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Star Citizen's Modules to be Delayed. The game, Star Citizen, from Wing Commander Creator Chris Roberts is developed in many modules.

Star Citizen's Modules to be Delayed

So that the pieces may be slowly distributed to the funders for the reason they can try the game before its release to get the reward as well as feedback so that different studios may develop it at the same time. Till now, Roberts has earned approximately $85 million—to some extent by introducing latest but pre-released content regularly to the backers In the latest update, Robert declared that “Star Marine” which is the FPS module is postponed indefinitely because of the reworking applied upon game play systems, game’s networking code and some essentials etc.

This April, the module was actually due to be shipped out to the backers. Roberts explains the reason of this delay in the developer letter and also the unplanned effects (both good and bad) that this move has on the remaining game. Apple Updates Warranty Policy - You can Replace The Dying Battery Sooner Than Before. Creating the Right Environment with Right Office Furniture Items.

Office environment leaves a very deep impact on the workers.

Creating the Right Environment with Right Office Furniture Items

In a stressed and tense environment people tend to quit their jobs or their performance is ruined. It is not a good idea to set up such an environment that people feel fed up or tense just because they have extra pressure on their minds due to it. Along with a nice and stress free working environment one also needs to have the interior of the office done in such a way that there is no stress. Usually we have seen that most offices are white and bright with lots of lights and glass doors and light colors.

This helps in easing out the pressure of the employees. More from iPhone 7 Rumor Mill. According to sources, the iPhone 6S will be launched in September, it is not a surprise for us because new models mostly launched in the month of September.

More from iPhone 7 Rumor Mill

Apple has started to order camera sensors for iPhone 6C from Sony, it means Samsung is producing the A9 processor and it is expected to be available in the iPhone 6S. all iPhone6 and 7 models are according to their schedule, but September 2015 is a best guess for iPhone 6S because most of the previous models launched in this month. Apple iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 design It is expected that iPhone 6S would be 0.2mm thicker and 0.15mm longer as compared to iPhone 6.

It is not a huge difference but it means that the rear camera will not be oversized. A new color scheme will be introduced and the gold version will be more yellow on iPhone 6S and grey area would be darker. It is expected that iPhone 6S will remain at 4.7 inches with 5.5 inch iPhone 6S Plus and a 4.0 inch iPhone 6C model options. Samsung to Launch Many More Tizen Smartphones this Year. It is attractive to think of Tizen when we talk about smart-phone world next to powerhouses such as iOS and Android, but we don’t consider that it is totally correct because Samsung has been sold more than 1 million Z1 phones since January in India.

Samsung to Launch Many More Tizen Smartphones this Year

Actually, there are a number of signs that the Korean firm is increasing multiple times on its in-house platform completely. According to some authentic sources, Samsung is setting up to release a number of Tizen smart-phones in this current year having a wide range of prices. But we could not find more detail about it, moreover it is being suggested that Samsung is much self-confident to increase its Tizen users speedily. There are basically a number of constraints to do that. Samsung doesn’t have most friendly terms with Google because most of the time its combative attempts on top of Android to build an ecosystem. What to Look For When Buying Outdoor Furniture For Your Office. Buying office furniture is a difficult task.

What to Look For When Buying Outdoor Furniture For Your Office

It is important that nice and trendy furniture is bought when decorating your office. Several people are now setting up outdoor meeting space. This is a good way to give the clients a different set up as the meetings held in the typical indoor environment are quite boring. Having outdoor furniture and outdoor set up managed out in the right way so that a good set up is done would attract more people and clientage would get better. It is not necessary that you wait for good weather to handle outdoor meetings. Now the thing is that this is a very attractive option and with a good system of handling things out and proper management and planning of things it gets easier to have a nice environment, different and stylish at the same time. Lahore Snob: Office Decor Ideas 2015. Decorating your office is one difficult thing, it is very important that you keep in mind a few points that include not just comfort but also a classy and stylish touch to things.

Lahore Snob: Office Decor Ideas 2015

There are several things that need to be kept in view so as to see what and how things look good. The environment should look work worthy and eye catching at the same time. As the time is passing and lots of things are changing, similarly the trends in office decor have also changed. Samsung is Now Able to Double the Battery Life of Smartphones. As you know that battery life of smart-phone could be better and Samsung add up new features with its latest engineering strength.

Samsung is Now Able to Double the Battery Life of Smartphones

According to the company, it is a new technology and it would double the life of battery without increasing its size. News published by Business Korea,That new grapheme-coated silicon would replace the graphite cathode from existing batteries. Basically, this kind of chemical mixture can keep more heavy charge. It means you should charge your phone on every other night and not for every night. It would broaden far away from phones to reach laptops, tablets and many other gadgets on which we depend.

Safety first: You should not be much excited; Samsung report indicates that the technology would take at least two to three years for launching it as a consumer product. Uber Ruling Indicates the Need for Changing Employment Laws. The judgment by a hearing officer from the California Labor Commission in the case of involving an Uber driver is poor public policy.

Uber Ruling Indicates the Need for Changing Employment Laws

According to the statement of this judgment, the driver must be ranked as a contractor or an employee and it is too important for Uber and to all companies that are using the same business model. Keeping a large number of employees is most expensive than keeping a large number of contractors, so classifying drivers from selected companies as employees would reflect negative impact on the economy of Uber and on most other specific services. It is also considered that this judgment is not helping everyone, but it has one positive sign. It blinks a light on how an antiquated lawmaking can reflect negative expanses and considerations applying to new business models. It also indicates the importance of extensive update in our oldest employment laws.

About The Author. Google’s Driverless Cars Make their Way onto Silicon Valley Roads. Google’s Self-driving cars have officially started their journey on the roads of Mountain View, California.

Google’s Driverless Cars Make their Way onto Silicon Valley Roads

Now you can sit back and reach at your destination without tension of driving, so driving your cars with steering from one point to another is going to close. These are self-determining vehicles that share creepily similar features to a wombat. It would also create rounds with a friendly speed of 25mph, which is equipped with a steering-free wheels, brakes and gas pedal, except the case if something happens unexpectedly. We were waiting this technology for a long time. Google already announced about the development phase of these cars one year ago and Google got green signal regarding tests for these cars about one month ago. Reserve Strap to Extend iWatch Battery Life 30Hrs. The latest Thermoset Elastometer Silicon band would show off the same level of water resistance as the Apple Watch has the capability regarding water resistance.

Reserve Strap to Extend iWatch Battery Life 30Hrs

It would be available in black, grey and white colors and unique models. The strap sizes are 42mm and 38mm and it would also enhance the battery’s life of your device approximately up to 48 hours.The Reserve Strap is also considered as the first battery hand which is now available for Apple Watch and its key focus is on battery life. There are a large number of users interested in this device because it has the ability of more than a day with a single charge. The Reserve Strap is accordance with Apple’s Band Design Guidelines and will not contaminate your Apple-Care warranty. This Reserve Strap enables the Apple Watch’s hidden port to make continuous smooth changes for band and watch in order to charge both at the same time using Micro USB port on the band without using magnetic charger of Apple Watch. Seagate Introduces Palm-Size 4TB External Drive.

Seagate has exposed its 4TB external hard disk drive that is powered by USB. When we look around these high capacity hard disk drives, Samsung HDD launched first high capacity drives with P3 Portable and MP3 Portable. Both devices are 2.5 inch in size. Now Seagate has launched Backup Plus Portable device. Android Phones to Get Microsoft Office For Free. The Microsoft has officially announced that MS Office suite is now available for Android smart-phones. The range of Excel, Word and PowerPoint apps are available to download from Google Play Store for free. MS Office is already available on Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone and Android tablets, and now a new Office version is available for Android smart-phones.

MS Office is now available as beta version for Android phones including three apps or features Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Google Play Store. This beta version of MS Office apps for Android Smart-phone is latest and well designed for touch work. Microsoft said that most common navigation and menu options placed within user’s reach at the bottom of the screen in order to review and edit your documents on the phone with an ease. Trendy Office Furniture Materials 2015. The decor of the office is very important. Things are enhanced once they are put in the right place according to their size and style. There are many people who need the management of a proper interior decorator to manage things but it is not affordable for all. With a bit of proper managing; things can be handled in a better way.

Honda to Come With CR-Z at Pikes Peak This Year. Our authentic source at Honda confirmed some important details that Honda is beating the 2015 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with its CR-Z, which is considered as an electric power-train driving & steering with its all four wheels on twisty mountain route. Honda is running its CR-Z at Pikes Peak this year; it is not a normal CR-Z, its specific racing model packs as an experimental power-train. The CR-Z racer is a fully electric power-train gutter the 1.5 liter inline-four that makes the internal-burning component of the street-legal model of hybrid propulsion system. This power-train uses all four wheels via Honda’s Precision All Wheel Steer Systems (P-AWS) and Super Handling All Wheel Drive (SH-AWD). These technologies allows to make the CR-Z racer most proficient in handling more than 156 twists and turns on the world’s most famous Racing Clouds.

The bodywork of CR-Z has been modified with greater measures than carbon-fiber model showed in Japan. Gaming Glove for VR is Expected Soon. Next iPhone to be Without Home Button. The iPhone, iPod and iPad home button is iconic and it is straight away understandable. The new version on Apple’s latest devices will show off with Touch ID integration. The Digitimes sources from Taiwan said that the Cupertino firm is working to eliminate the Apple’s home button.

MI6 Snoops Over Civil Rights Groups. The spies in the Government Communications Headquarters UK would assure that they are following rules and regulations, but it doesn’t mean that each and everything is completely moving on its perfect direction. The Investigatory Powers Tribunal has verified that GCHQ has broken the data keeping rules when they examined on civil rights groups in South Africa and Egypt. The IPT legally seized the communication of these two points. Buying Office Furniture Made Easy. Dark Sky New App to Turn Your iPhone into Barometer. App Updates – A Strategic Tool to Spark Upade Downloads of Your Old App. The iOS and Android developers have released updates as they described it ‘an extremely high frequency’. These new updates are regular on Android. The apps on iTunes are being updated after every 59 days and apps on Google Play are being updated after every 28 days.

Most of the experts say that updates boost downloads and normally these updates are available when the app suffers from poor performance. We represent it as evidence that most of the app developers release updates as revival strategy. DMV Releases Driverless Cars’ Crash Data. On Thursday, the California Motor Vehicles Department has released incident reports. The California Department of Motor Vehicles refused last time for issuing reports because according to the state law, collision reports should be confidential. Galaxy Keyboard Exploit Fixed: Samsung. Finally, Samsung has announced a major security problem that disturbed the keyboards on its Samsung Galaxy tablets and smart-phones. Earlier this week, the security firm NowSecure issued a statement about this disturbance. Vimeo Launched Update for Cameo Eliminating Social Networking Feature. Last year, Vimeo introduced a video editing platform named Cameo and now Vimeo has launched an upgraded and complete suite of their app.

Iraq is looking to Gain International Credit Rating for Its Dominant Bonds. A press statement issued by the Iraqi Finance Ministry that a meeting was conducted by the Iraqi Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari along with his delegation in the presence of Sheikh Safa Deputy Adviser of Iraqi National Security in Turkey, to discuss with Fitch and Rodez credit rating International. Iraq is looking to Gain International Credit Rating for Its Dominant Bonds. Amazon AppStore US on BlackBerry 10. A Complete Guide on Buying Office Furniture. Amazon Will Get More States for its Shipments in the U.S. Microsoft Launching Windows 10 Build with Enhancing Cortana and Smooth UI. Sony to Unbundle its Vue Streaming at E3. BlackBerry to Launch Android Based Smartphone. Adobe Creative Cloud Gets Update. Apple Introduces a New Alternative in Universal Links. Fallout 4 With Pip-Boy Edition. Federal Employees Private Data Stolen. Is China Goin' to Be Uber Largest Market?

Office Furniture - What to Prefer Comfort or Style? Popular Office Furniture Types and Designs. Instagram Is Sending Emails to Boost User Engagement. 10 Best Android Apps in 2015 So Far. Latest Outdoor Office Furniture Design 2015. The Next Big Things in Technology. Things to Consider When Buying Office Furniture in Pakistan. Top 10 Benefits of Outsourcing Web Development Services in Pakistan. Future of Web Development Services in Pakistan. Professional Web Design & Development Company. New Investment Opportunities in Gujranwala. eProperty: 5 Fastest Growing Real Estate Markets in South East Asia. The Latest Trends in Office Furniture 2015. Dollar Sees the Lowest After Weak US Data. Economic Comission Recommends to Cancel Deletion of Zeros and Replace With 50k Dinar Category.

Is Bahria Town Karachi Going to be the Best Housing Project in Pakistan. Iraq to Repay his Loan to World Bank in 35 Years. Finance Committee Refutes CBI Reserves Withdrawal Allegations. Your Best Options to Buy Office Furniture. Professional Web Design & Development Company. Private Banks Promise to Amend their Unfriendly Users' Laws. Electronic Services Need to Start for Citizens' Transactions. Used Office Furniture Sources. Professional Web Design & Development Company. Finding the Best Sources to Buy Contemporary Office Furniture - Focus Interior. Buy Office Furniture — Enhance the Look and Feel of Your Office With... Buy Office Furniture: The Reason Behind Increasing Popularity of Modular Office Furniture.

Professional Web Design & Development Company. The Growning Real Estate Business in Pakistan - Lahore Estate. Professional Web Design & Development Company. Bahria Town Lahore — Bahria Town - The Jewel of Residential Crown. Professional Web Design & Development Company. The Best Utilization of Instagram for Business.

Imam-e-Kaaba Will Lead Jumma Prayer in Bahria Town Lahore Grand Mosque. Real Estate Investment is Evergreen. Hiring The Right Professional For Ecommerce Website Design And Development - Ecommerce Site Development. Skillset You Need to Look For in Web Professional — Skillset You Need to Look For in Web Designers and... Web Development Services Offshore: Web Development Services Offshore. Important Steps For Website Designs And Development. Athar Associates - Bahria Town Property Advisers - Blog. Athar Associates - Bahria Town Lahore. Athar Associates. IAMSport: Pages home. Athar Associates - Bahria Town LHR.

NETFLIX OVERSEAS. WTO Membership to Expand Business Activities in Iraq. Abadi to Get Vote Of Confidence Today. CBI Warned Against Dealing With Basra International Bank. Abadi Receives Vote of Confidence From Parliament. Land Rover Discovery Sport with Six USB Ports. Brain to Brain Instant Messaging is Possible Now: Scientists. Apple to take Steps to Improve iCloud Security: Tim Cook. Dollar Price Rises Again. Different Sectors of Finance Can Develop Under The New Rule. Expected New Ministers of The New Iraqi Government. Steps Govt Taking Make Financial Conditions Favorable for RV. Financial Changes Expected From The New Government. US Dollar High Again. New Economic Challenges and Govt Policies. Can Ismail deliver as a Governor of CBI? Focus Interiors.

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