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How To Protect Word Document With Password? You can encrypt your Microsoft office document like Word, PowerPoint and Excel using a password thereby allowing no one can view the documents unless they have password.

How To Protect Word Document With Password?

Today in this tutorial, I am going to provide you step by step procedure to encrypt your MS documents. We can apply following instructions for all Microsoft office software: Microsoft word, Excel and PowerPoint. In Microsoft office 2003 and earlier versions, encryption options was very weak and we can easily bypass password protection using password cracking software. Microsoft researched deeply on protection and introduced AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 128-bit key in Microsoft office 2007 but even that wasn’t up to the standard. So, Microsoft introduced two big things in Microsoft 2010. Note: Always save and encrypt the word document in .docx format with password. Step 1: Open word document and click “file” in the Top left corner of the screen. Best Software To Recover Deleted Files in Hard Drive. In this modern world, everyone is using digital products like mobiles, computers, laptop and so on.

Best Software To Recover Deleted Files in Hard Drive

We can’t assure that the data in these devices are 100% secure. Sometimes your hard drive might have stopped working or you might accidentally delete some important files and in those cases how you will recover your data? Well, there are many software to recover deleted files on your hard drive. In this corporate world, both the employee and employers are working more than 8 hours a day so attention towards work will be reduced when we work more than 8 hours. I am telling this is from my own experience as I have worked more than 8 hours and saved files on my desktop. Don’t worry if you permanently delete some important files from your hard drive. Note: It’s highly recommended to stop using hard disk after the loss of data. Easyus data recovery software allows us to recovery data within 3 simple steps. Step 1: Download free data recovery software and install it on your computer.

How To Redirect Your GoDaddy Domain To Another Domain. When you are a webmaster you will be faced with the task of redirecting your domain name temporarily or permanently to another domain from time to time for plenty of reasons (brand name change, longer domain names, etc.).

How To Redirect Your GoDaddy Domain To Another Domain

If you are facing a situation like that and if you are using GoDaddy as your domain registrar, then you can follow the tutorial I have given below to 301 or 302 redirect your domain. 1) To get started, go to and login to your account with your username and password. 2) Now, you will the list of GoDaddy products which you are using right now.

How To Delete Netflix Viewing History - Crack Aloud. If you are an active user of Netflix then the chances of watching a TV show or a movie that you wouldn’t like to show up in your viewing history is pretty high.

How To Delete Netflix Viewing History - Crack Aloud

So, if you would like to clear your Netflix viewing activity to avoid embarrassing situations, you can follow the simple steps given in this page. Also, Netflix uses your viewing history for showing movie and TV show suggestions. So, if you don’t want a title to show up repeatedly under the “Continue Watching” items, you will have to delete Netflix viewing history of your account. Let’s find out the way to clear your viewing history. 1) To delete your Viewing history in Netflix, open up in a browser and log into your account.

Even if you are using the Netflix mobile app, clicking on “Account” will redirect to a browser page. 2) Next, click on “Viewing Activity” given under the “My Profile” section. How To 301 Redirect www to non www URLs Using HTACCESS. The internet is full of information and all of them are properly categorized or distinguished by URLs (Uniform Resource Locators).

How To 301 Redirect www to non www URLs Using HTACCESS

If you purchase a domain, you will naturally get two URLs for it i.e., and Most of the browsers consider www and non-www URLs as one and the same. How to Add Multiple Gmail Accounts in Gmail App? - Crack Aloud. We are living in a mobile world where everybody loves to go portable.

How to Add Multiple Gmail Accounts in Gmail App? - Crack Aloud

What do you think is the reason behind smartphones? I strongly stand by my opinion that our love towards portability brought us smartphones that can be an exact synonym for a personal computer. In smartphones, we use applications to get our jobs done. Applications are like programs in computers. But it is only a basic definition. In computers, we prefer using Gmail within a web browser. Sometimes, we need to have multiple email accounts. That’s why I am here today with a tutorial on how to add multiple Gmail accounts in Gmail app. How to Enable Monetization in YouTube? - Crack Aloud. Do you want to be a YouTuber?

How to Enable Monetization in YouTube? - Crack Aloud

Don’t tell me that only the passion for being a YouTuber is the reason for it. At the end of the day, money matters. So, it’s obvious that you want to make money out of your profession. How to Setup Google Analytics? - Crack Aloud. Do you know how to setup Google Analytics?

How to Setup Google Analytics? - Crack Aloud

If you are looking forward to doing it and have no idea about the procedure, you just landed in the right spot. I am going to walk you through the entire process of setting up Google Analytics. How to Setup Google Webmaster Tools - Crack Aloud. In my previous post, you learned how to setup Google Analytics.

How to Setup Google Webmaster Tools - Crack Aloud

Here in this article, you are going to know how to setup Google Webmaster Tools. Almost every website owner uses Google Webmaster Tools as their secret swiss-army knife to shape their website in such way that it has no SEO errors and maximum organic traffic. How to Setup Facebook Page - Crack Aloud. As everything in this world is getting digitalized, you can’t make your business stay away from this digital revolution.

How to Setup Facebook Page - Crack Aloud

You must have a website and social media profiles for your business no matter if it’s online or offline. Even if your business lacks a site, you must have an FB business page to let others know about your business. That’s why I have come up with this tutorial on how to setup facebook page. Setting up a Facebook page is a damn easy process and you don’t have to be a nerd to do that. Add Facebook Custom Name For Pages - Crack Aloud. How to Share Dropbox Folder - Crack Aloud. Are you looking for a way to share Dropbox folder? Today, I am here with the complete guide on the same to help you out. Sharing a Dropbox folder is no brainer if you know the proper way of doing the same. Without making you waited for long, you can move on to the core of this post. In Dropbox, you can share folder, files and links. Create. Htaccess File and Upload to Server - Crack Aloud. Don’t you know how to create .htaccess file and upload to server? If you are looking forward to doing the same, you have got your gold mine.

I am going to walk you through the entire process of creating and uploading .htaccess file to your server. How to Turn WordPress into Mobile App? - Crack Aloud. How to Create robots.txt and Upload - Crack Aloud. Don’t you know how to create robots.txt and upload? Well, in this post, you are going to read about the same. In this crowded blogging arena, you know that it is significant to stay on top of SERPs. You have indexed pages and authority of your blog to stay on top (I know, tons of other things are out there that determine your position in search engine result pages).

But it is important to keep some directories and files away from search engines I would say. For example, you have a PDF file on your server that you send your subscribers as a reward. So, I am going to show here that how to create robots.txt and uplaod the same to your servers so that some of youre pages stay safe from search engine’s hawk eyes.

Follow the steps given below to create robots.txt and upload. Step 1: At first, you need to open a text editor. Step 2: Now, copy and paste the following code into the white field dedicated to insert the text. User-Agent: * Disallow: /wp-content/plugins/ Note: This is for WP blogs. Read And Write Indian Languages In Android Smartphones. Android operating system is one of the biggest turning points in the mobile industry. The first version of android (Android 1.0) was released by the google in September 2008. After that, there are several numbers of version updates, android widgets, android games and application development has been released in recent years.We all know that android is not India-based development software, so most of the android mobiles do not support Indian languages.

So Indians have created applications to read all the Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi etc in android smartphones. The process involved in adding Indian languages to Android device is simple and easy to do. IDM CC Firefox Integration; How to Guide - Crack Aloud. Are you looking for IDM CC Firefox integration? Then, you have found the right spot here. I am going to guide with the downloading and integrating process of Internet Download Manager browser extension on Mozilla Firefox. How To Change the Destination of Your Skype Received Files - Crack Aloud. How to Redirect Your 404 page to the Home Page in WordPress? - Crack Aloud. Do you know what a 404 page means? A 404 page is displayed on every website when you look for something that is not there.

For example, if you look for a post on a blog that got deleted once, you will never get to read it. Instead, what you get is a page saying the page you are looking for is not available. Most of the web admins design a beautiful 404 page on which they include a subscription form or links to their affiliate articles. But not all of us are efficient in coding so that we can come up with a captivating 404 page. How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button Widget To WordPress. How To Setup MaxCDN In WordPress Using W3 Total Cache. If you are a WordPress blogger or webmaster, you will know how important it is to improve the loading speed of your website for improving user engagements and getting better rankings on search engines. How To Add Facebook Comments To WordPress Website.

In one of my previous article, I have provided a tutorial for adding Facebook comments manually in a website (HTML or WordPress or any other CMS platforms). Remove Website Field from Genesis WordPress Comments. Create Free Image Gallery In WordPress Without Plugin. How To Bulk Delete Categories In Your WordPress Blog. WordPress is the popular CMS in our world and it is being used by millions of bloggers and webmasters. How To Disable WordPress Comments? {The Easier Way} - Crack Aloud. So, your blog is proudly powered by WordPress, isn’t it? Log in to Surfmark. How to Allow WordPress Contributors to Upload Media - Crack Aloud.

How to 301 Redirect All Subdomains? - Crack Aloud. How to Set-up Domain Name in Blogger? - Crack Aloud. How to Install uTorrent and Download Torrent Files - Crack Aloud. How to Install Avast Antivirus and Activate it for Free - Crack Aloud. How to Block Email Address from Commenting in WordPress - Crack Aloud. How To Remove Watermarks From Photos Using Photoshop CS6. How To Create A Glossy Text Effect Using Adobe Photoshop CS6. How To Change The Background Of a Photo Using Photoshop CS6. How To Increase Productivity With This Best FTP Alternative. How To Increase Productivity With This Best FTP Alternative. How To Add An Admin To Your Facebook Page - Crack Aloud. How To Add Facebook Page Plugin Manually To WordPress Blog. How To Download Facebook Videos To Your Computer. How to Delete Facebook account? - Crack Aloud. How To Setup Google Analytics For Your Website. Setup Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) For Your Website.

How To Create XML Sitemap And Add It In Your Website. How to Integrate Domain Email with Gmail? - Crack Aloud. Turn Wordpress into Mobile App {Easy Way} - Crack Aloud. How To Create A Windows 8 Bootable USB Drive. How To Check When & Who Logged Into Windows Computer - Crack Aloud. Get Email Notifications When Someone Logs Into Your Windows Compute. How to Edit Hosts File in Windows? - Crack Aloud. How to Find whether Your System is Suitable to Run a Game - Crack Aloud. How To Type In Tamil In MS Word - Crack Aloud. How To Set Up Custom Domain In Blogger Blog.

How To Add Facebook Comments Manually To Your Website. How To Remove Temporary Files From Your Computer. How To Moderate Facebook Comments On Website Or Blog. How To Set Up Domain Name Email With Gmail For Free. How To Set Up Domain Name Email With Gmail For Free. How To Shorten Links With Shortener Bookmarklet. How To Increase "C" Drive Partition Space Without Formatting. How To Fix “Could Not Connect To Server” Error In Evernote.

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