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Top 6 Best Selling Novels of 2014: Part 2. Talking of hobbies, there are quite a few of them like philately, numismatics, art, music and gaming, but there is one among them which has stood the test of time and is still quite popular among the masses is “reading”.

Top 6 Best Selling Novels of 2014: Part 2

Reading will surely not go out of favor among its staunch supporters for a long time to come. For all those who burn the midnight oil with their favorite book, we present the second part of the top 6 best selling novels of 2014. Related Read: Best Selling Novels Of 2014: Part 1 Best Selling Novels Of 2014: Part 2. 6 Best And Revealing Vice Documentaries - Lists Diary. Viewing a Vice documentary is always an exhilarating and numbing experience.

6 Best And Revealing Vice Documentaries - Lists Diary

Established in 1994, Vice has transformed from a snazzy magazine to a media empire in 20 years, but its trademark intense style has not changed one bit. Here are the top 6 best Vice documentaries! (Spoiler: You are in for the shock of your life.) Best Vice Documentaries. 6 Best Online Puzzle Games For Everyone - Lists Diary. Puzzle games have been considered as a great pastime for ages.

6 Best Online Puzzle Games For Everyone - Lists Diary

From Jigsaw puzzles to games like Scrabble and Sudoku, these games have made players to utilize their grey cells to solve the puzzle with keen interest. With the ushering in of the PC and internet, a transition from paper puzzles and board games to online puzzle games has occurred. 6 Must Have Free Real Estate WordPress Plugins. Self hosted WordPress platform has emerged as a one stop solution for people wanting to build websites with little to no web development/programming skill, be it a basic personal blog or a full featured social website or e-commerce website or real-estate website.

6 Must Have Free Real Estate WordPress Plugins

With plenty of themes and plugin developers who are providing us with a range of highly reliable and customizable options for WordPress, we can easily accomplish any web design task by ourselves with maximum ease and minimum cost. While there are hundreds of plugins dedicated for specify tasks and niches, in this article I’ve decided to make it easy for those looking to build a full-fledged real estate website with WordPress.

So here I get you what I believe are must have free real estate WordPress plugins. And this comes straight from my experience of building a real estate WordPress website for a relative’s new open plots venture. Top 6 Best CPA Networks For Affiliate Marketers. For a smart e-entrepreneur, tapping the huge potential of internet marketing to promote products and monetize online businesses is crucial to run an economically viable and successful enterprise.

Top 6 Best CPA Networks For Affiliate Marketers

The million dollar question is which is the best way to achieve this? The answer to this question is affiliate marketing. 6 Best WordPress Themes For Beauty And Fashion Blogs. The essence of a beauty or that of a fashion blog is its uniqueness.

6 Best WordPress Themes For Beauty And Fashion Blogs

This being the reason why most of the beauty/fashion bloggers hire a web designer to craft a personalized website/blog for themselves. Lamentably, not all beauty or fashion bloggers can afford to pay a web designer (atleast in the initial period of blogging). Nor can they compromise on establishing their ipseity. 6 Most Dangerous Countries In The World - Top Six List. There are few countries in the world which are least favorable for human habitation.

6 Most Dangerous Countries In The World - Top Six List

Only a thin line separates life and death for those living in them. Safety and security have become wishful thinking for these less privileged ones. 6 Best Hotels In India Based On Travelers. A leading Indian travel and leisure magazine requested its readers to rate the top hotels in India based on location, customer service, rooms, food, and value for money.

6 Best Hotels In India Based On Travelers

The hotels listed out below have been ranked as the 6 best hotels in India based on popular vote. Best Hotels In India 1. 6 Best Social Media Management Tools For Everyone. Managing social media accounts has become a daunting task.

6 Best Social Media Management Tools For Everyone

With the right social media management tools, one can stay up to date on their social activity without any hassle. Would any social media enthusiast say no to something that would save time and help manage their accounts effectively? Check out the 6 best social media management tools suitable for everyone in 2014. 6 Best Low Cost Business Ideas That Never Fail - Top Six List. The vast majority of people in the world today believe that they need a lot of money to begin a new business.

6 Best Low Cost Business Ideas That Never Fail - Top Six List

You are in a for a pleasant surprise if we tell you there are a number of businesses which need very less or no investment at all, but still can be run successfully and profitably with proper management. Also Read: 6 Tech Legend Classic Business Cards Sounds too good to be true! Read on to find the 6 best low cost business ideas which require low investment and more importantly these ideas will never fail. 6 Amazing Special Effects In Movies That Aren't CGI. It’s terrifying, but true that some of Hollywood’s leading directors will go to any length to avoid using computer generated imagery and achieve absolutely astounding realistic shots. And the award for the top 6 amazing non-CGI special effects in movies goes to following movies. 1. The Dark Knight Rises Opening Scene The opening scene of “Dark Knight Rises,” in which Bane and his mercenaries hijack a CIA plane jumping from another C130, capture their target, and then crash the CIA plane after clipping its wings in midair.

Christopher Nolan could have used computer effects, rather he got a real C130 and tossed a real people out the back of it. 6 Best And Top Free Website Builders To Create Websites! Using website builders to create a website has become quite popular in recent times on account of the ease of use and time-saving. The website development market has become sort of crowded with readily available templates and scores of ready-made websites. Most website builders are available in both the free and premium variants and one can choose either version based on their requirement. Also Read: Top Websites To Sell Your Products Online. The free version offers web templates with a couple of pages and free, nonetheless limited hosting. Paying a small monthly fee one can upgrade to premium one and avail e-mail address domain name, and a host of other additional features. What Is The Best Antivirus? Our Top 6 Suggestions. “What is the best Antivirus?” , you might’ve heard this question tearing the world apart, in tech forums or from your friends and family.

Why not? The defending title is going to be a precious part of your computer. Top 6 Quad Core Phones Of 2014. With fierce competition in the smartphone market, most of the smartphone manufacturers have moved up a couple of notches in the technology ladder launching phones with the latest quad-core processors. From a technical perspective, a quad-core powered smartphone operating on Android should deliver smoother high-definition video streaming and faster running of the latest applications and games. Let us take a look at the top 6 quad core phones of 2014. Top Quad Core Phones Of 2014 1. 6 Free Services To Monitor Website Uptime. For those who have made the smart decision to monitor the uptime/downtime of their site, there are 2 options to accomplish their objective.

First and foremost, you can stay glued to your monitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep a tab on your site’s status. The second and the smart choice would to leverage a number of free, but excellent services to monitor your site’s status to your advantage. 6 Groundbreaking And Best MMORPGs Of 2014. 6 Best Tablets Of 2014 - Top Six List. 6 Best Scary Movies Of All Time - Top Six List. Top 6 Low Tax Rate Countries In The World. 6 Best Smartphones Of 2014 - Top Six List. How To Enable USB Ports In Windows? 6 Most Traffic Congested Cities In The World - Top Six List. 6 Best Morgan Freeman Movies - Lists Diary.

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Top 6 Football Rivalries In The World. 6 Free Photoshop Extensions For Designers. Top 6 Football Clubs In The World. 6 Reasons Why HostGator Is The Best Web Hosting Company. 6 Firefox Collections Online Browsing Needs. Top 6 Point And Shoot Digital Cameras in India. 6 Cities That You Must Visit in Your Lifetime - Part 2. 6 Best Professional WordPress Themes. 6 Great Sites to Learn New Skills. Top 6 Ways You Could Make your Last Week in College Memorable. 6 Cities That You Should Visit in Your Lifetime. 6 Things You May Not Know About George Washington. Top 6 Websites That Every Web Developers Should Bookmark. Top Six Cutting Edge Technologies in Development. Top Six Unbelievable Lookalikes of Celebrities. Top Six Best Free Apps for Mac. Top 6 Hilarious Flipkart Reviews. 6 Popular Toilet Demons and Deities from Across the World. 6 Popular Free Social Media Icon Sets. Top 6 Ways To Celebrate Mother's Day.

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Best Honeymoon Destination Ideas for Food Lovers. 6 Top Sites To Download Royalty Free Images For Commercial Use - Lists Diary. 6 Sexiest and Hottest Female CEOs - Top 6 Lists. Meet 6 Ghosts Of The Most Haunted Village Of England, Pluckley - Lists Diary. 6 Must See Interviews Of Most Successful Entrepreneurs - Lists Diary. 6 Modern Board Games That Never Suck - Lists Diary. Stay Strong And Get Inspired Reading 6 Rejection Letters To Famous People - Lists Diary. 6 Mind Bending Theories That Will Change The Way You Think - Lists Diary.

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