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What’s The Deal With? – Snapchat. Released less than six years ago, Snapchat has morphed into a legitimate platform with which brands can promote their products.

What’s The Deal With? – Snapchat

How legitimate? According to the company’s own IPO documents, there are 158 Million people using Snapchat every day, with an average user checking the app 18 times over the course of each day. The really interested statistic is that while slightly less than half of all Facebook users are under that age of 34 the same demographic of users on Snapchat represents more than 70% of the total users.

Snapchat is incredibly popular with younger users, and if your brand relies on so-called “millennials” then you should consider using the up-and-coming platform. From a local perspective, Newpath WEB provides online marketing in Melbourne, and we haven’t seen a whole lot of brands jump on the Snapchat train. How it Works Snapchat more or less works just like any other social media platform: you build an account and go.

What’s The Deal With? – Snapchat. SEO Success Factors. Software Testing Service Provider in Melbourne. Top Digital Trends to Watch in 2017. The digital world is dynamic and allows businesses to push the limits and seek continual improvement.

Top Digital Trends to Watch in 2017

The entire industry moves at a breakneck pace, meaning you can't look backward even for a second if you want to keep up. To help you move past your competitors, we’ve curated a list of the top digital transformation insights from 2016 that could shape the world of digital in 2017. Ecommerce re-platforming We encounter this often. The survival of an ecommerce business requires re-platforming. Related: 22 Qualities That Make a Great Leader Mobile moments Mobile moments are short-but-frequent instances of need when customers reach for their mobile devices to get what they want as quickly and accurately as possible.

Customer journey maps. Website Design Services in Melbourne. Web Design and copywriting solutions for your online business.

Website Design Services in Melbourne

We can even supply customised writers to ensure your words hit the mark with your customers, are consistent with your company's objectives and optimise searching. The style and flow of your text should match your website. Writing is a precise skill; it's also an art. Everyone can write, but few people are writers. Best Plug-ins For WordPress Developers. Initially released in 2003, WordPress has quickly become one of the most prevalent names on the internet.

Best Plug-ins For WordPress Developers

There are 75 million websites that use WordPress as their CMS. The platform is incredibly easy to use; however there are countless plugins to consider for your new page. Newpath WEB is a well-recognised WordPress developer in Melbourne, and we’ve summarised a few plug-ins that you should consider. Automattic. Digital Transformation Insights from the Last Year and What we can learn from them. Nathan Sinnott takes insights from the digital transformation trends of the past year.

Digital Transformation Insights from the Last Year and What we can learn from them

The digital World is a dynamic one, allowing business to push the limits and seek continual improvement. The pace with which the industry moves is break-neck, and can be difficult to maintain speed with if you glance away for a moment. We’ve curated a list of the top digital transformation insights from the past year that will likely continue to shape many aspects of digital, and will look at what everyone can learn from them. Fully Digital Marketing Company – Newpath WEB. Website Design: Wireframing. Australia, May 26,2017/ -- As web developers in Melbourne, Newpath WEB is experienced in a number of different facets of creation and implementation of website design.

Website Design: Wireframing

One of the most difficult things that people try to wrap their heads around is user experience design (UX), and specifically that of wireframing. Newpath WEB Website Design & Development Company. 4 Factors Influencing AdWords Campaign Performance. Benefits of Different CMS Platforms in Web Development. Your website is increasingly become the hub of all interactions with your brand.

Benefits of Different CMS Platforms in Web Development

Customers want to find out more about your business, get into contact with you, and maybe even buy your products from your website. You Don’t Need SEO Services in Australia – You Can Do It Yourself! Why Should You Hire a Digital Agency In Melbourne? Why Should You Hire a Digital Agency In Melbourne?

Why Should You Hire a Digital Agency In Melbourne?

Posted on Updated on If you run a business, you clearly do so because you are skilled at it. Good leaders don’t do everything; they delegate tasks to different people in the organisation because it’s what they are good at. Android App Development Services in Melbourne, Australia. Android Application Development Android Mobile Apps Development from Expert Developers Mobile application development is more important than ever, but giving people a simple and poorly performing application doesn’t get recognition, in fact it can be very damaging to a brand.

Android App Development Services in Melbourne, Australia

Android’s App Store houses over 1 million applications, so you’ve got to stand out. This is where we come into play. As of March 2013 Android has taken the lead as the most widely used mobile platform by having a 64% share of the global smartphone market. We offer app development for the latest Android software, over the multiple different devices Android has to offer.

To create a popular app you need to keep up with the curve, which is why we develop apps for the latest Android software, across the majority of Android devices to appeal to all users. Appealing to what a user needs and wants is essential to creating any application. Contact us to find out more about our android programming. Facebook Augmented Reality For Social Media Marketing. What does Facebook’s Augmented Reality mean for your Social Media Marketing?

Facebook Augmented Reality For Social Media Marketing

Every year Facebook holds their F8 developer conference designed to highlight new and exciting features – the “next big thing” – for their platform. For the 1.9 billion individuals and businesses who log-in on a monthly basis (including ourselves), Facebook’s major F8 announcement was all about Augmented Reality (AR). An Overview of SEO Melbourne (AU) Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of enhancement of the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines by means of organic or search results. Higher the ranks of your company’s website on Search Engine Result Page (SERP), more searchers are going to visit your site. The major functions of the SEO experts are: 1.Confirmation that there is wellreviewed on the site, both content wise and structure wise. Tips for a Successful Ecommerce Website Design Melbourne. View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as... Include... Search Results. Reasons for Hiring Kentico Professional Developers Melbourne.

Many companies are around to hire a developer for their website development. Today, many types of software are available that specialize in the services of content management. Rather, they are free and a candid source. For the creation of dynamic internet applications, graphics rich web pages and content and effective websites, these software come in great use. By means of this software, the business needs of the clients can be accommodated until they consider websites. Improve Your Advertisements With ADWords in Melbourne. Web Development Melbourne (AU) For Better Success of Your Website. Web Development Melbourne (AU) For Better Success of Your Website Posted on Updated on These days, many businesses are dependent on the prosperity of their website for assistance in driving their business that is going to bypass the crucial step of contracting with a proficient development firm on the bases of price.

Mentioned below are the tips on the basis of which, you can opt for the right web development Melbourne (AU) company and the way it will enhance the prosperity of your project. Track Record: You must opt for a company that is possessed of an ascertained track record. Understanding Ways Website Experiences Can Influence Shoppers. Amazon's 'secret weapon': understanding how website experience can influence shoppers How long is too long for a web page to load in 2017? According to the data of about 10 billion user visits to online shopping sites, three seconds. After that, more than half of shoppers will have left the page. Magento Certified Developers – Newpath WEB. Why Do You Require Help of Professionals For Web Designing in Melbourne? Are you searching for a web designing firm on the internet?

Are you confused with the number of options available on the internet? Tips for a Successful Ecommerce Website Design Melbourne. Looking for the Best Mobile App Developer in Melbourne (AU)? The Agile Online Marketing Expert. Make your presence known to the world with the methodology and techniques used by the online marketing experts of Newpath WEB. MELBOURNE, Australia - Feb. 20, 2017 - PRLog -- The tech savvy world has pushed businesses to build their online presence. It basically involves the use of Internet to market your product or service. To make yourself work better, get your presence known in the online world, the real world. The first and the most important thing is your website which should be for sure unique, responsive and of course targeting its prospective clients. Your website is like your complete office and for this reason it should be informative enough describing the company's motto. Newpath WEB (Adwords Company in Melbourne Who Works Diligently)

From Kentico Certified Developers: What is Kentico? How much does it cost to build an app? Mobile App Developer Melbourne Advice. How much does it cost to build an app? Experience the New Trends of Social Media Marketing with Newpath WEB. Web Design Services in Melbourne (AU) Tips from a Social Media Management Company Melbourne: Your 2017 Social Media Marketing Checklist. How Digital Marketers Can Take Advantage of Valentine’s Day. How digital marketers can take advantage of Valentine’s Day In many cases, Valentine’s Day is the first big campaign of the year for retailers, and is a great opportunity for online marketers to take advantage of the romantic day. Valentines Day is celebrated by a significant number of consumers, meaning the day is is a great opportunity for marketers to promote their products and boost sales. Kentico 10 Certified Developers at Newpath WEB. Top 3 Advantages of Magento for eCommerce.

iOS Application Development – Newpath WEB. Google AdWords Melbourne A Brief Guide. Why Responsive Website Development. Tips for a More User-Friendly eCommerce Site. 3 Tips for a More User-Friendly eCommerce Site Posted on Updated on eCommerce is more competitive than ever with many (if not all) successful retail giants taking their sales to an online platform. As such, eCommerce is incredibly competitive, with rival businesses just a single click away.

If a potential customer doesn’t like the look and feel of your website, they’ll almost certainly take their business elsewhere…and it only takes 8 seconds.By giving your customers a better, more usable, online shopping experience, you will gain a lot more from them in return. Usability’ refers to a website whose navigation and buying process is simple, quick and easy. 1. You might be surprised at just how many online retailers still don’t incorporate this feature on their eCommerce site. 2. On websites that have a lot of pages, breadcrumb navigation can be an incredibly useful tool in enhancing the customer experience overall. Kentico for Small Business eCommerce. Why Relevance is Key for A Successful AdWords Campaign. Top 5 Principals of Effective Web Development. Steps to Building a Successful Online Marketing Campaign. First 3 Steps to Building a Successful Online Marketing Campaign.

Social Media Marketing Tips to Drive Sales This Festive Season. 3 Last Minute Social Media Marketing Tips to Drive Sales This Festive Season The festive frenzy has well and truly hit Melbourne, with retailers busily preparing themselves for the onslaught of last-minute shoppers. 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing for SEO As Told by A SEO Specialist Melbourne. A Detailed Glance at Responsive Website Development. Eight Tips for Getting the Most from a Small Adwords Budget. Social Media Marketing Melbourne: Simple Tips for Building Your Brand on Instagram. Google’s Mobile First Indexing and What It Means for Your Business. Social Media Marketing and Website Development Services Provided by Newpath WEB. E-Commerce Website Design Services in Melbourne - Newpath WEB. Kentico Professional Developers in Melbourne - Newpath WEB. Twitter: The Company No One Wants to Buy. Kentico Professional Developers Melbourne: Top 5 Benefits of Kentico for Online Business. Magento vs. Wordpress for eCommerce Website Design Melbourne.

Looking for Experts Offering Result Oriented SEO Services in Melbourne. Best Social Media Marketing Services in Australia. The Benefits of Facebook Advertising Services. Online Reputation Management – Newpath WEB. Meet the experts in Social Media Management in Melbourne - My Site. Three Benefits of Using Yoast for WordPress As Told by an SEO Expert Melbourne. How to Improve Your Organic Performance on Facebook – Part 1. Web Design Melbourne: 5 Tips for Small Business Owners. Why Magento Development is a leading eCommerce Solution.

Maximise the Lifecycle of Your Old Content Without Compromising SEO. Website Development Melbourne: Find a Team that Aligns with Your Brand. Contact Google AdWords Experts to Ensure ROI. Avail the Best AdWords Services in Melbourne. Steps to Select the Best SEO Company in Melbourne « Website Design and Development Company. Android Mobile Apps Development – Newpath WEB. Straightforward SEO for Small Business – Part 3. The Internet Of Things: Shaking Up Everyday Life In 2016. Straightforward SEO for small business – Part 2. The Future of Retail – eCommerce Website Design in Melbourne. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Boost Has Rolled Out. eCommerce Website Design Tips. Avail the Best PPC Services in Melbourne. Social Media Reputation Management– The Ideas from a Social Media Management Specialist in Melbourne « Website Design and Development Company.

Six Tips for Presenting Data Persuasively: From an Online Marketing Melbourne Specialist. Fintech Is Hot, But Assuming Traditional Banking Is Dying Isn’t Quite Correct. Upgrading to Kentico 9: Kentico eCommerce Specialist. The Kentico CMS Platform – Have your Website Built with Excellent Kentico Development Features and Functionality. Why Facebook Advertising Services Are Effective for your Business. Avail the Best Social Media Marketing Services in Melbourne with Newpath WEB. Website Development Services for a Resilient Web Build – The Best in Melbourne « Website Design and Development Company. Great Thoughts from a Certified Adwords Partner in Melbourne.

How to select the right expert Magento eCommerce developer. Basic Quality Control and Software Testing Concepts. Which PPC/AdWords Metrics Actually Matter? Google has launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Why is Pay per Click (PPC) Beneficial for Your Business in 2016? A Guide To Online Reputation Management. Why Magento is a Leading eCommerce Platform: Magento Specialist Melbourne. Online Store Solutions: Magento vs WordPress.

The Internet of Things: Shaking Up Everyday Life In 2016. Dedicated and Professional Developers in Melbourne. Avail the Best Facebook Advertising in Melbourne. Online Reputation Management: Social Media Management Specialist Melbourne.