easy to use * Well-executed microblogging * Desktop, mobile clients * API Cons: Overview: Price:

Enterprise Collaboration Software Comparison. From MIKE2.0 Methodology This article on Enterprise Collaboration Software Comparison has the following purposes: To define key styles of enterprise collaboration used to meet business requirements related to improved knowledge management, information sharing and information discovery To assist in vendor selection from the many product choices that can be used for these styles of enterprise collaboration To scope new requirements for OmCollab, the platform that hosts MIKE2.0 As an open article, anyone can add / change the content, but use the talk page for areas of discussion / explaining disagreements.

Enterprise Collaboration Software Comparison

Review Approach The review approach is based on: Identifying the key scenarios for enterprise collaboration Mapping vendor capabilities to their ability to meet these scenarios Focusing on differentiating capabilities of vendor products Vendor List Criteria Collaboration is a very general subject and there are thousands of products they operate in this arena. Differentiating Capabilities.