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Jacob UK Ltd is Europe’s no. 1 ducting and pipe systems supplier. Modular pipework from Jacob is a quick and cost-effective solution.

Assembly Push in pipes How to Video JACOB pipework systems. 5 Benefits of Cast Iron Components and Pipes. Modular Pipework Systems With Loose Flanges. The Hygenic Importance Of Food-Grade Stainless Steel Pipes. Stainless steel plays a hugely important role in industries such as the spice industry, the milk processing industry, the confectionery industry, the tobacco industry, malting/breweries, coffee roasting, and many more.

The Hygenic Importance Of Food-Grade Stainless Steel Pipes

Apart from their impressive strength, durability, recyclability, and aesthetic appearance, food-grade stainless steel pipes also play an incredibly important role when it comes to hygiene. According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), unsafe food which contains harmful chemical substances or bacteria has the potential to cause over 200 various diseases including cancers. Food products that are contaminated pose a serious risk, especially to the elderly, sick, young children, and infants.

Examples of food-grade equipment. Inspection Components by Jacob UK. Conductivity - How-to-Video JACOB pipework systems. Modular pipework systems from Jacob UK. Jacob UK Applications. JACOB has formulated some information specifically for our customers in the cereals industry.

Jacob UK Applications

This includes, for example, the grain processing industry, mills, animal feed production, special milling operations, processing, leguminous plants, mixed feed production, seed treatment, potato processing and starch manufacture as well as sugar factories or salt processing. Industrial sectors Grain processing industryMills/special milling operationsFoodstuffsMixed feed productionSeed treatment (‘All about grain’) Read more.

Turn Head Distributor. Pull ring system from Jacob UK. Steel Pipe Fittings In The UK – Tips For Preventing Contamination. When processing and handling food products, food processing facilities are required to maintain the highest levels of safety standards.

Steel Pipe Fittings In The UK – Tips For Preventing Contamination

This is to ensure that any food that reaches the end consumer is not contaminated. Cross-contamination can occur when microorganisms such as bacteria are unintentionally transferred from one object to another. Jacob UK Ltd cyclone dust collector and separator. Transition Pieces from Jacob UK. Why Our Quick Connect Pull-Rings Are Ideal For Connecting Pipes And Pipe Segments. At Jacob UK, we offer a wide range of precision-engineered and high-quality pipework systems and are a one-stop-shop for all your piping needs.

Why Our Quick Connect Pull-Rings Are Ideal For Connecting Pipes And Pipe Segments

Our vast range of connecting components include products such asO-rings, one and two part pull-rings, U-seals and our exclusive QUICK CONNECT® pull-rings. So, why are they ideal for connecting pipes and pipe segments? They have a unique design. The Benefits Of Using A Cyclone Dust Collection System. A dust collection system is often needed in facilities such as plastics processing due to high-speed conventional vacuum-conveying systems moving plastic flakes and pellets so rapidly that some become damaged, causing problems such as dust.

The Benefits Of Using A Cyclone Dust Collection System

A major issue is that pellets of soft materials can bump on conveying tube surfaces. They will then heat up due to friction, leaving smears of material that become stringy like ‘angel hair’. Harder material pellets can also shatter or chip when they hit tube corners or walls, creating ‘fines’ such as dust, particles or small pieces. The JACOB pull ring system How to Video JACOB pipework systems. Types of Connections. Cyclone by Jacob UK. Modular pipework systems with loose flanges. Why Are Stainless-Steel Pipes In The UK So Popular.