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Learn Finnish online. Finnish 101 - Learn Finnish Online for Free. Online games for learning Finnish language. Uusi kielemme - Finnish for Busy People. 1.

Uusi kielemme - Finnish for Busy People

Use In Finnish, to identify something as yours, you add a possessive suffix to the object. The number of possessors can be distinguished for the singular and plural, except for the third person, which is -nsa in both singular and plural. However, the construction hides the number of possessed objects; käteni may mean either "my hand" or "my hands". In spoken language, people will sometimes leave out the possessive suffix, that is why you hear people say "Mikä sun nimi on? " 2. 2.1. . - kirja -> kirjani (my book) - sisko -> siskosi (your sister) - koti -> kotinsa (his home) 2.2. . - nimi -> nime- -> nimeni (my name) - lapsi -> lapse- -> lapsesi (your child) - veli -> velje- -> veljensä (his brother) 2.3. . - vuosi -> vuoteni (my year) - käsi -> kätesi (your hand) - vesi -> vetenne (your (plural) water) 2.4.

Finnish Grammar - Plural Stem. 1 Introduction The plural stem is used to form the plural of the translative, inessive, elative, adessive, ablative, allative, abessive, and instructive. 2 Formation The plural stem is formed with the aid of the genitive stem.

Finnish Grammar - Plural Stem

The plural stem always includes a plural marker i. In the inflection examples below, the inessive endings have been separated from the stem by a hyphen. 2.1 Words that end in a vowel a) Words that end in a single a If a word ends in a single a, there are two ways of forming the plural stem. Otherwise, the last letter a of the genitive stem is replaced by o, and the plural marker i is attached after it. The previous rule is also applied to all words with three or more syllables no matter which vowels there are in the preceding syllables. b) Words that end in a single ä If a word ends in a single ä, the plural stem is formed by replacing ä by the plural marker i. c) Words that end in i d) Words that end in a single e, o, u, y, or ö e) Words that end in a long vowel 3 Usage. Le Petit Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) Bernard Giraudeau.

Play your way to a new language - Mondly. Children's Books Forever. Baśnie po fińsku. Learn Spanish, French or Other Languages Online. Finnish online - Infopankki. Yes No thank you Go to page contents Finland in your language Text size + - Moving to Finland Living in Finland Information about Finland Cities You are here: Living in Finland > Finnish and Swedish > Finnish online Living in Finland Livingin Finland Suomen kieltä internetissä Finnish online There are many Finnish courses of different levels online.

Finnish online - Infopankki

Basics linkkiYle:Basic course in Finnish, EasyfinnishFinnish linkkiUniversity of Helsinki:Basic course in Finnish "A Taste of Finnish"English linkkiTampere University of Applied Sciences:Basic course in Finnish, UunoFinnish linkkiDonnerwetter Language Centre:Basic course in Finnish, Tavataan taasFinnish | English | French | German linkkiWordDive:Basic course in FinnishFinnish | Swedish | English | Russian | Chinese | German exercises for the textbook 'Hyvin menee'Finnish level word gamesFinnish | English Basic level Finnish: interviews on videoFinnish Independent user level Grammar Cities. Suomen kielen alkeet. Learn Finnish – Opi suomea.